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  • SOLVE act..stay tune

    The most comprehensive reform that will pass by this summer.

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    The most comprehensive reform that will pass by this summer.


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      It will run into trouble in the HOUSE.


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        Have a nice day


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          Don't be SO naive,folks!
          No legalization is going to pass Congress in near future.
          Some day it might, but we will have sizable waves of deportation before Immigration Reform is considered seriously.
          Only then it will be clear whether it is beneficial to deport all Illegals, or whether costs of doing so outweigh the benefits.
          And it will take few more years before we arrive to that point.

          We live in the age or "Realism" (just like all our brethren Primates do), which means Reasonable arguments are consistently flushed down the toilet,instead pure passion is employed in deciding the matters of important domestic issues. And unless One SEES consequences of his/her actions One won't decide what is the right thing to do.

          Not that we should give up passion all together, but there should be some place for Reason too. No?
          Ah,but you must forget it. Not in OUR times

          Regarding Democrats I could say this: it appears that they are determined to loose as many seats in Congress as they possibly could.
          And this is their latest strategic move to accomplish the goal of being rooted out of the House and Senate.

          Any Immigration Proposal in favor of Undocumented Immigrants, to have a chance to pass and not to hurt a single party,must be bi-partisan.
          And as I said earlier, few years will pass before we arrive to the point.

          P.S. One must wonder where do Democrats get their strategists?

          [edited copy-paste from earlier reply to similar thread]


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            Stop cutting and pasting old messages here. You will be sorry if that passes. Come on..get a LIFE!


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              Let's see now:

              --Bush is not likely to support it because it includes amnesty and going-rate provisions. It's also sponsored by a Democrat, Ted Kennedy.

              --Any passage before the election, especially in key labor states such as Michigan and Ohio, would be problematic for both parties. Union leadership may support the bill, but legal rank and file aren't likely to, as their manufacturing jobs head south or to China.

              --Apprehensions of illegal aliens along the Southern border are increasing dramatically. No one's sure why, but it doesn't look good for the spike to follow so closely on Bush's announcement of a guest worker plan--the public and Congress may actually think amnesties, or even the mere mention of one, increase illegal immigration.


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                The reason for increased apprehensions at the border is due to stepped-up border control and new technology (i.e. the new unmanned drones).
                Have a nice day


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                  I really HOPE this legislation will pass!!Thank God for the Democrats!!!


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                    There will not be any more amenities in this country EVER again !!!! The last of the previous 7 have cost us 241 Billion and still counting !!!! 35 percent of those folks are now on WELFARE!!!! Just what we need is another 12 million on the public dole...Get a Clue!!!!We will just keep working on passing laws like this .

                    Posted on Wed, Apr. 28, 2004

                    Bill ups penalty for illegal hiring

                    THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

                    BATON ROUGE - Contractors who hire undocumented immigrants - an act illegal under federal law - could lose their licenses under a bill approved by the state Senate on Tuesday.

                    The measure by Sen. Don Cravins, D-Arnaudville, was approved in a 24-14 vote, sending it to the House for debate after senators changed the measure to exempt employers with 10 or fewer employees.

                    "If we're going to do this, why wouldn't we make it apply to everybody?" asked Sen. Jay Dardenne, R-Baton Rouge.

                    Cravins said the measure would be a first step, calling it a national security issue.

                    The bill would affect contractors, subcontractors or agents of either.

                    Sen. Butch Gautreaux, D-Morgan City, who works for a contracting firm, said he didn't see a need for the legislation because hiring an undocumented immigrant is already illegal.


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                      This is not about me being happy or sorry.
                      It is a simple reflection of the realities, patterns and trends that exist today.

                      And if "get a LIFE" means "indulge in wishful thinking", then of course I am not getting any LIFE at all.

                      Take care, fellow.
                      I wish you good luck.


                      There is a lot of talk about "election year this, election year that".
                      Among many "projections" my attention is most of all caught by this one: "Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill can't be passed in election year, but it could very well pass the next year".

                      And I wonder: WHY???
                      WHY on the Earth it would pass next year???

                      If ONLY MOTIVATION to introduce such bills is to win an election (as some people claim),then what would be the MOTIVATION to pass them into the Law after elections are over?
                      It would be more plausible and logic to say that once elections are over the "Legalization of Undocumented" issue will once again be tossed under the carpet until the NEXT election cycle, either 2006 or 2008.

                      And considering the importance of 2008 Presidential elections, it is more likely than not that Comprehensive Immigration Reform bill will not pass until during that year.

                      Also, times will be ripe then: costs, benefits and consequences of deporting Illegal Aliens will no longer be a speculation or guess of one or another "passionate" witness in Congressional Hearings, but rather there will be a solid EMPIRICAL data suggesting an urgent and decisive action one or another way.

                      It is also likely that an impact of deporting[by then] couple or more million Undocumented Aliens will be reflected in mainstream media by horror stories of broken families, dreams, lifes and etc. as opposed to series of "broken borders" now.

                      Then there will be a sudden swing in public opinion, which will further help the Congress to pass some kind of massive "Legalization" bill.

                      In short: Times are not ripe yet.
                      Any anyone who doesn't see it is walking on the moon.

                      Welcome back to mother Earth


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                        Hey ACE law,

                        I don't cut and paste. My post may not have fancy words but I sm getting straight to the point.

                        Just to let you know, I ain't illegal in the first place. The reason I got into trouble with INS was because I lost my application to INS in the mail and I was not sure whom to blame, INS or USPS. There are thousands of people like me who lost or INS didn't receive application intime and they end up in falling out of status. I have been paying taxes more than majority of US citizen in this country for past 12 years and welfare is a joke for me, FOOL. In those legalization bills, we are talking about EARNED LEGALIZATION. We are not asking for FREE AMNESTY. OK! So, you know what, If victim like me won't get a chance to correct atleast once in a life time, I will say you Acelaw and other anti-immigrant mofos here, I am outa here and I will come and get your white A** as soon as you have your *** of USA. Who give a **** about you. I can get my *** RICH anywhere. SHUT THE >>>UP.


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                          Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

                          Enjoy being an illegal and mooching off another country. Tell 'em we said hi.

                          -= nav =-


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                            Sweet Madame Belu


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                              Gluhbirne--the increased use of technology and manpower is one of the reasons given, but so is Bush's announcement. No way to prove either, and given what happened to illegal immigration levels after the 1986 amnesty, what would you bet on?


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