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    Reading various posts and hearing about other experiences,it can be generalised that the FBI clearance is taking longer for those who are already in US and certainly less time for those waiting at overseas visa posts.
    As I said I can count atleast 4 instances in my country where FBI clearance has taken not more than 4 weeks.
    The FBI claims(see above) that 85% of the name check requests are cleared in 2 days,so that doesn't explain the delay consuming as much as 2 years and 4 years in one instance mentioned in this forum.
    The efficiency of the FBI can be judged from the fact that they take an average of 6 months just to reply to your email.


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      Hello Houstan,

      Please let us know few things

      1- Did you get the stamp on your passport yet ?
      2- Are you on EAD, if you are then your EAD got expired during this time ? Did you get new EAD (renewal) ? If you applied for your EAD how long did it take to get one.



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        I got this AR (Administrative Review) issued to me today during my London Embassy interview. The note on the 221g form says "Clearance Requested" from DC.

        I personally believe this happend because I am Male, from a country which is on "List of 26" security databse. I can't think of any other reason why I would be in this limbo.

        So if I want to check the status of the AR/221g, do I do so with the FBI, and for how long should I give them before I call to check the progress of the clearance?



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          I went to Tampa office and they told me the old story (still waiting for the fbi check )
          Here in tampa they dont interview you nor fingerprint you for the second time until that clears .It been 2 years and 7 months now .I emailed them few times with no response yet .GOD nows when this gonna end !!!!


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            Just wanted to let everyone know that I too am in the same predicament. I've also filed my I-485 on 04/3/2003 and have gone thru 2 finger prints, 3 EADs, 3 Travel Documents. And am still waiting my Name Check Clearance. This is crazy. Why does the FBI take more than 700 days to check someone who is trying to get a Green Card to live in the United States. This is a ridiculous process. If they are so concerened about the Security of this Country then spend more time checking Names of people trying to get in, not people who are already in, paying Taxes, having a good credit and trying to make a new life in this Land of opportunity. I just don't get it. On top of this my wife's name check has come thru but mine(being the primary applicant) has still not come thru. It has been over 910 days by now.


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              No officer didn't stamp on my passport, since they don't do it any longer. He gave me the reason that I will receive a letter in the mail after the background checks within a month to get it stamped. Now, it's been 14 months already and no letter.
              Yes, I do have my EAD which I renewed in August.


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                thanks houston,
                when you applied for another EAD,
                did you file online ?? if you did online how long did it take ???
                did you get your EAD by mail or you had to go there to pick up one ??

                Since i m applying for my EAD, so i need to find out what exactly the process is



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                  I applied online. It took them about 90 days to reply, however , after me calling on the help line to let them know about not receving my EAD.
                  First they declined it with no reason and then after few days they sent me a letter stating that your EAD will be mailed.
                  Hope this helps.


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                    What category is your familybased immigrant visa in? and which consulate are you going through?



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                      Hi houston,

                      When you applied for EAD online, you get the MSC number and you can check your status online, my question is after how long you get the receipt from BCIS.

                      I just checked my status and it says "Your I765 APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION was received on September 19, 2005. We mailed you a receipt with information about processing. It is taking between 30 and 90 days for us to process this kind of case. We will mail you a decision as soon as processing is complete"

                      I have not recieved anything yet ? can you please let me know when you applied for EAD, after how many days you recieved the receipt from BSIC?????



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                        I received it within 7-10 days.
                        You should go to USCIS website and setup a info pass to find out why you haven't received any thing yet.


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                          Thanks houston !

                          Yes, i called BCIS today and lady said if you do not get with in 30 days call us back

                          thanks again


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                            I found this:

                            IBIS (Interagency Border Inspection Systems) and FBI name checks

                            IBIS checks provide USCIS with information on any wants and warrants as well as information on known terrorists. These checks are run before adjudicating any petition or application. In case of a "hit" in IBIS, the center checks with the agency that keyed in the original data before adjudicating the application or petition. Before adjudicating adjustment of status applications fingerprint checks are done. The fingerprint checks give criminal histories but not wants or warrants.

                            On the other hand the FBI name check indicates whether a person currently is or has ever been investigated by any of more than a dozen agencies. In case of a "hit" in a name check, the FBI does not tell USCIS what specific information has been found in the FBI database, and USCIS on the other hand must wait for the FBI to resolve the "hit". If the name checks are returned with "no information," USCIS periodically reviews the checks on a set schedule. If the record is listed as "pending", District Offices are not authorized to follow up with the FBI, and they forward a list of these records to USCIS HQ, who then follows up with the FBI. These copies are not retained by the FBI on any check it runs, hence, every time a name check is needed, the foreign national has to go through the same process again.

                            I checked with a person who takes FP for a department *** and it suppose that the problem is when a name is very common even is silly (he said that) because the birth date doesn't match but sometimes does, they will check it manually and is an intern problem of the FBI, even other departments of the goverment has been in problem with the FBI because apparently they don't have enough personnel.


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                              All you experts:

                              So far I have read that you guys are discussing about the Finger Prints for visa applicants or for Green Cards.
                              Do you no how long it takes to get the FBI Name Check Clearance for the Citizenship case?
                              Thank you.


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                                Applied I-485 since 11/02, stuck in namecheck, do not know its status. Query email never got replied from fbi.

                                Even my congressman could not help me to get any info from fbi for three months. I used to hear it is only take several days for them to find out at least when fbi received your namecheck request and its current status.

                                What is going on! This ****ty process!!


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