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Immigration Now Impacting College-Educated Employment And Incomes

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    This year, approximately 7,500 qualified California residents who would
    otherwise be attending California universities this year will be turned away and
    diverted to community colleges for lack of funds. Meanwhile, approximately the
    same number of illegal immigrants will receive the in-state tuition subsidy of
    up to $16,476 per year to attend those same universities -- at a cost between
    $45 million and $65 million."

    And Cannon's problem is that no matter how many foul blows he slings, his guest worker program is a loser. As I noted earlier, facts are compelling. Subcommittee Chairman John N. Rep. Hostettler in his opening remarks reminded the witnesses that:

    "From 2000 to 2003, the number of employed native-born workers dropped by 769,000 while the number of employed foreign-born workers increased by 1,679,000. American workers it seems bore the brunt of the recession."

    In the meantime, the confused and desperate Cannon even gave out his personal cell phone number (801- 362-8300), and encouraged people to call him. Immigration reform activist Frosty Wooldridge actually got Cannon on the phone. He writes:

    "To his credit, he listened when I asked how come we have 13 million illegal aliens in this country? What about ˜carrying capacity' being overwhelmed by importing the Third World into our country and creating an added 200 million people? What about species extinction? What about standard of living and quality of life being denigrated as hordes of illegals crossed over our borders? What about the 16,000 cases of MDR tuberculosis and 7,000 new cases of leprosy brought into the USA in the past four years by illegals that avoided health screenings at our borders? What about stolen jobs and lost wages? What about the lack of water when Colorado adds five million and California adds 20 million via immigration? Mr. Cannon, what about the rule-of-law illegals break?

    "This writer was not prepared for the astounding if not amazing lack of comprehension of Cannon's answers. I can say unequivocally that Representative Chris Cannon of Utah lacks the basic common sense and mental acuity of a bucket of water.

    "He said that America could add millions of people, which will create even more wealth. He felt the Mexican illegal immigrants were providing greater opportunities for all Americans. He noted they had added $30 billion to US coffers from their work last year. I responded they cost US taxpayers $90 billion in our taxes to pay for their use of our schools, ESL and medical services. I noted that 1/3 to ½ of them work under the table. He didn't hear me. "He went on to say that Africa was underpopulated. They needed more population. He further said: ˜Look at France. They are underpopulated. They are being taken over by Muslims because France has a stable population, but immigration will make them a Muslim state in 50 years.'

    "I asked him what the French thought of their country speaking Arabic and becoming a Muslim state? Did that mean France would no longer be French? That France would be the new Iraq?

    "He didn't have an answer. He felt that God would take care of America no matter what our population."

    [When Representatives of Congress Don't Represent Americans. April 1, 2004]

    If the Cannon caper is any indication of what happens when the immigration reform movement goes on the offensive, it sure is a lot more fun.

    Indeed, most of the hundreds of organizations listed on his website as endorsing his AgJOBS amnesty represent industries that stand to profit financially from cheaper labor, and some of the groups listed actually work in concert with the government of Mexico to influence U.S. immigration policy.

    "In our view," says Ms. Solin, "those are the real ˜outside special interests.'"

    The attempt, however, to cast immigration reductionists as white supremacists did provide one humorous, if embarrassing, moment in last Wednesday's House hearing. Rep. Cannon was deep into a rambling monologue in which he was attempting to draw links between the alleged white supremacists plotting a take-over of the Sierra Club and the alleged white supremacists driving the immigration reduction movement. At one point, Rep. Cannon, following the Southern Poverty Law Center line, asserted that five current candidates for the Sierra Club's Board of Directors are all members of this white supremacist conspiracy. Unbeknownst to him, however, one of those Sierra Club candidates was sitting right in front of him at the witness table "” Frank Morris, a black man who formerly headed the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.


