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  • Please let me hear what you think

    Hi just want to say about the Americans have no RIGHTS.You are so rite and soon we will have none. Slowly but surely our rights as citizens will all be taken away. I was born here I am white and I have seen alot. The Justice system is not 100% rite. The Immigration system is about 20 yrs behind, This is how I see not letting illegal people get a driveers lisence. Think about it,come on how stupid are u ? They are going to drive with or without legaly able to get one. Ok now if you took 10 of them and gave them a lisence guess what I bet at least 1 maybe 2 would get auto insurance. If we dont let them have a legaly right to drive then really how many will get away with out fixing your car and how many will even tell you who they really are ? Having no lisence means no Insurance and NO IDENIFICATION....No ID .

    ANYe LORD put us all on this earth.
    The people born in the USA are so lucky to be here, But if it wasnt for our ansestors we would be just like the Illegals.....just trying to make a good life for themself and familys just like any normal human would try to do . Soon all rights will be taken away from all people living here. THINK ABOUT ALL I JUST SAID AND U TELL ME DOSE THAT MAKE ALOT OF SENCE OR NOT.

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    It is sad to see the low quality product of our public school system.....have you considered purchasing a dictionary? "rights" instead of "rites"; "sense" instead of a non-word, "ancestors" instead of "ansestors"....
    however, the main point of the OP is correct; why should we give amnesty or green cards to criminal illegal aliens??


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        Julie, Thank u for your comments and not getting gross. I agree with your points. These people are human and know right from wrong. They are doing the jobs that we the the americans do not want to do!! Who's job is next on the list of jobs that americans do not want to do?? Maybe yours maybe mine!! This is a lame excuse. Fix the problems in your own country don't come to my country and make more problems. I am petitioning for my fiance to migrate here legally!! It is expensive and it is a pain in the A*S*S. But it is the law that we are following!!


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          Some dirtbags make lime a-s-s excuses, such as:
          "I was brought here by my parents when I was 5 years old..the wait time for LPR spouse from Mexico is 7 years..I am a parent of USC child..My spouse/girlfriend is refugee.." and all kind of B.S. like that !!

          I don't give a $*it !!!!!

          Every single dirtbag - without exception - is a criminal who willfully chose to break the LAW - for the sake and thrill of breaking the LAW !!!

          We know the TRUTH and will stand by it -- no BS stories will ever change our minds !!!



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            LieMaster, SunDevilUSA1, Antifascist1, LerkaR and ImmortalE is one person with five different IDs. He is using different IDs to post messages. Beware!


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              So Pegasus-not marrying an American Girl? Has your fiance fixed the problems in his/her country before leaving to come here? does he/she have a lame excuse for this? And whose job will he/she take?


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                Well dragonlady, The job that she will take is watching over the family when I am out building my business. She is a great woman and I love very much! I hope that answers your question Dragonlady


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                  FAIR Executive Summary

                  Depending on what Congress decides to do about immigration "” curtail it, expand it "” the United States is facing a future population just 45 years away that could vary by more than 1,735 million residents !!!

                  Our population is going to be growing in any case, largely because of immigrants who have arrived in the past few generations, but that growth could be limited to about 500 million persons if we effectively combat illegal immigration and pare back legal immigration to a moderate level. Alternatively, if current proposals to increase immigration, give legal status to those currently here illegally, and create a new guest worker program were adopted, we likely will be facing the prospect of a population in 2050 of two billion people. That would be about 1.7 billion more persons than today !!!
                  If our policy makers pursue the latter course, our projection is that the country will be on a course to reaching about ten billion people by the end of the century.

                  If Congress should end up ducking the issue of immigration reform and maintaining the status quo of mass legal and illegal immigration, our population is projected to still continue its rapid growth. Our projection is for a population of between 445 and 462 million residents depending on the assumptions used.

                  The difference between the highest and the lowest of the scenarios represents the population size issue that Congress and the administration should be focused on as the debate on immigration policy develops this year. Depending on the policy decisions that are made, our children and their children could be forced to grapple with the problems caused by a skyrocketing population that is more than billion more people than would be the case under a true immigration reform agenda.

                  The country's environment will be impacted very differently depending on the immigration decisions made today. The implications are enormous for our dependency on energy imports, the shift from being a net food exporter to a net food importer, the over-consumption and growing constraints of sewers, aggravating urban sprawl and overcrowding, traffic congestion, greenhouse emissions, growing income inequality, and a myriad of other social issues.

                  We do not attempt in this report to describe in detail all of the implications of adding an additional billion people on top of an already fast growing population. That is a challenge for environmental, civic and other groups. But it is clear that those voices need to be heard by Congress, not just the voices of business interests that seek access to additional foreign workers and ethnic advocacy groups that seek to increase the flow of co-ethnic immigrants.

                  The effects of immigration impact different areas of the country and states differently. To assist our members across the country and their elected representatives in assessing the effects on their state from potential immigration changes, our projections show the different population size that would likely result under the different scenarios for each state.

                  NO DIRTBAG AMNESTY EVER !!!
                  WWW.FAIRUS.ORG FOREVER !!!


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                    LieMaster, SunDevilUSA1, Antifascist1, LerkaR and ImmortalE; same person using five different phony IDs.


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                      History has taught us that many great civilizations fail; Egyptian, Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, are we next?


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                        Julie C....

                        Not only did you demonstrate the quality of the education system in this country, you are actually in the same boat the President. Your ability to write is below that of a 2nd grader. I am please to see a living proof of the power of the education system.

                        Liemaster.. you should marry Julie C... Your kinds are going to learn well from you two..


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                          Please prof. I need help.
                          I applied for my adjustament of staus last month..any idea about when i can get it?


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                            Hey smokey,

                            Under what category did you apply for? Do you a visa immediately available? It is through an immediate relative (US citizen), you should receive a NOA pretty soon, because once they cash your check, they are supposed to send you a note. I have a site which can give you an idea of how long it could take, based on people who have file before...

                            I wouldn't give you an exact time, but wait for couple of weeks, you should hear from them...


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                              dear Prof: you owe me royalties for borrowing part of my post about our education system...
                              but the main issue (seriously) is the US cannot absorb everyone who wants "a better life."
                              Our country would be ruined if we allowed anyone and everyone to come here as they please...the infrastructure would collapse, there would be unimaginable disease, huge unemployment and underemployment..that is why I don't want any illegals here, why I want 12M scumbags out of here. They have NO right to be here.
                              It's not my fault that they are having a tough time in their own country....maybe they should stay the eff there and fix it instead of leeching off of American taxpayers.
                              Rewarding dirtbags will only bring more dirtbags along with their equally dirtbaggish (I know, that's not a word) effin way, Jose.


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