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Why shout "Mexico"?

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  • Why shout "Mexico"?

    Protestors were shoutong "Mexico" and waving Mexican flags to show their support of a law that would allow them to become legal residents. If they are so proud of Mexico; why do they want to come here? If they want to become residents and show us that they will be good loyal Americans; why not shout "America" and wave American flags? For this reason, I would not support them.

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    Protestors were shoutong "Mexico" and waving Mexican flags to show their support of a law that would allow them to become legal residents. If they are so proud of Mexico; why do they want to come here? If they want to become residents and show us that they will be good loyal Americans; why not shout "America" and wave American flags? For this reason, I would not support them.


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      I agree one-hundred percent.


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        I agree three hundred percent !


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          I agree also. Also, why a bunch of teenagers would leave school to protest when half of them are illegal and all of them are too young to vote anyway, is beyond me. This proposed law, if passed, does not just include Mexicans and I'm sure there would be a cap.


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            I agree too. It is just outright stupid.
            I can't imagine Russians shouting "Russia" in that gatherings.


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              And I'm suprised that the Govt doesn't see that as a 'What the **** are we doing promoting illegals to freely cross the border and enjoy the privileges'.

              Honestly I'm shocked that the US of A is allowing this to happen. Basically it's a 'Screw all the immigration laws that have been written for years and lets us defeat the purpoes of having laws'. There should be a new banner on every website.

              'Ever thought of immigrating to the US? Now you can, just buy a ticket, fly to mexico and enjoy a couple of days of safari across the desert until you reach the US border where you can safely enter as a guess worker and live happy ever after'


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                Govt doesn't promote anything, Govt doesn't know what to do, or to be more precise, Govt doesn't have many options.
                You can not deport even felons. I mean 12 million felons. Oh, wait, I have an idea! let's create a reservation for them, or concentration camp !


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                  Have you been in LA during those marches?
                  I have!
                  I saw it! 500.000 people carrying flags, every flag of every nation on planet earth with the exception of American flag!
                  80% of Mexicans were seen carrying portraits of Bin Laden and more than half of marchers were Muslim-Arabs!
                  It is also confirmed that 70% of marchers illegally crossed the border just a day before the planned event!


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                    LieMaster will be appointed a concentration camp


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                      No, I will walk over and piss upon their heads!


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                        They shout MEXICO because that's where they come from, being an American Citizen will never change that. Those kids left school to protest against laws that threaten their future; not just theirs but also their family, friends, and neighbors. Nobody gets to vote on this so the fact that most of the kids protesting are illegal immigrants is the main reason why they are out there. They deserve to have rights. They are here to work hard on jobs that none of you want to do. They dont flood social services or the hospitals. They are afraid the INS will be there so they are don't seek help. Screw the immigration laws? Oh please, a man going back to his country gets shot in the back and the immigration officer didn't get punished for murdering someone... some law. Everyone deserves an opportunity to be here. IT'S A COUNTRY MADE UP OF IMMIGRANTS!!! We are ALL immigrants so why should 11-20 million Hispanics go back to their country? A reservation camp just like the ones for Native American Indians huh?? If 80% of Mexican marchers were seen carrying portraits of Bin Laden was true, why didn't the media get it?? Everyone's all on the "Homaland Security" deal that it would be the very first thing the media would put out and as far as I know I haven't seen or heard about that. Liemaster, Where do you get all this bs, seriously? 70% of marchers crossing the border a DAY before the protest. ****, nobody saw 350,000 people walking across the border, so much for National Security.
                        They don't come here to take your precious money without doing anything in return, they come here for a better future for them and their children. Everything in Mexico is just as expensive, if not more, than it is here. People work very hard all day long, literally, for only 65 pesos a day (that's about $6) to feed their families. Forget credit cards, most people don't have them. A 6-year-old girl I met told me her dream is to come to the United States. She hears about how Immigrants can come here for a better future and how welcome they are here. An ancestor of yours was the first immigrant in your family to be here, who gave anyone the right to decide who has to go back to their native country? If someone said we all have to go back to our native country, would you fight to stay here or just leave?


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                          ^^ yep that's right


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                            They shout "Mexico" because they are being anti-American.

                            Not all Americans are immigrants; immigrants are those who were born in a foreign country...otherwise they're Americans.

                            Americans have a right to decide who can immigrate to their country. Most Mexican immigrants are not given authorization to immigrate, but have decided that they are too important to obey the law.

                            It is not America's fault that Mexico is a failed country.

                            If Mexicans apparently love their country so much that they won't speak English and assimilate...why do they trek for days through our southwestern deserts to escape from Mexico?

                            Why do Mexicans not respect America's sovereignty...and understand that Americans have a right to make and enforce their own laws?

                            America is NOT responsible for fixing Mexico's self-inflicted social disfunction.

                            Americans are rightly upset that illegal aliens are throwing tantrums on their streets...while displaying allegiance to a foreign country. Surely wanna-be legals would at least be waving American flags?


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                              Just what have those kids done in their lives to "deserve" rights in htis country? Carry the flags of their homelands in a protest against the very laws they're breaking?! Showing their loyalty to their homelands, yet claiming to be "American"?! They and their families do not have a "right" to be in this country. The only "right" they have is the human right to life, and that should be lived in their homelands until such time as they are able to LEGALLY immigrate. Furthermore, you forget that the flipside of rights is RESPONSIBILITY. I have yet to hear or see an illegal alien take responsibility for breaking our laws. There's always an excuse--"I wanted a better life." "I wanted my kids to get an education." Well, Americans want all that, and they worked and created that for their kids. Now, illegal aliens are not only getting a free ride on the backs of taxpayers, but they're driving down the wages in some occupations to the point that Americans are seeing their standards of living erode. And please don't talk about how hard they work--that may be true of many, but they don't work SMART. They undercut American wages and working conditions, then wonder why they live in poverty. They skip school and have high drop out rates, then wonder why they can't earn more.


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