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      Subcommittee Hearing on Guestworkers Highlights Ties Between Restrictionist Groups
      The House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security, and Claims
      held an oversight hearing on March 24 to discuss how an influx of millions of guest workers
      would impact working Americans and Americans seeking employment. The hearing took an
      interesting detour when Subcommittee member Chris Cannon (R-UT) questioned several of the
      restrictionists on the witness panel about their organizations' ties to notorious anti-immigrant
      ringleader John Tanton. The restrictionist-heavy witness list included Mark Krikorian, Executive
      Director, Center for Immigration Studies, Frank Morris, Chairman of the Board, Diversity
      Alliance for a Sustainable America, and Roy Beck, Executive Director, NumbersUSA Education
      and Research Foundation. Muzaffar Chishti, Director, Migration Policy Institute, New York
      University School of Law also testified.
      While all except Mr. Chishti in this unbalanced hearing touted the restrictionist principles of
      driving out undocumented aliens and increasing the rates of deportation, Mr. Chishti countered
      that such approaches are unworkable and undesirable. Given the size of the current
      undocumented population living and working in America, he noted that it would take decades to
      deport these individuals and the efforts would simultaneously log-jam the court systems and turn
      the U.S. into "Fortress America." Mr. Chishti suggested instead that we need workable
      immigration reform that would protect U.S. workers by providing equal wage rates and benefits
      to foreign workers. He recommended that the subcommittee consider an immigration overhaul
      that extends legal permanent resident status to the existing immigrant population, regulates future
      flows of immigrants consistent with labor market needs, and reflects American values of family
      unity and fairness.
      AILA supports the views expressed by Mr. Chishti. If new immigration programs are going to
      work, they must be comprehensive and address the symptoms of our broken immigration system.
      Reform must provide a method by which hard working undocumented aliens can earn legal
      status, create new worker programs to manage the future flows of immigrants, and promote
      family unity and an efficient immigration system. Such reform would protect immigrant workers
      from reduced wages and exploitation, provide businesses with the workers they need, and
      enhance our national security by allowing the government to focus its enforcement efforts on
      those who mean to do us harm. To view AILA's Issue Paper on Comprehensive Immigration
      Reform, go to:
      The highlight of the hearing occurred when Representative Chris Cannon (R-UT) grilled the
      witnesses from ProjectUSA and the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) about their connections
      to John Tanton, founder of the Federation of American Immigration Reform (FAIR). Both of the
      witnesses admitted that their organizations were aided and incubated and, in the case of CIS,
      created by Tanton.
      According to a 2002 report by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Tanton not only is the founder
      of FAIR, but is also characterized as the founding father of the modern anti-immigration
      movement. According to the report, "the vast majority of American anti-immigration groups"”
      more than a dozen in all"”were either formed, led, or in other ways made possible through
      Tanton's efforts." The report goes on to state that many of these groups, in turn, are associated
      with white supremacist and hate groups. To view the Southern Poverty Law Center's report, see
      AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 02071545. Restrictonist Watch, a newsletter produced by AILA,
      includes more information on restrictionist activities. To view the most recent edition, go to:


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        Acelaw, that must means that those "illegals" have better grades and SAT scores than those Americans that are getting turned down. So much for the "stupid illegal" theory. LOL
        Have a nice day


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          Acelaw, that must means that those "illegals" have better grades and SAT scores than those Americans that are getting turned down. So much for the "stupid illegal" theory. LOL

          Glühbirne said in other posts

          I have a right to get my husband residence; a
          right that by FAR supercedes the right of any immigrant with an H1B visa!! I don't care if I have to go to 100 interviews and discuss the intimate details of my *** life, this is MY country and my rights to stay here WITH the spouse of MY choice are far more important the the rights of any foreigner!! I was BORN here,

          Only you Gluhbirne have a right that by FAR supercedes the right of any other USC, RIGHT????You use our rights when they fit you !!! What a cheap backstabbing person your are!!!You violate our laws then use them to cry about your RIGHTS!!!!!!When others Rights are taken as above you then attack us for objecting LOLOLOL crawl back under your rock hypocrite!!!!!
          this is MY country and my rights to stay here WITH the spouse of MY choice are far more important the the rights of any foreigner!! I was BORN here,
          YOU'RE A JOKE!!!!!


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            Immigrant Influx Now Threatening California's Colleges
            By Joe Guzzardi

            A couple of years ago, one of my Mexican American high school teaching aides asked me what "errand" meant.

            We grizzled veterans of California K-12 education are a hard-boiled lot who are not easily fazed by our student's academic shortcomings.

