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    Yes, Gluhbirne--and "competition" is so good for Mexico, for example. U.S. agriculture is subsidized with money and illegal low-wage labor, and produces crops such as corn in surplus, which is then sold in Mexico under NAFTA at a price less than Mexican farmers can manage. This, of course, drives Mexican farmers off the farm, and up North, where they become illegal and part of the poorest of the poor. For most, it wouldn't matter if they came legally or not--there are so many, and with little training or skills, that they wouldn't have the power to get much better wages.


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      Trojan Horse--A waiter in a Mexican restaurant competes with the millions of Americans who do not have more than a high school education. My two nephews, for example. One, Hispanic and Native American, works in a factory. The other who is Hispanic is a janitor at a hotel. Or the African-American brother of a friend, who is a cook (illegal Latin labor is taking over the entry level positions in the food service industry, which eventually lead to cooks positions, according to the Wall Street Journal). In other words, an abundance of unskilled labor keeps wages down. Simple supply and demand.

      Also, U.S. trade agreements are moving toward including trade in services, such as the free trade agreements with Chile and Singapore. These reserve 5,000 slots for H1-Bs from this country, and are expected to be included in future trade agreements. There is also a movement afoot to eventually include trade in such services as accounting, law, medicine, etc., as part of WTO. In other words, the entire world will be the U.S. labor market, and employers will be able to keep wages and salaries down here by bringing in foreign professionals, much as they do now with H1-Bs, and much as Bush is proposing with his guest worker proposal.


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        Tone down abit instead of too much political wordings here. Politic and REALITY is heaven and earth. They don't meet. Don't throw NAFTA and all the bullsh** here. I don't care much about numbers but only interested in reality because I live in real world. Real world has lots of opportunities but problem as well especially for immigrant like us. Giving earned legaliztion is better approach than letting easy immigrant visas to some bad people who are as bad as white trashes in this country. I know lots of LPR who don't even care about anything. If you have power, soul, intelligence, surviving skill and not harmful to the society, you deserve to choose to live where you want to be. That is a REALITY.


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          AliBA - Again agree on your view of illegal labor.
          But come on - 5,000 slots for Singapore and 60,000 H1B per year competing against 100,000,000 (if not more) Americans. What competition are we talking about???


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            Ask the guys in IT. It's not 100 million Americans, but relatively few people in relatively few industries that get hurt. At higher levels, it's not easy to shift careers without taking major decreases in pay, and spending major money on re-training. If one even knew what to re-train for. You're lawyer. Should you re-train for nanotech, which is the industry du jour among Bush and company?

            Then, there's the little matter that the few thousand Singaporeans and Chileans are going to be accompanied by thousands more, from each of the 20 or so agreements currrently in progress. Also, the cap just went down from 195,000 for the past 3 years, and can easily go way up. Then, there's no cap on H1-Bs for college teaching or research. In other words, those few thousand are the thin edge of the wedge--the starting point for future increases.


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              Bill in details.



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                This bill is for ILLEGALs as of 5/4/04!
                Accepted or not, it doesnt concern legal immigrants!!!
                I just dont get why ILLEGAL trash is prioritized here ALL THE TIME!


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                  Lets face it. With the explosion of hispanic population and expansion of their influences (and voting power), politicans would want to win the largest minority group. This is just another method to win the hispanic votes who by far is the largest illegal group as well.

                  Illegals are usually coupled together with low-income jobs. The pro-illegals group have done a good job of portraying illegals as victim who need to be helped and sympathized, despite the fact they consume a lot of resources similar to those in welfare. Its much easier to sell the ideas, rather than fighting for legal immigrants who usually more well-off and in some instances, being accused of stealing higher paid job from Americans.


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                    True, true and true...
                    But which low-income mexican pays taxes? That should leave a bunch out the board...
                    Also, the ones that happen to get legalized... well, they are going to be a minority after being legalized which immediately secures them easier access to higher paying jobs (for those willing to try) and positions in universities and colleges with lower scores... you know how minorities are pushed forward these days... so competition from legal immigrants - the ones that have the higher paying jobs presently would seem like a joke compared to the invasion that is yet to come. And then Spanish will become not only official language but a major language in this country. Cheers to folks like our dear Mike (Michael)!


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