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  • Questions of oath ceremony

    Is there anybody knows that how can I find out whether the oath ceremony has been scheduled after approval of N-400. Can those NCSC people see it in their system if I call that 800 number? Does sb have experience with DC CIS district office about the time frame of judicial ceremony after N-400 approval. I am really concerned because I am moving soon and understand some terrible things may happen after change of address. Please drop off some lines if sb knows the answers, thank you in advance.

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    The DC/Arlingto VA CIS office is one of the most disorganized. Not sure about current processing times but it took me a looong time (1 yr) after my interview in DC. It should be better than that now. DC is also extra special in that a judge always does the swearing-in in DC courthouse. So, unlike many other ceremonies in other states that are conducted by CIS officials, you HAVE to be a DC resident at time of swearing in and not when you filed. If you lie about residence at time of swearing in and it somehow becomes an issue later on, I don't know if that's grounds to revoke your citizenship so you have to make that call.

    In my case I moved out of DC and filed the change of address form but they did not update my file. They sent the notice to my old address and told me at ceremony they could not swear me in (btw they took my notification letter so make a copy). It took another 6 months to get rescheduled. This is this year.

    If you can possiblly maintain DC residence, then I advise to do so. Otherwise keep good records, send everything w/ return receipt, keep copies of everything, if you can physically go to CIS office to confirm your information on file. Be prepared for pain and aggravation but they did finally complete the process.

    As for your question about what the 800 number can provide, call them and find out. I didn't have any luck but it is a free call.


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      The oath and swearing ceremony has been changed alot. Now you must prove your loyalty to America by eating a Muslim baby alive. You must prove your courage by going to Iraq and kicking a cleric. And you must prove your generosity by giving America $100,000 to be pooled with all others and distributed to all US born citizens.


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        Thank you, singed, for your information. I am not DC resident, however, as a residen of Northern VA, the jurisdiction of local CIS is Washinton DC distric office which, in fact, is in Arlington, VA. So my judicial ceremony will be at District Court of Eastern VA, not DC district court. Thank you anyway for the information that might be very help for others.
        I never like to initiate a fight, however, Michael, you are so small. My experience with born citizens, such as my husband and all his friends, is that I've never ever encountered anybody who is such hateful as you are. It seems to me that you come to this borad to release your anger and frustration which you earned through your terrible experience in your personal life, perhaps with immigrants. It is time to let it go, forgive other, and help youself.


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          Do not forget about the most important part; banging fraudsters !!!


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