            But "Loni" was a graduating senior accepted with a full ride to the well-regarded University of California at Davis. When she didn't know the definition of a 4th grade level vocabulary word, I had grave concerns about her college future.

            I was reminded of "Loni" when the California State University released its shocking"”no other word comes close"”data on this year's freshmen.

            Half of all CSU students need remedial instruction in English and one-third are not proficient in math. These dismal results fall far short of CSU's previously stated goal to raise proficiency to a minimum of 78% and 74% respectively for incoming freshmen.

            This is what it has come to in California: college students who cannot comprehend a simple paragraph or do long division!

            The entrance requirement for the 23 California State University campuses is to have graduated high school while maintaining a 3.0 average.

            In other words, those CSU freshmen requiring remedial instruction are from the top third of the California high school crop. (The very best go to the University of California system"”like "Loni.")

            These sorry facts reinforce my own sad but true assessment of California high schools: they are holding pens. Stick it out for four years, don't make trouble and you'll get a diploma. Should you learn anything along the way"”most likely through osmosis"”more power to you.

            If you wonder how this sad situation came to pass, the answer is simple. For the last two decades, the focus in California K-12 schools is not on learning. The paramount issue, as seen through Sacramento's bureaucratic eyes, is English language development for the 1.5 million non-English speaking students"”25% of the total 6 million student body. Other key concerns are diversity, ethnic awareness and multiculturalism.

            No wonder little Johnnie doesn't know his decimals.

            Contemplating the ineptitude of this year's freshman class, Jo Volkert, an associate vice president for enrollment at San Francisco State said, "It is a reflection of the kids we get coming in"”what their preparation is in high school and what their backgrounds are. I really do believe it reflects our population, a lot of immigrants, people whose first language isn't English."

            About 40% of CSU students come from immigrant families where English is not spoken at home.

            The CSU system already spends over $10 million to teach subjects that should have been mastered in primary school. In an era of higher university fees and deep budget cuts imposed by the state, spending so much as a dime on remedial education is an insult to qualified students.

            CSU now plans to initiate a training program for high school teachers to teach reading to ninth graders. Can you believe it? The university wants to groom teachers to teach high school kids"”recently arrived non-English speaking immigrants, most likely"” how to read.

            Wouldn't it be more prudent to say, "Sorry, you are not college material at this time?" That was the decision CSU trustees made in 1995 when it announced it would end remedial instruction by 1999. But a few months later, the board caved into political correctness pressure from students and faculty. The deadline was extended for seven more years.

            Tutoring isn't the only pie-in-the-sky program that CSU has cooked up. Later this spring, it will introduce its "Early Assessment Program" for 11th graders who want to find out where they stand in terms of college readiness.

            This represents more wasted time, money and effort. High schools have perfectly capable counselors who can tell students where they stand academically.

            Here is the most amazing thing: although CSU came up woefully short on its proficiency goals this year, the university expresses optimism that by 2007, 90% of incoming freshmen will be up to standards in both English and math.

            Allison Jones, CSU's vice chancellor for the oddly named Department Of Access And Retention, said: "It is a big jump but we do think we will see great improvement largely because students will use the senior year of high school to try to strengthen their results."[CSU remedial plan falling shy of goal, San Francisco Chronicle, January 29, 2004]

            Dream on! Not one shred of evidence exists that would lead any sane person to that conclusion.

            Unless... the powers that be in California realize that a college education is not an entitlement. The state university system should not be obligated to enroll every student with an inflated grade average especially if that student cannot multiply decimals.

            The high numbers of under-performing, non-English speaking illegal alien students destroyed California's once great K-12 public schools. Six months ago, the California Board of Education scrapped"”for the second time"”its plans for a high-school exit exam. Who, the board must have wondered, could pass it?

            Now the immigrant influx has the university system under siege. California may be approaching a point where university and high school diplomas will be equally worthless.

            As evidence, consider that I ran into "Loni" a few weeks ago. She told me she's sailing through UC Davis. "It's easier than high school," she laughed.

            Joe Guzzardi [email him], an instructor in English at the Lodi Adult School, has been writing a weekly newspaper column since 1988. This column is exclusive to VDARE.COM.


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