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worker shortage?

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  • worker shortage?

    This is only a small sample of what could happen.

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    This is only a small sample of what could happen.


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      Great!! Now the employers will hire American workers and legal they're supposed to have done in the first place.


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        Why would I want to hire Americans, they are too lazy and complain too much. They are only a problem to me when I hire them. I waste too much money on them, plus my time wasted trying to fire them.


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          Hell no, Now the employers will outsource the jobs to China, India, Africa, etc. !!!
          It's been done before.


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            NEW YORK ( - Ready to pay more for a loaf of bread or your morning corn flakes?

            That could be one effect of immigration reform, according to farm economists and other experts.

            Immigration reform
            No ditches and dirty plates

            The subject of much recent debate in Washington and across the country, immigration reform could push up wages if it makes it harder for U.S. businesses to hire lower-wage workers for low-skilled jobs. That would raise costs for farmers and other producers, who could then try to pass the costs along to consumers.

            "In the absence of immigrant labor, wages might be a bit higher, particularly in sectors that hire lots of low-skilled labor, which could potentially show up as slightly higher prices," said Jared Bernstein, economist at the Economic Policy Institute, a left-leaning think thank in Washington.

            Pat O'Brien, an economist at the American Farm Bureau, said that if immigration reform severely restricts the labor pool, wages for farm workers - and costs for farmers - could rise sharply for everything from wheat, corn and soybeans to dairy products, red meat and poultry.

            He said that crop and livestock farmers, for example, would be forced to boost prices to compensate for more expensive labor. "We're estimating that wages could go up to $14.50 an hour," he said, from the current average of about $9.50 an hour.

            In that case, "prices would go up possibly 5 to 10 percent as farmers try to pass along the higher cost of labor."

            A big rise in labor costs could also have a devastating effect on many of the nation's farms.

            "If labor shortages forced costs to rise, it would be hard to pass those costs along," said Jack King, manager of national affairs for the California Farm Bureau, an association of farm owners in the state with a $27.5 billion agricultural industry.

            "We can't pass the costs along. We can't control the market. We don't really have any place to go if wages spiral out of control," said Luawanna Hallstrom, general manager of Harry Singh & Sons, a California tomato farm.

            Hallstrom predicted that a reform bill limiting the availability of workers could force small and mid-sized farms to suffer, or even shut down altogether. "Some (farmers) are already choosing not to grow this year because they didn't know what will happen," she said.

            Prices for other goods and services might rise as well, though that seems less clear.

            Patricia Cortes, a graduate student at MIT, studied the effect of low-skilled immigration on the prices of things like cleaning and landscaping, and also found that less immigrant labor would bid up the price of low-skilled jobs, which she says could lead to higher prices.


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              lazy mo fu kers have no jobs and will never have !!!all jobs go to hard working illegals or to oversee !!!


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                I want to wash toilets, but because of illegals I can't !!!


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                  As well as because of indians, chinese, africans, and others living oversee. You are lazy fat fu ck.


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                    I am NOT lazy !!!
                    I just don't want to work for free !!!
                    If NOT for illegals, toilet washers would make a 100/HR !!!

                    You don't know economics, stupid !!!


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                      Read Karl Marx, as sho le!
                      economics my a ss!!


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                        Karl Marks my a-s-s !!!

                        Those toilet washers are also exploiting our social services while stealing my job !!!


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                          you are fu ck ing socialist commie !
                          American Business give no sh it about you!
                          according to Karl, they care about their profit firs and formost!


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                            Lerka Я is Hitler-Communist, Nazi-Terrorist ,schizophrenic-maniac !!!


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                              you and lazu fu ck ers are as sholes!

                              US economy had become only better since 1986 amnesty! the more slaves are in US, the better for the economy !!
                              12 million slaves-life is good now !


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