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    Your request for removal of the conditions of your permanent resident has been approved

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    Your request for removal of the conditions of your permanent resident has been approved


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      Another fraudster beats the system !
      You must be so proud; but one day it will catch up to you


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          I know you love me, you're just bitter and depressed. Your frustration will not go away by itself, you need to work on it, I still have some of my wife's Zoloft, I can send them to you for free, if you don't have money to buy them.

          Let me know.


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            Injoy I see you are celebrating your new found freedom by changing your name as well.

            I hope I too can get my approval in a few weeks.

            By the way Injoy, I want to ask you something about when you were Instress, I hope you have not yet forgotten

            When you got your I751 decision, did you see whether the processing times BCIS was showing were in line with your service center? Am trying to gauge how accurate the I751 processing times could be.


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              I wish you the best, man it feels different, even with my marriage problems, I think differently, I'm not desperate anymore, I can take my time to think, if I talk to my wife, I can only focus on the marriage problems without despearation, just a few days ago, I was praying that she doesn't call and tell me that she wants to discuss anything, because any decision I would take would be affected by the legal "dfangerous" situation, the conditional green card is just a fake, it's just a temporary work permit and a travel document that you might lose at anytime if your marriage fails, this fact was hidden for 2 years.

              Sorry for being off the topic, but I'm still excited that I have my own decision back!

              Yes, I still remeber when I was INStress The processing dates were inaccurate, and that what pissed off the lady on the help center "the misinformation center" when I asked her about how accurate those processing datexs are! Apprantly the service centers are moving faster than the processing dates, the guy whom I know filed on February 2004 and received his interview letter on July while they were proceesing December 2003. I filed in April 2004 and received mine while they are processing March 2004. It's all about a lazy and a hard working officers.

              Good luck


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                Josie Jo,
                I hope he'll get it soon, just don't let those doubts have control over your life, if you guys love each other then nobody is going to dump the other.

                Good luck.


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                  Dont worry girl averything is gonna be fine but maybe you got that point rigth some cultures are really close to each other anda they help relatives no matter what but that dosent mean he dosent love u!!! ok so dont be stress and enjoy life!!!!!!!


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                    Josie Jo,
                    Good day,
                    This is a very interesting topic, I actually went through almost the same situation with the difference that I am the foreign born spouse and my wife is the one who always wanted to move, and I always ask why do we need to move? And always repeat that we move when there is something that we need to move for.

                    To be stubborn is not going to fix the matter, you'll not going to get him to stay by being stubborn or by bringing up the threat issues, even if you're not serious about it, keep in mind that bringing up green card thing will not going to help you BOTH to establish a real life, and it deepens the insecurities inside of him even if you don't feel it. Remember that your life together is a choice, and we all choose our actions.

                    Regarding the cultural backgrounds, based on my experience I can say thins conflict is real, and it exists, I remeber many incidents happen during my life with my wife and they were all about our cultural differences, but it is not a thing you BOTH cannot fix, if you love him you should know more and more about his culture, his family, and his languge, trust me the last one can affect your life even after 20 years, it is the tool that people use to express their culture and their knowledge.

                    I remeber one day my wife asked me to propose, in my culture we do not propose and my reaction was funny as I got mad, really mad when I answered by: WHAT?! Do you want me on my knees? and she was wondering why! a few months later she discovered that we do not propose and I found that every man in the US proposes to his bride, I had to go back and apologize. LOL


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