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Permanent Resident wishes to marry Belgian

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  • Permanent Resident wishes to marry Belgian

    I am a permanent resident of the USA with Canadian citizenship and have someone in Belgium I would like to bring over and have stay here to marry. Anyone who has been through this, would appreciate your input as to what we will face and go through and how difficult a task this will be. Thanks in advance

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    as a LPR you have to do consulate processing, But you will not be receiving any NOA till his priority date become current.
    Belizque has visa waiver program, may have smaller priority date waiting period ,check with Consulate .
    Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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      Which consulate are you referring to. I currently live in the USA. And forgive my not knowing abreviations, NOA is?


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        Notice of Action

        PR can not sponsor a Fiancee, only a Citizen can.

        Wait for a Spouse is 4 or 5 years plus, so usually most acquire citizenship first.

        See USCIS site for details.


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          Basically, as a permanent resident, you have a long road ahead. You can sponsor you spouse for permanent residency, but the process is long and drawn out.

          Unless your wife can maintain independent legal status (F-1, H-1b, J-1, etc) in America during the several-year process of obtaining a green card, she will be unable to do so while remaining in the country . You should be prepared for a long separation.

          The best option for your wife would be to remain in Belgium, and undergo processing for her green card at the American Consulate in that country. The wait for an immigrant visa will be several years, during which time she may even have difficulty in traveling to the United States as a she has immigrant intent.

          Should you become an American Citizen, then the process is both much quicker and much-less complicated.


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