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We should return the 2 Iraqi woman prisoners to them

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  • We should return the 2 Iraqi woman prisoners to them

    Right after they are beheaded

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    Right after they are beheaded


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      I hate Muslim beheadings, so barbaric. The guillotine was much more humane.

      I think OUR electric chair is barbaric ALSO.

      If BUSH didn't have our men over there, none of this would be happening. Even after 9/11, heads weren't flying THIS much.


      Hey Julie!

      You evacuating or getting daqueried?
      Formerly Josephine Schmo


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        Hey you... I'm in Tampa which is central west coast gulf of mexico side, we aint getting Jeanne. Frances gave some **** but I was enjoying getting the days off with pay. So won't be celebrating this weekly hurricane. Stay tuned


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          Anyone know what time landfall is?
          Formerly Josephine Schmo


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            Stupid a-s-s hurricane decided to come to Tampa afterall !! Another day off with pay (nyuck nyuck). Lost power and cable. So landfall in Tampa was about 12 - 3 p.m.


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              We can't get ANY bottled spring water at Walmart, it's ALL being shipped to Florida.

              BUT, there is "purified" and "drinking" water, which is TOILET water, and I ain't drinking it.

              Beware of Aquafina and Desani, it is purified toilet water. Only drink spring water.
              Formerly Josephine Schmo


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                My b/f owns a lawn maintenence, tree removal, irrigation business and he is busy like hell. Street lights are down all over town, cops directing traffic, tree's down everywhere, still lots without power, but I still have a day off with pay (nyuck nyuck). Boyfriend is loving these storms, like money in the bank ... House full of my duaghter's friends who lost power and cant live without creature comforts, as my power didnt go out here, only down there at my boyfriends... I love Dasani its my favorite bottled water. Actually its processed by Reverse Osmosis, which is top dollar purifying method, - I did a college paper on it. Send your generators down here, man some of these places in Florida got hit by 3 storms...


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                  That water at one time was full of chit, p i s s, tampons, turds, AIDS, and hepatitis. UGH!

                  How are the 7-Elevens holding up down there?
                  Formerly Josephine Schmo


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                    Lousy b-i-t-c-h-e-s raise prices.. $2 for a bag of ice, where every other time of year is $1.00. They do d-i-c-k ya when times are tough, trust that...


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                      As far as I know, all 7-Elevens in Florida are corporate and prices are set by same. They wouldn't do it unless it was an issue of supply and demand. Otherwise, I wouldn't put anything past a franchisee.
                      Formerly Josephine Schmo


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                        Juile; you are wrong. Why should we return them after they are beheaded? We should feed our dogs with meatloaf.

                        AMERICA - LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT !!!!!
                        IRAQ - LOVE AMERICA OR DIE !!!!!!


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