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    ISN't MEXICO A COUNTRY OF IMMIGRANTS ALSO ???? SO what does that prove ? !


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      psychoticsinymex - illegals deserve rights? illegals don't deserve s-h-i-t. The people that came up with "illegals do work that americans won't do" were penny pinching employers who didn't want to pay decent wages so they themselves could become rich(er). Instead of telling the media the truth that they just wanted to get rich / stay rich by paying people almost nothing, they came up with that b/s quote...sounds nicer / believable, even though it's b/s to anyone that can see the big picture.

      Also, this proposed law, again, is not a law built for Mexicans, everyone watching these criminals on TV already knows they are illegal or illegal supporters, if they want to live in the US, work in the US, become citizens, they should have been waving the US flag, not their own. These people abandoned their own country, come here illegally, wave their home country's flag, and we are supposed to believe they have pride of their home country?? IF they are so proud of their home country, they should have stayed there. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid people.


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        CBS evening news announced that illegals earn a mnimum of $10.00 per hour as day laborors.

        Is this really driving down the wages? How much do American day laborors make?

        None of the people standing in line to get day jobs were Americans. I wonder why?

        What do MacDonalds and Wal Mart pay American workers?


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          Dragonlady--Yes, $10.00 an hour is low, depending on your occupation and where you live. In fact, unionized drywallers got $33 an hour; illegal workers, $22. Less, if you get a day laborer to do it. Wages don't have to be downright low to get driven down. And when you live in a city where the "poverty level" is $45,000 a year (my rent for a one bedroom apt in the DC area 6 years ago was almost $1,000), $10 an hour doesn't go far. Quite a few laborers and taxi drivers in my complex, sharing apartments. Particularly when taxes and social security get taken out of that $10 for legal workers. I've heard $9.00 an hour for Wal-Mart, I think somewhere in Maryland.

          Oh, yes. The Pew Hispanic Center did a study of day laborers, and found that only 3/4 of them were illegal aliens. Presumably the rest were citizens or had some legal status. Of course, most Americans wouldn't use a day labor site--there are other ways for them to get temporary work, such as signing up with a temp agency or going to the State Unemployment Commission for jobs.


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            Also, this "guest worker" program would eventually lead to citizenship. When the people on this program eventually get citizenship, they will then probably leave the construction, agriculture and other fields, and then take mainstream jobs. They will not get citizenship for, the suggestion is 10-12 years, but after that time, year after year, these people will be getting citizenship, which they will then be taking regular jobs. This guest worker program is NOT a good idea. If it does go through, the most they should get is temp. non-immigrant status that does not lead to green card.


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              Anything short of brick ovens is AMNESTY !


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                "MEXICAN" students protester is too much. they need attention of anyone..


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                  Why do Italians wave the Italian flag on Columbus day why do risih wave the Irish flag on St Pats day?

                  When has this country ever been all about the American flag?

                  Go into a british Pub they have the english flag hanging.

                  All this flag nit picking is a joke. And isnt the U.S. in Iraq illegaly?

                  The U.S. can invade another country to destroy it but you bytch when Mexicans invade this country to build it up?

                  Hypocracy is the problem with the U.S. not immigrants.

                  Mexicans protesting in Los Angeles a city previously owned by Mexico, and the U.S. started a illegal war vs Mexico. But all of a sudden this is a ****ry of laws? When has this country ever been held to any law.

                  Isnt slavery illegal? Isnt genocide Illegal? Isnt Land stealing Illegal?

                  Guess what boys and girls the U.S. did all that so dont spew your holier than thou shyt.

                  We live in the most un law abiding country in the world. Mexicans and other immigrants from south of the U.S. arent coming into the U.S. setting up green zones and pitting people against each other like the U.S. is doing in Iraq and numerous other nations illegaly.

                  They come to work and to work hard if you got a problem with that maybe you should leave.


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                    Gus: You retread that tired old argument that America "stole" the land from Mexico. Well, that isn't actually you well know.

                    California unilaterally seceded from Mexican control...and then made the choice to join the United States. Texas followed a somewhat similar route on its way to becoming a part of America.

                    The Mexican-American war in 1848 was not illegal, as you assert. I wonder if you would have thought it illegal if Mexico - in its wildest dreams - would have won?

                    Given that the Mexican-American war occurred in 1848, there are no Mexicans alive today who were any more than a *****le in their great-grandfather's eye.

                    All of this rightly raises my curiosity as to whose land Mexico stole when it decided to invent itself. Didn't Mexico illegally war with others to steal the land on which the country now stands? I think that it did. Using your lack of logic, it would also stand to reason that Mexico illegally went to war with Spain for its independence (albeit Spain ultimately got the better end of that deal).

                    I'm not quite sure I understand why Mexicans would want to regain more land than they already control. After all, they can't even run the country that they already have.

                    Another thing to think about: if by some miracle, Mexico suddenly took control of America's southwest...would Mexicans truly be happy with having to trek north into Wyoming to escape?

                    BTW: Britain and England are not the same thing. I guess that you were too busy walking through the desert to America to stay in school. Do they have schools in Mexico?


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