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    and any business that 'will have to close' during the LC process was already having more problems than even you knew....and that explanation is just hor$ business that has any chance of success would put all its eggs in the foreign worker basket...that's just an excuse you will try to use to overstay, just like the 12M other illegal douchebags in the one believes this nonsense about how some business will fail unless you, the only person out of 6,000,000,000 on this planet, can come to the rescue....


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      Oops! Nancy Pelosi is synchronizing with the standing ovation, obviously not due to liking what she hears but more to ward off the clouds of sleep.


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        Someone12 thanks for your insightful words....

        "yet you are wanting to stay (against the rules) or find some 'bozo' tru love to collect a green card"

        I do? When I read my post I see me discussing the matter with some intelligent people. If you stop for a moment and lay down your hatchet you will see that I do not wish to be illegal or dishonest. It's called a hypothetical discussion. Look it up in a dictionary.

        You are so obsessed with the illegal immigration that you can't see straight. I am just as upset about illegal immigration as you are. That's exactly why I do not wish to become a leech here.

        I have not bothered to read any more of your rantings. I've seen quite enough of it on other threads that you and another poster insist on spewing out your foulness on. If you at least posted something coherent and well thought out it might be a pleasure reading it. All you do is spewing out insults.

        You don't know me from Adam and you have no idea how hard I've worked and the contributions I've made during my time here. You have no idea how many people have acknowledged my abilities, wanted to employ me, how much money I've NOT shipped out of this country but rather the other way around, the amount of free time I've devoted to tutor less-fortunate children in my community. You don't know a thing about me or how I got to be in this situation.

        FYI I have spend over a decade here legally and a tragic event in my family changed my status here. Is it so incomprehensible to you to even stop to think that people have a background?
        You think you are so clever and that everything is black and white. It's not. If you just took a minute to find out what has happend to a person to land them in a situation like mine, maybe just maybe you would be able to understand.

        Learn how to read and comprehend!

        I will spare you any further typing. I'm sure your fingers bleed by now. I have gotten the answers I was looking for and have no further need to attend to this thread. I will also report you for abuse.

        Have a good day!


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          RN, thanks for your advice and wise knowledge. I have gotten the answers I was seeking from the laywer I contacted.

          Davdah, thanks to you as well. Yes I have been following the debate and I am glad that the reforem as suggested didn't pass.


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            no doubt the sleazeball lawyer suggested one of those infamous 'good faith' marriages....and I don't care what excuses you arrived here using a privilege that the US of A gave you..respect it...go home and wait for the process to conclude in the legal way...those are our rules....(and no attorney can change them)...every illegal alien and would-be illegal alien always has a 1001 excuses as to why they 'had to' violate or ignore our laws...and each and every one of those 1001 excuses are just transparent blather used to try and cover up the plain simple truth: you think you are above our laws because of some other event in your life....well, the US of A is not the only place you could ply your trade....have you thought about Australia? the UK? no...only the US of A has the remedy for whatever ails you (though there is little hope for a cure of being irresponsible)..what an amazing coincidence....


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