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    Michael Lover: You're too pathetic for words.

    I think that it's more than a little ironic that you criticize my English-language skills, when you're barely even literate. Just as an example, the post immediately above this is so badly written that it's laughable.

    Quite apart from the fact that your sentence structure is atrocious, your vocabulary is so weak that you don't even realize that you used the wrong word in one instance. I'll be interested to see if you can figure out which word is incorrect. I doubt that you have the intellect, however.

    Just as an aside: what, exactly does "i but english isn't your first language, mean? Oh, and for future reference, the word English is capitalized, loser.


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      Thankyou for admitting defeat

      truely an outstanding citizen

      Thanks again


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        I'm too busy laughing to respond...


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          Native: 1-
          is the private company. It's not the Department of Justice, branch.
          2- Adam has correctly noted the section of INA.

          If you want to look into this matter refer to Immigration and Nationality Act(INA)from Sec.349 to Sec 360
          Sec.358 {8 U.S.C. 1501} Whenever a diplomatic or Consular Officer of the United States has reason to belive that a person while in a foreign state has lost his United States nationality under any provision of chapter 3 of this title, or under any provision of chapter IV of the Nationality Act of 1940 as amended he shall certify that facts upon which such belief is based to the Department of State, in writing, under regulations prescribed by the Secretary of State. If the report of the diplomatic or consular officer is approved by the Secretary of State, a copy of the certificate shall be forwarded to the Attorney General, for his information, and the diplomatic or consular officer in which the report was made shall bedirected to forward a copy of the certificate to the person to whom it relates. Approval by the Secretary of State of a certificate under this section shall constitute a final administrative determination of loss of United States nationality under this Act, subject to such procedures for administrative appeal as Secretary may prescribe by regulation and shall constitute a denial of a right or privilege of United States Nationality.
          Let me informed you one of the regulation which says that a Naturalized Citizen may not take up permanent residenc in foreign country within one year of his/her Naturalization.


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            I and my family are residents of Australia. We know numerous Americans who became naturalized Aussies. They informed Consular/State at passport renewal time, and none of them has been hassled about it. The American laws have not changed since the onerous quotes above on the thread, but the interpretation of the law changed, as I understand it. Previously it was defaulted that when one took foreign citizenship it was explicitly deemed to be a renounciation of US citizenship, regardless. Today the interpretation is that unless something was written, obviously intended, or done to specifically renounce US citizenship (above the formalities of Australia, for example), that such renunciation was not intended. Dual citizenship is tolerated, not recognized. Always go in and out of the USA on a US passport. There are a number of US court cases that support the current situation.


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              Interpretation of the law should be in the intrest of the US not foreign country.
              Person who takes up a Forign Citizenship and still traveling on US Passport is wrong. He is not honest
              with him self nor with the country.
              You are right US Citizen must Depart and Enter on US Passport.
              US Do not recognized the Dual citizenship.

              Let me put this way, in case any of the dual citizens run into any problem and put into jail as his citizen, (not US) then he will look to the US for help, at that time US will not be able to help them. This happened to on British/American. what you say about this.


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