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CSS/LULAC's Advance Parole: Denied Entry

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  • CSS/LULAC's Advance Parole: Denied Entry

    My case was denied while I was outside of US. My parole was revoked and I was not allowd to get in.

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    sorry Rafi to hear that... is there anything that still can be done?


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      Sorry to hear abt ur situation. How do u know that ur case was denied. To my understanding, u were one of the applicant whom officer said tht ur case was approved at the time of the interview. And then u decided to settle outside US, as couldn't take it anymore. Pls. advise in detail wht happened.


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        I was moving my goods to Toronto by road. Made several trips; nothing happen, no problems at all entering US by land. All I had in NY, only my car. At that point I decided to go to see my Mom back home for few weeks and planning to come back to NY and drive my car to Toronto.
        In the airport, I found out that my case was denied.
        Immigration officer told me that I missed to response few letters sent by INS. I did not get any letters. I may miss some interview latter or some things: who knows what?
        Right now I am stuck here in Toronto without my car. GREAT!!!!


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          To Rafi,
          I read in your other post you had two applications one for Life Act I-485 and other for late amnesty I-687, on which case you got your advance parole I-131. Do you know which one got denied and which one still pending, you can check that USCIS website online or call the 1-800 number to find out about both cases.
          May be you should try to enter back on land, they might let you in.
          In case you are a Canadian citizen you can enter the U.S for six month without visa.


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            Both of my applications were denied at the same time. What a luck!
            My advance parole were issued based on my Late Amnesty application.


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              Do you mean the same day and date for both of your applications the USCIS write to you the denial letter?
              What is the reason for denying each one of them?

              I think there is law if you denied entry to the U.S you can fill out a form to let you back in to appeal your application denial, may others can help in this matter.
              What the offer wrote or stamp in your passport.


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                I did not receive the denial latters. It get lost in the mail. I found out at the airport.
                The officer wrote I-275 on my passport.
                Which law are you taking about. I really need my car.


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