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    I wish I was Pink I wouldn't have to go through this nonsense!

    The lawyer advises I should let the ij give the final order then appeal the decision. He has refused to do the 360 nor 45b. while he knows the marriage was bonifide, he thinks the ins will say I am reaching for straws after the fact. He claims the letters my wife, sorry ex-wife and I wrote to the ins expressing our love for each other and those sent to our state and local political representatives at the time, will be used to show that we were a happy couple.

    He does not think my marriage was any different from any other bad marriage thus his arguement that the ins will argue the same.

    When we got the continuence the last time to do the dna test, he was very friendly with the ij. I wonder if firing him will create a bais in the ij's mind.

    He wants to argue for a continuence based on the debate going on in congress at the moment, I think he is smoking something and not sharing!

    Oh, he is opposed to the 360 also because he thinks since they challenged my marriage without actually saying that they found it to be anything less, they won't go for it.

    I imagine I can file the 360 after the order, or do I have to request that my case be opened? Does anybody know how long the appeal process takes?

    Thanks for the input y'all. My faith is strong, and I know this too shall pass!


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