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BOYCOTT is a Strategic Mistake.

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    I Agree You Should go to work and not miss

    Why Disrupt the Social System Of The Us?

    This Country is a Country oF order.

    Americans Dont Like Massive Demonstrations!!!

    It Disrupts the Order of The USA


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      When Somebody Pays no taxes & can make on average ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS A WEEK
      wITHOUT PAYING TAXES that does upset me a little
      bit do you agree?


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        Remember we pay taxes for ALL persons with our without legal residence.
        It eats away at our goverment funds.
        by the time i am 65 there will be no money for SSI!!!THANK YOU TO MY FELLOW hISPANICS
        THE U.S.A!!


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            There must be effective and constructive ways to deliver a positive message and "BOYCOTT", in my opinion, does just the opposite.

            If organizers were so intent to show the significance of immigrant labor, then why not announce a "DAY WITH THE IMMIGRANTS!", where millions of immigrants would volunteer to do a community work - do some BIG and visible contribution to American Society - Society that we all share - and do so free of any monetary compensation?


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              Wow! what a GREAT idea Antifascist1.

              And a plus would be that people would get to know other people and a sense of community would develop.


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                If we could all work together, as Americans, there would be nothing that we couldn't achieve..


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                  nothing will backfire...its either you march or you march to rather fight for liberty then stay quiet and let the minute-men come in, rape my wife and kids, and kill me...we are marching for the right to be treated as human beings.

                  now, we wait, if no bills passes the senate by early june, then we have to take the next step by organizing nationwide boycott..this boycott was not a large scale boycott because our latino leaders were fighting, but if those muggers insist in throwing us to jail, then we will have no choice but to fight...we will not budge..this is my country, and i will fight to stay here.

                  viva la raza!.


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                    I was waiting for that d-i-c-k-h-e-a-d to write some more b-u-l-l-s-h-i-t. Keep on going Jean with your arrogant and ignorant attitude and we'll see who'll have the last laugh when congress fails yet again to pass an amnesty for scumbags like you


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                      nothing will backfire...its either you march or you march to rather fight for liberty then stay quiet and let the minute-men come in, rape my wife and kids, and kill me...we are marching for the right to be treated as human beings.
                      BOYCOTTING or FIGHTING won't keep you off the jail, in fact taking radical actions will achieve very thing you want to avoid.

                      As an individual you can speak up your mind and say whatever you want, but those who organize or lead a MOVEMENT have a broad responsibility before ALL whom (or whose interests) they claim to represent.

                      Immigrants are not a sheep and won't follow the lead of those who play to the hand of anti-immigrants.


                      P.S. BTW I didn't see endorsement of boycott on La Raza website.


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                        "If we could all work together, as Americans, there would be nothing that we couldn't achieve"

                        I whole-heartedly agree with this statement. Boycotts have traditionally shaped this country when the causes have been appropriate. The cause however is getting twisted with messages being mixed with rights for legal immigrants and illegal immigrants and EWI being put into the same category. These perceptions are confusing many "americans." In fact Congress is confusing them and illegals are getting confused. The average american does not understand EWI and ramifications of such. Illegal EWI dont perceive themselves as any differnet than overstayers of legal visas. It would be much better if americans were not ignorant in these matters that they would be better able to direct their representatives what their opinion is in these issues.

                        "If we could all work together, as Americans, there would be nothing that we couldn't achieve"

                        Now why arent these legal americans that are here taking a lesson from these boycotts and do what this country has always done in the past. Work together to get change by boycotting for a righteous cause! Lets put energy into the problems at hand in this country that are affecting us all. Imagine if we all decided to boycott one targeted fuel company for 2 months ..what that would accomplish. We could start shutting them down until prices were lowered. Bi monthly we could hit a new one from the list. We could take back the gas prices to reasonable price. This would work becuase we would be controlling ourselves who we were going to buy from. The people need to realize that it is in our control to take back the power from the greedy.

                        the major problems have to get fixed here first and boycotting is the way. Illegal immigration getting amnesty type benefits is not on the front burner for this country. Bigger issues need to be addressed before any money is spent on something that we will always live with.

                        ok who's first????? EXXON or SUNOCO


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                          When I started this thread, as creative as I am, hardly I could imagine it turning into "Oil Price" subject.

                          But just to simplify it and show you a bigger picture (beyound your concern for your vallet ):

                          In a free market ( I assume you know this ) , as long as demand for oil is high in proportion to supplies, prices will go just as high.

                          However, In the long run prices can not go high infinitely - at certain point, if prices keep going up and never stop/reduce, the costs on entire economy will produce a practical pressure (not just talking) to create or to come up with alternative fuel.

                          Boycotting EXXON or SUNOCO randomly would be a foolish thing to do, since you would still had to buy the oil from alternative retailer (Shell and etc.) - who would then , being under great demand, would increase the price even more.

                          As far as immigration being on backburner, I thought the same but polls show that recently it got quite a bit of public attention and was topping many peoples' concerns.




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                            Oil Price subjsect, lol no. My motive was to turn the thread more towards the power of boycotting and how powerful it has been in the past according to history of this country. I assume you know that.

                            boycotting these stations would not be foolish.. all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. point exactly. It could not be random. It would have to be a controlled effort and onslaught by the people. Absolutely we have to buy from someone not on the list. We as a people are not going to go with out fuel. But what we will decide is who is going to get our money! refuse to buy from lets say exxon only for 6 months.. im talking everybody in the nation. if you dont think that will have an effect and send a message, .I know it will. embargos eventually have effect, do they not in many cases? So can boycotts. same thing in essence. We are getting screwed anyway.. We may as well reciprocate. Take back this country to the stature that it once was.

                            The polls are simply reflecting MEDIA spin /attention. As you know americans often let the media decide for them what they should be thinking or concerned with. It lets hollywood decide for them what is a great movie, how they should look, who is beautiful. who is ****. etc. on and on. They seemed to have lost the ability to think for themselves and make credible decisions regarding their futures. I mean .. how could they let the government get away with so many things handed to them about the way things are going to be in the past, and they just sit back and say OK..Its still happening and they are still just saying OK. Its not ok. and the legals are going to one day wake up to short end of stick when it is too late to do anything. They just need to be educated as to what is really important.


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                              Speaking of immigration..

                              Supporters of "BOYCOTTS" at suggest that Americans stop buying foreign labor and thus solve the problem of illegal immigration. I can bet that it won't work.

                              As far as oil consumption and prices go, I could write and talk about it a lot but on my opinion this is not an appropriate forum to discuss "my gas costs".




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