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    How easy to prove your flip-floping Joe Schmoe, in the same post too.
    I came here in peace and had no intent of further posting, only to clear my name
    Followed by:
    The thread I started last night was destroyed, so I counter attacked. Quid pro quo.
    Since when clearing your name and come in peace simply turn out to destroying post that has no significance to you whatsoever? So if someone makes a unfavorable comment to you, that gives you the right to go trash their post all over the place? My, what a pitiful wicked close-minded thought, fitting for a poor old hag who's all alone and deep down are just another pitiful insecure soul, yet lashed out at other to cover up her inferority, who only dares to curse ppl in the internet, but when faced with real life problem, lost her backbone and run with your tail tucked between your leg across the country. I guess real life are too much for you eh?

    As for hypocrites, lets see. You're the one who swallow your word never to post again here only to return later. You're the one who curse and use foul language abound but then complain and whine when other treat you the same. You're the one who destroy threads as you wish but when other berates you, you cries foul. In case you hadn't notice, when you were gone, no one going around destroying threads like your old habit. Bottom line is this board is much better place without you, period.

    Of course you'll probably continue your demented way, but you're not fooling anyone. Well, since you crave attention so much, without further delay, ladies and gents, I present to you, the hypocrites and pitiful soul who call herself Joe Schmoe


    • #17
      mduck, you are one self rightous piece of s h i t.

      Come on tear me apart some more.

      Does it make you feel good? You all high and mighty now?

      You better than everyone else?

      Got lots of money, so you don't have to "run cross country, with your tail tucked between your legs?"

      Born with a silver spoon in your mouth?

      Mommy and daddy gots lots of money?

      Where'd you go Yale or Harvard?

      Cut the c r a p, your trailer roof needs some tires up on it, to keep from blowing away from all your hot air.
      Sweet Madame Belu


      • #18
        Timely post on Joe Schmoe, right on cue as to be expected

        Tear you apart? What for? You're doing a fine job making a fool of yourself and displaying your true color. Don't blame me if you don't like what you see in yourself or what you been doing so far when someone point it out. Then again, you might have a habit of sheeding responsibility and run away from it completely instead of dealing with it. Who knows? From the way you destroy threads that you disagree on, thats probably carry a certain sliver of truth in it


        • #19
          I didn't do a god d a m n e d thing but quid pro quo Julie for blasting my thread.

          You gotta make a speech.

          Trust me, you don't even know me, b i t c h.

          Now come back and say, "Oh, bla, bla, bla, true colors, bla bla bla, typical, bla bla bla."

          Spare us the sililoquoy.
          Sweet Madame Belu


          • #20
            Your action bears fruit in other's action toward you Joe Schmoe. Don't like it? Well tough luck, since its a 2 way street. If you don't have the decency to show some restraint, why should we show one to you?


            • #21
              Ok, fine. Another moron I have to battle for eternity. Why don't we just stand here and say forever, "I know you are, but what am I?"
              Sweet Madame Belu


              • #22
                Battle for eternity? We're battling? I thought I'm simply showing an annoying bug her obviously demented way of thinking. Well you can think of it whatever you like in that little twisted mind of yours.


                • #23
                  Yes, I have a twisted mind, yes, yes, bla, bla, whatever.
                  Sweet Madame Belu


                  • #24
                    josephine schmo

                    you rawk

                    keep up the good work


                    • #25
                      Did you read my post at all?


                      • #26
                        E. ya have no room to act all high n mighty. Yer the biggest terrorist on this site. Ya make Bin Ladin look like a kitten.
                        Timmah! Liv-a-lar!


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                            Yes, I read them, but reading and acting on it is 2 different things .
                            Apology though, act before thinking usually only get me in trouble. Should've known better


                            • #29
                              Yeah, marmaduk, I've been there


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