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cam u file income tax return with a fake ssn and name

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  • cam u file income tax return with a fake ssn and name

    i would like to know if u can file a tax return with a fake ssn and name

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    bad idea


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      ok so i can still work under a fake name and ssn thats crazy that u can work but u can't file taxes under a fake name and ssn


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        ALL ****ACITAS DO THAT !!!


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          Under which name do you intend to file the IRS tax return? If the name you are using is fictitious and your employer is deducting Federal taxes then YOU would not have to file a tax return, but the fictitious person would need to. If the name is someone else's then all the soc sec taxes you have deducted from your employee paycheck are currently being applied to that person's social security retirement income. Lucky guy!

          The false social security card number can be corrected in the SSA.
          The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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            It all boils down to intent to defraud. (See Neder, McNally). Even "trying" to deprive the government of revenue is fraud, even is no harm is suffered.
            If you don't know how to file, contact an attorney and have a consultation, Don't even try to deprive the government of revenue. This is a public forum, definitely not the place to deal with such delicate matters. You sound like you need legal help, only an attorney can give you that. This is NOT legal advice.


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              ALL ****ACITAS ARE FRAUDSTERS !


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                you've got some nerve to come online and ask if you can file IRS taxes under a fake identity... do you really think this is safe for you and most important of all, do you really think this forum is some sort of "fraud central"!?
                I hope for you that you concealed your ID and that you did not register under your real email account when you joined the forum....


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                  D A M N E D ****STERS !


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                    Posted May 21, 2006 04:55 PM
                    TO ALL:
                    If you feel insulted by the individual(s) who keep insulting others in these forums and making unfounded accusations, you may join the collective action to encourage to moderate (ie: erase insulting messages and ban insulting users) its forums at:
                    It takes seconds! And it's confidential.


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                      Hi Se***y Sybil


                      "ok so i can still work under a fake name and ssn thats crazy"

                      Sure why not.. since you are fake poster and this is FAKE thread. Now thats crazy


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                        wait I have a question more or less related to this.I am a US Citizen....i file my taxes every year the way I'm supposed to. Anyhow, This year I plan to marry my fiance who is illegal...when I do my taxes, can I claim him? I know I wont get anything for him cause if his status, but we dont plan to process his papers instead his thinking of going back to his country and set up a business and build us a house and then I'd move with him. But since I'll be married would I still need to put him on my Income tax thing....???? I know he needs a ITIN # ...but do I have to put him even if he is not living here and I'm sending him money???


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                          Intent to defraud is the issue, again, fundamental to the tort of fraud.
                          When it comes to name changes under common-law, even the Courts have recognized that when the statutes mention "false name" they include assumed names only when they are taken with intent to defraud.
                          When it comes to taxes, evasion means intent to deprive, to cheat the government out of revenue by avoiding the application of the law.
                          Whatever you do, if you try to deprive the government out of revenue you're in trouble.
                          The U.S. Supreme Court has stated the difference between intent to defraud and a lie. They're NOT THE SAME. To defraud, under the common-law definition of the tort, means to deprive, to cause harm by deceit or to benefit oneself when the benefit is not legally available. One thing is a mistake or a lie with no intent to deprive the government out of revenue, and another a lie being part of a "scheme to defraud". This is only the tip of the iceberg, materiality, reliance and other concepts are involved. Fraud is, without a doubt, a very difficult and complicated issue.
                          For instance, the government defines the fraud statutes in two categories. One against property and the other against the government. For property fraud, the harm must be measured in terms of money or "tangible" rights. For fraud against the government, it's enough to show that the defendant simply avoided the application of the law by obtaining a benefit he or she is not supposed to receive. In the tax case, not-paying money (a free pass) by lying on the forms is a "benefit" the taxpayer is not supposed to receive. Note that the "lie" has to be material (Kungys, Chaunt test, modified).
                          This is NOT legal advice.


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                            Sure why not.. since you are fake poster and this is FAKE thread. Now thats crazy

                            Sybil is calling for all her fake poster personalites to come back home. Sickylala, Rastafari , Luvmyhazel"E"yes, and the rest are waiting for you "E"gaged.

                            Houston...we have a problem


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                              Listen 4now, I am not a fake, and I really would appreciate serious advice. I dont want to get into trouble with the government for doing things wrong due to lack of please unless you are serious dont reply...


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