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wat the MIDDLE EAST think of US..

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    As a matter of fact, Mduck, my husband and I are splitting up. We didn't make it. It's all my fault.
    Sweet Madame Belu


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      If thats the truth, then I'm sorry to hear that. Who knows? Maybe its for the best.


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        Hi JO

        I hope you are just kidding about this.. if not I am truly sorry to hear this and if true both of you must be in pain.. especially you as it shows in many of your responses lately. and my sympathy goes out to you sincerely.

        Now I have stayed out of this because it is disgusting. but please stop responding to these people in hopes that these threads will die to page 2 and let the board get back to normal. This is crazy and dont let this make you more ill. They are unaware of your medical and this is sad because they are causing you mental anguish by not knowing this. So again, please stop responding to these threads for your own well being. take care


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          For him, yes. Problem is, he won't leave. So again, I have to leave my own home. Please don't attack me ok? You can't even see me, sitting here, tears streaming down my face, (crying since 1 a m. actually) barely able to type.

          Like I said, it's been hell of two weeks, I just got home, and have no strength or intent to argue.

          I got what I deserve, can you all give it a rest now?
          Sweet Madame Belu


          • #20
            Deal. You won't hear a thing from me.. Hopefully your friend can help through this troubled times. If I can ask for one thing though, please don't destroy anymore thread in this board.


            • #21
              No friends, no family, I like it that way.

              Only thing you can do is take one day at a time.

              And keep reading those I-751 threads.
              Sweet Madame Belu


              • #22
                I don't want you to accuse me of trying to get attention, but do you really feel I am less than a bug? That really hurts.

                Additionally, quid pro quo on the marriage falling apart. My husband worries me to death over everything. Sometimes I think he is TRYING to drive me to suicide.

                Easy green card if you're a widower, right? No messy divorce, I-751, waivers, etc.
                Sweet Madame Belu


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                  The arab world is a different world. For the arabs, (it maybe hard for some you to imagine being an arab) - they see the western world as bad news politcally. And vice-versa.

                  There are a lot of things arabs have in common with the rest of the world, the degree of separation have always been politics.... and politics hides behind religion, culture, and what not.

                  We live in a time and age - that media controls the world. CNN and Al-Jazeera for example are key medias that provoke arabs and the western world... any of you think they are promoting peace?


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                    "Others are merely mirrors of you. You cannot love or hate something about another person unless it reflects somethings you love or hate about yourself." From the rules of being human...

                    So, taking that as a pretty close fact, we must assume that right wing Americans and ortodox Islamists are actually pretty close in ideology to eachother, ergo, that's why they hate eachother. The problem is that neutral people , nations, and civilians always get caught up in their mindless fractions! If you'd take ortodox Islamists and right wing Americans and put them together in one area, the mere discovery how similar they are would bore them beyond belief, not having anybody to hate anymore...


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                      I somewhat liken Muslims to the Amish just because they always stay humble to God. But, the Amish's religious extremism in no way infringes upon my religious views, and Amish are non violent. Just because there are opposing religious views, does not mean we have to hate eachother. But taking the Quran in the literal sense it clearly states to hate "non believers". The muslim extremists take this to heart and there are fetus muslims waiting en utero to kill Americans wholesale. Whatever time the muslim extremists decide that killing, bombing, hi-jack-ing etc., is not acceptable in today's society, then and only then perhaps a bridge can be built. I am keeping my fingers crossed but I dont hold out much hope for them to ever change.


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                        Joe Schmoe – if you are suffering from medical condition you should go to a hospital. If your relationship is not working out; you should go for marriage counseling but you should not destroy this board and threads that you do not agree with!!! There are thousands of people that visit this board on daily basis to find answers for their own problems. If you are bored, find something else to entertain yourself. There is no need to create misunderstanding with those new Ids when it's clear who is who!

                        I will not post anymore if you do not destroy threads!!!


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                          "One bad apple doesn't spoil the whole crop."

                          Saying all Muslims/Middle Easterners are bad because of Al Queda/Taliban is like saying all Christians/Americans are bad because of KKK/White Supremecists.

                          Think about it.
                          Sweet Madame Belu


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