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    Hi everyone! On Thursday I went to my interview in Miami after 2 years and two months. (I sent my I485 August 2003) and they told me they could not give me an answer because they are still waiting for the FBI Name Check. I have also applied for 3 EAD's and one travel document. They did not know how long it could take for them to receive an answer from FBI.

    Houston, I also applied online for the EAD, did you have to set up an appointment again in order to get fingerprints and picture?


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      Applied for I-130 and I-485 in 12/02, Had interview in 4/03...FBI name check has been pending since 03/03.
      I have approached the FBI through my congressman's office but no real progress.


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        Mus-- Good info you posted there: Do you have the link from where you got that information regarding the FBI name check?

        Tony & Query: I believe you guys have an AOS case. In that case, have you thought about filing a Erite of Mandamus. Research the term. You shouldn't be waiting for over two years without doing anything.
        America is prosperous because America is an optimistic nation. America is America because we are a nation of immigrants.


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          Sorry but I usually don't proof read when I post...It's called: Writ of Mandamus.
          America is prosperous because America is an optimistic nation. America is America because we are a nation of immigrants.


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            I am still waiting but i have a new information from the fbi name check section them selfs :they are working on a special project which is taking care of the name clearance request received on 2002 and 2003.How long is that gonna take ? God nows !and PUBLICUS i could nt locate any info about the writ of Mandamus please explain ! Thank you all !


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              Mandamus can be used to compel administrative agencies to act. The Mandamus Act, codified at 28 U.S.C. § 1361 says, in its entirety: "1361. Action to compel an officer of the United States to perform his duty."

              The district courts shall have original jurisdiction of any action in the nature of mandamus to compel an officer or employee of the United States or any agency thereof to perform a duty owed to the plaintiff. The Mandamus Act authorizes the court to order a remedy when the officer or agency fails to do its duty as prescribed by the law.

              Hope this helped.
              America is prosperous because America is an optimistic nation. America is America because we are a nation of immigrants.


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                thanks publicus i will try it !it is the only think left !


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                  The only "slight" issue with Mandamus is that a Lawyer will ask you around $3,000 to complete the work!


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                    A SHARK will ask you for $3,000 or even $5,000 depending on how hungry they are for blood. A reasonable human lawyer will ask for roughly a $1,000. You have to do your homework.

                    Also, remember you can always file by yourself. Representing yourself in court is called: in propria persona or shortly Pro Se.

                    Good luck.
                    America is prosperous because America is an optimistic nation. America is America because we are a nation of immigrants.


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                      We filed for I-485 in July 2003, had our interview (went real good) in August 2004. Officer mentioned that he couldn't stamp my passport because of FBI name check wnd should receive a letter within 30 days to get my passport stamped.
                      Now it's been more than a year, several trips to INS office and get the same answer pending on FBI name check. Overall I have taken 3 Finger prints. Can anyone help me out and explain what's going on.
                      We have contacted our Congressman who gets the same answer from FBI, we are still checking. How much can they check. It's been more than 2 years.
                      Any response will be helpful.
                      Thanks "

                      Wow, I filed in July 2003, got the interview in August 2004 in Hartford and my name check is still pending, I checked with the Senator without help, I just got a letter from Hartford telling me that INS checks all pending files every last day of the month. God help us, because this is holding my life..


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                        After reading all your comments regarding theFBI Name Check, it surprise's the working of such an organization. Names are pending since 2002. 2005 will end after 59days. What a speed.

                        I know a person who filed for his citizenship in March 2005, at TSC received Notice of Action stating that they have received his application. August 05 he received a letter from his local office for finger printing, he was finger printed in Aug.25. No information recived from uscis/FBI, this person had worked for US Govt. for long time and lived all his life in Foreign Country.
                        He is a Pakistani National.
                        Where should he write to find out whats goingon with this FBI Name Checks. and why it is taking so long.


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                          update.. its now Nov 5 , 2005
                          my husband is still on AR. admin review in
                          islambad, pk. its now over 70days..


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                            it took my husband less than 4 months his is a CR1 visa he is from turkey


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                              hi all.

                              i have been waiting now for 70 days for my IR From Montreal, anyone have an idea what should we do, my wife is called the local Senator and his office said that they sent the request to Montreal. I am not sure how much of help it would be. thanks to everyone.


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                                Just found this site and it is helpful, but very depressing. Sounds like lots of people are in the same boat...

                                So other than emailing the FBI, calling USCIS, the only option is to wait? BTW, we had the interview and we are waiting for Security Clearance.

                                My husband and I thought since I am a US citizen, this whole process would go a lot smoother. We've been waiting for a year and a half for a GC.

                                If anyone has any other suggestions, pls. let me know.


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