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    You are so much attached to what you want that you will never be able to keep it.

    Why don't you, for once, look at things from the distance of thousand years, or, perhaps, thousand miles?

    What a poor imagination!


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      You should give up playing "Poker". You dont seem to play very well. You have the trump card so early in the game and yet you still seem to be losing. "Old Maid" may be more suitable game for you in the future.

      Respect yourself and the marriage. confront him about the infidelity. Make him aware of the consequences of a failed marriage and his future. It will be his choice not yours as he is dealing the cards right now. Wake up from this dream. AS we all warned you here .. so you will not have any self esteem left and in the end it will read.... GAME OVER


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        Would someone, a pyshicatrist, a pscyholog, a shrink or anyone, explain to my bewildered mind, why this lady put up with all this???
        I'm just a young pup with limited experience, but even in my mind this is simply crazy.


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          ....Update: He says he is going back to his
          country. We are going to terminate the
          immigration process. I told him I would call
          INS..and see what had to be done....I have
          to write a letter and send them file number , etc.
          I have told him it's fine with me. I am not
          going to do any more. I have told him if he
          wants to discuss this with me, I will do so...
          if not, and I do not hear from him. I will call
          and write the the conditional
          permanent residency....should terminate... I
          told him....i'm not sure what will happen in
          his job...or anything else..... I can handle
          this.... I don't think he can.


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            Onece the termination or cancellation process
            begins.... it will be he and the INS.... (not me
            and the INS). He got mad at me because i
            use my married name and my maiden name with
            a hypen.... and it was on my answering machine...well, this compared to what INS is going tosay.... is a very small point. He simply wants something to get mad at....again. However, the great thing is that it doesn't bother me.....I am sorry for him.
   i assume that once INS gets the letter...
            they will contact him....and he will have to
            make a their office....and give
            the reasons for termination......(he told me
            this country didn't offer him anything, of
            course, we won't mention, I have the card, now
            I can do anthing I want.... adultery...).....
            I'm sure he won't say anything about this......
            ....I hope this does not make the papers......
            ...I told him...when his friends find out....
            it's really gonna be awful........
            ......I have all documents, tax records...
            etc...that are mine...., all he has is his
            own...papers. Of, this could be the spoiled
            brat in him...making a stand... who knows.,



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              Don't be fooled, Babe.

              This is his last ditch effort to get you to change your mind. It is just a guilt trip.

              Believe me, he will NOT leave on his own, especially if he has a girlfriend here.

              Best of luck to you, Beautiful Lady.
              Sweet Madame Belu


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                come on now.. You know this is a classic "mind game".

                However... You need to back up b/c you are thinking some things are going to happen and they are not!. He is riding the wave. Your petitions have already been approved. You cannot withdraw/cancel them. Its a done deal.
                So stop thinking that this was a leverage.. He is good until the time of signing the 751 removal of conditions petition. At that point he will have to worry if it is not submitted within 90 days of the expiration of his greencard. If he is divorced from you by then, they its not a problem.. for he can then submit the 751 waiver under bonafide marriage. (the burdon of proof will be on him.)

                Also dont think you are being clever by holding all the records. A saavy lawyer will have him petition under FOIA to get all the bonafide records that you sent with the original petitions. So you do not have anything on him sadly to say. Pick up the peices and move along in your life while you still can. Next time stay away from the "young boytoys" unless they already graduated from Kindergarden.


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