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Immigration Debate Stirs Racial Tensions

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    Hey PinkS*H*I*T, You really gave a poor example for illegals. You have no clue what is going on. Illegal!! Look it up in the dictionary. Then put tape on your mouth and sit down.


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      I think the best counter-argument of immigrant supporters in this case would be to say that "We are not against Law and Order, we are against Racism!"

      And then offer logical, rational, NO-RACIALLY BIASED solution to Immigration impasse, in accord with US Constitution & generally accepted standards of Law & Order, and then see who opposes it.

      Actually we see it all too clear


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        African American went throught the same thing where the white population did not want them to become legal because they felt they were inferior to them..We are seeing the same thing with hispanic...The only difference between blacks and latinoes is, blacks were forced to come here to work whyle the latinoes were economically forced to cross the border to work because there is not a legal channel for them to come here.

        This has always happen, where the white population would try to controll the minority by scapegoating them.

        Why do you think that the black community refuses to join the minute men in their quest to blame hispanic for the high unemployment in the african american community?? because they know whats going on, the black community went throught it.

        Gilchris went to south LA in the hope to try to convince that the hispanic are the bad guys that take away their job, but they were chased out of LA and called bigot..

        I watched it on foxnews, and i was so happy that the black coimmunity rejected the minute men claims.. and i tell you what, i was kind of afriad that the black community would join this anti-immigration push and i was just glad that they are seeing whats going on.


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          Actually, it would be better to add besides "racism" epitets such as "bigotry", "stupidity", "irrational hatred" and etc.
          Because you can't always classify it as "racism" per se.

          For instance, what you call a black, white or hispanic guy who hates McCain and more than 60 other Senators for voting in support of S2611 and being supportive of President Bush's Guest Worker program ?

          And there are , in fact, some black people and hispanic people who hate both immigrants and their supporters.


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            I know there are blacks that hate immigrants, but its only a small amount..just like there are legal hispanic that hate undocumented, but not enought to protest in the street and show the public that they are in the majority.


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              I think I was telling it all along that anti-immigrants are in vocal minority.


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                Don't make this a racial thing!! That would be changing the subject. The problem is Border jumpers and if u jump the border than I do not want you here and my country wants you to go home. So call me a racist!! I am white and have many latino friends and have helped the wetbacks. But enough is enough take responsibility for your actions!!


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                  "Don't make this a racial thing!"

                  So call me a racist!! I am white and have many latino friends and have helped the wetbacks.
                  have helped the wetbacks

                  have helped the wetbacks
                  have helped the wetbacks

                  "call me a racist!! "

                  Dont have 2....YOu did it 4me.


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