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Another Mullah-Tanton tool bites the dust

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  • Another Mullah-Tanton tool bites the dust

    Originally posted by unique:
    Olde, what the hell is wrong with you? I never told you to run and hide. I only stated that by both you and I criticizing the Government, could possibly bring repercussions.

    You really are an idiot, aren't you?
    The whole idea of US was founded on the principle of giving people every right to criticize their government. There is nothing more American than criticizing the government. So, I would not think twice before deciding to criticize the government whenever I saw it fit.
    In America the government of people is by people and for people , not vice versa.
    If you disagree with it then may be you should go to Pakistan or mountains of Afghanistan, they have lots of men there who share your views.

    So , let me reiterate my remarks once again, with some clarification for those with comprehension issues:

    1. US gov consists of three branches.
    2. I have praised Judiciary
    3. Gave objective, rather neutral and non-negative assessment of ICE (arm of DOJ and part of Executive branch)
    4. Specifically criticized 1996 legislation (one of first passed by Gingrich Congress) and blamed on it most of the impacts we witness today
    5 Suggested that if PEOPLE were made aware of this 1996 law this could be remedied, as Public Opinion is what decides at the end of the day what lawmakers decide to pass as a law.
    6. Welcomed the latest announcement by WH on separate thread as an intelligent resource management policy.

    You see, I could criticize them all at once, but won't do so, and not because I have apprehensions about it, but because I would be nonobjective and discrediting myself as a n.utcase by issuing a blanket negative that was contrary to existing and transparent facts.

    You, on the other hand (since you are not really a LULAC applicant but a mere Mullah Tanton tool , whose main purpose is to trash and discredit any opinion and anyone who doesn't worship your Taliban-Puritan leader Tanton) systematically made up incredible and egregious lies about all branches of government who, per your claim, relentlessly persecuted an innocent LULAC applicant at every turn of application processing for just mentioning an error in application processing during the interview.

    What kind of fools do you take your readers for?

    Is it worth the risk? Yes and no. It’s always worth the risk if you make a difference. If they kill you, and nobody ever knows or investigates, then you suffer for nothing, Sure it’s easy to be at home on your computer acting brave. It’s another thing to be taken away from your family, brought to an undisclosed location never to be seen or heard from again.

    The United States has no problem killing any foreign national they deem undesirable. By looking at everything you’ve written on this board you could easily qualify as undesirable.
    The US gov is not going to take me to undisclosed location and murder me for saying that there is little purpose served by indefinitely jailing a 90 years old grandma for overstaying a visa by one day.

    But a n.utcase Mullah Tanton tools and other Taliban-Puritan n.utcases like you could possibly hack and trace my whereabouts and try to do something stupid out of fury and anger, because I make a.sses of you and all the rest of your Taliban-Puritan donkey-holes in Mullah Tanton team. That's whole different story and I am aware of this risk, but I have no choice except telling how stupid bunch of donkey-holes you Taliban-Puritan folks are. And, since there is an easy access by proper agencies to page browsing records [and other usage of computer] , through the ISP and some other advanced methods, I am sure that should any harm come to me it would be relatively easy to pin point those responsible.
    Therefore, should you contemplate of something stupid consider yourself warned.

    The only good thing you’ve got going for you, is nobody follows you. If thousands of immigrants were hanging on every word you said, and you were organizing any kind of rebellion, then you’d be a dead man.
    Well, only idiots like you and those in your Taliban-Puritan Mullah-Tanton team think of rousing armed rebellion and destroying the whole legitimate system of government here.

    As to me, I don't see any need to do something so profoundly idiotic. The Constitution gives me right to speak my mind and share my political opinion and I have comfortably and consistently utilized my right for the past several years on this website without any government agency arresting or persecuting me for doing so.

    But you, Mullah-Tanton folk , the most intolerant and viciously stupid, idiotic folk, I am sure you are burning with most painful desire to obliterate and make me disappear from this site, because I , as mentioned above, consistently make gigantic donkey-holes out of Taliban-Puritan folk like you. Alas, there is nothing you can do about it. I will keep posting and expressing my opinion and , with greatest pleasure of all, will continue making super gigantic donkeys-holes out of brain dead Taliban-Puritan folks like you.

    Long live the United States of America!
    Long live the US Constitution !
    Down with Hitler worshipers, haters and Taliban-Puritan donkey-holes!

    Ok, unique, now take some rest and come back later, I will pound you some more then.

    "...I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit

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    The rantings of an Olde moron. Obviously he will become a Ted Kazinsky soon.


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      "...I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should 'make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibit


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