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    I feel for ya'. Although I am married to an illegal that came here one time and stayed and never got caught, it's pretty much the same for us right now. There is no hope as I understand it at this time for legal status. I've been told on this board that if he goes back to Mexico and waits, they would find out we were married here and they would not grant legal status as he entered illegally!! He has worked for the same company for 8 years and we have been married almost 2 and have a boy who will be 3 in August.

    We have pretty much decided to have him stay and wait it out and hope and pray that some kind of law passes that allows people that can prove long term valid employment or that 245i comes back around(i don't think it will though). We married after the 245i date ended. We were not ready until then and it would have been morally wrong in my opinion to have married for that reason only to apply under 245i.

    So hopefully god is with us and if we wait it out and do our best to abide by all laws and live a morally just life something will change so our spouses don't have to live in the shadows. It kind of leaves for an uncertain future so don't ever forget that it's possible that our husbands could be deported any minute!!

    There is a lot of negative air on this board but also a lot of good info so keep checking back and say your prayers and vote, vote, vote!!!!


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      Thanks for the kind words Jo!!!

      Angie - you do know you have the option of filing for the I-601 right? Yes, this would have to be done from outside the USA, and could take a year or so to process, but for all the scary stories numerous countries have approval rates as high as 90%.

      Look for posts by GLuhbirne. She is in a similar situation, and has done a lot of research and decided to (eventually) go the I-601 route.

      Also, check for more information on the I-601. I think you will find it to be a friendlier and more supportive board.


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        You know so much!! My husband and I are meeting with an attorney in June to discuss this (I think?? We are discussing my husband going to Mexico to wait it out and then me petitioning for hime; is that I-601?). Our main problem is that we are dependent on his income to make our house payment, ins., auto, taxes, etc!! It would be difficult to do for more than 6 months!! Do you know what the average wait time is?




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          I wasn't on this board for a long time but in the last six months, some real idiots find out about ILW board and want to make it an immigration court, to all of you who bash people coming here for help or info, have the ***** and go protest what you blah-blah on this board instead of sitting down behind your PC and complaining from behind the scene, you know your words won't change anything in the system so why not knock down the people coming here for help even USC who love and appreciate experiences with foreigners


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            ashmat im sorry to hear about your brother! may GOD bless him! wish u all the best with your hubby's immigration, take care


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