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cam u file income tax return with a fake ssn and name

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    You talk about trouble with the government and express concern, but still want advice from a public message board? If you're serious, consult with an attorney, in person. This is not legal advice.


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      I ask you guys because I think the board is supposed to be for immigrants to share their experience and their concerns...I dont think you should get nasty about it, all I asked was a question in the hopes that someone could maybe shed some light...I know I have to ask an attorney...but I wanted to see if maybe one of youi guys knew...thanks anyways


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        The answer to your question relates to intent, what you actually know and what you plan to do. The one thing to remember is that you should never try to cheat the government out of some benefit, revenue or property.
        I don't think this delicate matter belongs in a public board, you should deal with an attorney in order to get the most qualified answers to your questions.


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          my intent is not to cheat the government...all the contrary I want to know so I dont do it unknowingly. I dont think there is anything wrong with you?


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            wait I have a question more or less related to this.I am a US Citizen....i file my taxes every year the way I'm supposed to. Anyhow, This year I plan to marry my fiance who is illegal...when I do my taxes, can I claim him? I know I wont get anything for him cause if his status, but we dont plan to process his papers instead his thinking of going back to his country and set up a business and build us a house and then I'd move with him. But since I'll be married would I still need to put him on my Income tax thing....???? I know he needs a ITIN # ...but do I have to put him even if he is not living here and I'm sending him money???
            When you file your taxes what you essentially do is checking the nessessary boxes and filling the frames by clearly answering questions stated before them.

            This is as simple as I can answer your question.

            Next, when you file your TAX form, it gives you few options to file.
            First, are you SINGLE or MARRIED? (If you have Certificate of Marriage - then you are Married, and so you must state. If you are not yet married then you can not lie and say you are married before you do so).
            Second, how you choose to file? (Single- head of household or single-dependent or married filing jointly or married filing separately and etc.)
            And so on.

            Just fill the form by accurately answering the questions.

            If you have trouble or difficulty comprehending the form or if you need other assistance then contact professional CPA.

            Hope this helps,



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              well, currently I am single-I guess head of household...its just me ....but soon I'll be married and I'll probably still be head of household because I have told my fiancee he must not work...he already is breakign the law by being here I dont want him to work and break another. So well just switch roles...I think he has a fair deal..dont you? Anyhow, I still have to get an ITIN # for him right??? Antifascist1? Anyhow, How have you been???long time no see....


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                Antifascist1? Anyhow, How have you been???long time no see....
                I am actually doing good.
                Going to Seaside Park in a while, just to walk on the sand, under the Sun.
                Ocean is beautiful, isn't it?
                You can see me there if you want

                Was my post helpful in answering your questions?
                Hope it was.

                Good Luck,



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                  Glad your doing good, and yes your post was very helpful. What state are you in? I am in Florida...Miami...I dont think I live near sea side If I did I would meet you there....for old are you?


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                    Glad your doing good, and yes your post was very helpful. What state are you in? I am in Florida...Miami...I dont think I live near sea side If I did I would meet you there....for old are you?
                    1. Contact the site administrator, he knows what State I am in
                    Don't be shy about meeting

                    2. I am old enough to have some gray hair on my head, but young enough to remain a child in my heart


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             do I contact the site administrator???


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                        I thought you already knew that


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                          well now you know that I are you going to tell me where your located? ....or your gonna leave me wondering???


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                            Wondering is the necessary prerequisite of Discovery !




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                              alright my to you later...I got to keep working....ciao!!!


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                                Definitely.. keep on working.. see ya !


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