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Default Desperately seeking advice for obtaining non-immigrant Visa in Mexico

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by SunDevilUSA:

    ...and for your information, we speak English in America! </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Some speak two languages and don't have to burn to get a tan such as yourself.


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      Evidently, English isn't your primary language, Explora. The fact remains, however, that we do speak English in America.


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        Evidently? What revelation did you suddenly experience? (lol)


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          Explora: If you look the word up in your English-to-Illiterate dictionary, you'll find out what it means.


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            Barnes and Nobles didn't have the dictionary yoru mentioned online. Could you direct me as to where I might find it? May I borrow yorus per chance?


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              No, I'm not easily offended, but when an uneducated person begins accusing me of doing something shady to help my friend get a Visa, yes it pisses me off.

              We speak English in America? Of course we do. No-one informed me, however that this website was limited to the borders of America. Do the creators of this site have some kind of filter that limits individuals from other countries from visiting? If not, I'd suggest you stop acting like us Americans are the only people that matter.

              And if it makes no difference to you whether she gets a Visa, why are you spending so much time on my thread?


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                bcoz he's an idiot ,and have nothing to do in his life..thats why


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                  I hear what you are saying and I'm sure you are right. I have to tell you though, that I'm not really aiming to 'circumvent' the system. I'm just trying to help her meet the requirements that seem to be necessary for her to get her Visa.

                  Thanks for your suggestions. Seems like the best thing we can do is just keep applying every once in a while and hope we can get another answer. The fiance visa is just not an option at this point, and it won't be for quite some time. We just aren't at the point where I'm sure enough of things that I am ready to basically guarantee marriage in &lt; 3 months or risk making things even more difficult Visa-wise.

                  As an afterthought, I thought US citizens could own land outside the restricted area in Mexico if it was held in a trust.


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                    Missing.Sonora: Well, Davdah has consistently told you exactly what I have been telling you. Yet, your reaction is entirely different! It seems to me that you need to calm down and read a little more slowly...perhaps that would better enable you to understand.


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                      Sometimes its not what you say, it's how you say it. You have taken an accusatory tone with me since the first post you made. davdah has been seemingly actually trying to offer advice.

                      2 totally different things.

                      There's a reason most of the other people on this thread are pissed at you and not davdah.


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                        missing.sonora: just how stupid do you think our embassy employees are? If you decide to buy some vacant lot and deed it over to your GF, and then she shows up at our embassy to ask for a tourist visa to "visit a friend" (hor$e$hit)..the consuls will immediately wonder just how did some chiquita get the dinero to buy this property while earning $73 a month??? Answer: the American BF did this to fool the consuls....and what happens next? case...
                        sorry, but this 'strategem' has been tried numerous times and doesn't succeed often.
                        Nice try.


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                          ..."every applicant seeking a nonimmigrant tourist visa is presumed to be an intending immigrant until such time as he/she is able to persuade a consular officer that he/she will depart the United States promptly at the conclusion of a visit of appropriate duration..." mention about suddenly becoming the miraculous owner of a garbage-strewn vacant lot in order to qualify for said visa....the key is INTENT, not the mere "ownership" (no matter how bogus) of some piece of property....


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                            Point taken. I'm a newbie at this whole Visa thing, and was merely seeking advice on how to assist her in obtaining a tourist Visa. Someone early in the thread mentioned purchasing some land. That added to the fact that the consular officer told her that she was denied basically because she has no property/home, I thought that maybe this would be a requirement that was easily taken care of.

                            Obviously not.

                            Basically, my thing is I don't like to be as if I'm a criminal or an idiot. Like many people out there, I could have taken the illegal route, but I haven't even given that a though. We are trying to do things legally and above board. It was/is not my intent to deceive anyone.

                            I just want my girlfriend to be able to come visit me.


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