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    friend who had worked for USDOS, at the US Embassy for 27 years and have traveled to US prior to his Immigration was issued. Never lived in his home country for more then a moth during his vacation time. I am suprise that they are also stuck with this FBI name check.
    My understanding is that person who had worked for USG, for so long the DOS must have all the records of this family. Since he was visting on B-1/B-2, visa all name check has to be done for all, when you recived "No Hit" on this type of peoples why it takes so long for them, What I think since this family is from that 26 country which is on the DOS list. I can not understand.


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      Publicus, you know where I can get the form for Writ of Mandamus online ? So that I can pay the $150 and go to the Judicial Court and file it. Thanks


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        i was interviewed in detroit INS on feb2 and sofar have not recieved my clearance.I have been in this country for 14yrs and this is not making any sense. if anyone should be getting clearance , it should be people with a good record already in this country. i have another friend in Utah with the same background as me who also filed through the spouse and has not gotten it so far. What the hell is going on.
        has anyone found a route to deal with this? i have the INS officer's phone number who interviewed me and constantly call him and he states that there is nothing whicha can be done. Has that been all of your's experience too? What is the recourse since congressmen cannot do a squat.


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          I went through same agony. I had same concerns as "tsa3400" has...WHY THE HELL IS TAKING THEM SO LONG TO COMPLETE THIS FORMALITY. I know some people are waiting for this from last 2-3 years.

          My AOS interview was done and everything looked good except FBI check.
          My AOS interview was on 25 Feb 2005.
          My FBI name check process was complete after 9 months i.e Nov 17 2005. I visited INS pretty much every month to follow up on case. I think first request that INS sent to FBI was lost somewhere in middle. They send second request in July and process was complete in November. I got green card, good for 10 years, within a week.

          All the best to those who are waiting.


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            USCIS is taking advantage of this fbi name check clearance, to delay the hole process.
            Applicants residing in US can be checked out easly to complete the process and complete all pending cases.
            OR the persons responsible to mail all the name check forms and request must be seating on it or mailed to wrong address. Just possible at uscis.


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              i dont think the matter involves only name check. i confirmed with FBI long back and they informed me that the clearance went through long ago.i had another fingerprinting done for my EAD renewal this july so they would have had 3 sets of fingerprints by now and this is not making any sense. have any of you talked to an attorney to see what could be done?


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                Check my situation :
                Filed 7/3/2003
                I485 aos Interview August 2004
                FBI name check still pending
                Sent 2 tracked letter directly to INS officer who interviewed us and still no response.
                I have been here since 1989.
                What is going on here?


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                  Sue the b@stards...



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                    Many people in the same predicament are taking action.



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                      Hello All,

                      My I-485 is dated March 2002. The FBI is doing a background check on me since January 2003! How much longer do I need to wait? I have emailed/mailed the FBI headquarters several times leaving me with no answer, contacted the Senator and stil the same answer that I have to wait for the FBI's response to my case. BUT HOW LONG? Isn't 3 years enough? Does anyone have a clue as to what the time limit is for them to respond? I mean I have been in the US for 6 years now and its just a matter of following my SSN and they can tell where I eat, sleep, work, shop etc... what else is there they need to know??????


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                        please check this article



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                          Go here and look for tsa3400 post for filing Writ of Mandamus. Just do it and you will be happy in the end


                          Also follow the steps that publicius outlined after the tsa3400 input


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                            Do any one of you have the address of FBI, Headquarters, in Washington, D.C. with the following information:

                            1-Telephone #
                            2-email address
                            3-postal address

                            Some time back one of you guys had given the complete info on this Clearance matter with the person's name and telephone number. If some one can help us in this regards.
                            Thank you


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                              Is this what you're looking for?

                              FBI Fax Number : 202-324-3367

                              e-mail :

                              Phone Number : 202-324-2399



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                                Hey Guys,
                                My security clearance came through couple of weeks back and this Friday I went to inquire about my case. The officer told me that my file is with the supervisor to approve or deny.
                                My question for you is that why it is with the supervisor if my case was already approved verbally during interview pending on name check.
                                Does that mean there could be Issues with my file.
                                Also, how long after the clearance I would be able to get my Permanent card. Thanks.


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