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  • Pasha

    Is it possible that a woman's period may be delayed because of being sometime sexually inactive and after starting to have s*e*x* again the period may be delayed?

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    Is it possible that a woman's period may be delayed because of being sometime sexually inactive and after starting to have s*e*x* again the period may be delayed?


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      Dear Aguila ,

      How have ya been ? nice to hear from you.... Lol.... I am kinda embarrassed to answer this one on immigration website .... Write me all details in e mail... I will answer you.... It is very rare but it could be one of those possibilities .... But I got to know little more... and if you want to delete this post let me know... I will delete my reply once u read it then u can delete whole post ... lol.... how are things going on with you I 751... ? Pasha


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        Sounds like the pitter patter of little feet to me.
        Sweet Madame Belu


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          Looks like the good doctor chose to use email, so let me offer my non-professional comment. There are many causes for a women's cycle to become irregular. Irregular meaning either shorter or longer periods of time between cycles. Often times it can be brought on by stress or anxiety, as well as hormonal imbalances, poor diet, strenuous exercise (including a change in the frequency of s e x ), weight loss and gain, other medical conditions and the obvious, pregnancy. Typically, when factors other than pregnancy are involved, the abnormal cycle can either be abbreviated or extended.


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            Sounds to me like Aguila is doing more than just researching I-751 waivers! :;


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              It has been shown in numerous studies that women that live together often start cycling together. It could be that the women you knew in college all lived in the same sorority house and happened to cycle at the end of the month?


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                Speaking of office, a strange thing can happen where women who are grouped together for long periods of time (like at work) get sychronized periods. They all get it at the same time. That's when you need to know when to tip toe.

                Myself, I'm so mean all the time, when I get PMS I get silly and giddy, good mood. TMI, I know, but not all of us get b i t c h y before our periods.
                Sweet Madame Belu


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                  Actually, I believe the common term for this is "resonating". It occurs also in male female relationships as well, with regard to mental disorders, allergies, food intolerancies etc.


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                    I was thinking the exact same thing, J.D.
                    Sweet Madame Belu


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                      From the web:

                      Synchronous Mensturation:
                      This amazing phenomenon was first described in 1971 by researcher Martha McClintock, now with the University of Chicago. Having asked around a bit, I'd say it's common knowledge among women, but I'll bet not one male in 50 has ever heard of it. Women do have their little secrets.

                      Synchronous menstruation has been observed among mothers, sisters, and daughters who live together, and sometimes among women who simply work together. McClintock tells of seven female lifeguards who started out one summer with widely scattered periods. Three months later they were all menstruating within four days of one another.

                      A study of 135 residents of a women's college dorm confirmed the effect. Most of the cycle shifting occurred within the first four months and was usually complete after seven months. Fortunately for the dorm's plumbing, the whole building didn't synchronize, just roommates and close friends. As often as not, the women were unaware of what had happened. Later research has suggested that synchrony is caused by some sort of scent cue, or pheromone.

                      Scientists at the Sonoma State Hospital Brain Behavior Research Center in California identified several women who were believed to be menstrual pacesetters--they made other women conform to their cycles. The scientists placed cotton pads under the dominant women's arms for a day, and then wiped the pads on the upper lips of five female subjects three times a week. (One wonders how much the subjects got paid for this.) Within five months, four of the recipients were menstruating at the same time as their donors.

                      Interestingly, men also have an effect on women's menstrual cycles--and not just because they make women pregnant. Women who associate with males frequently find that their periods become shorter and more regular. One woman told McClintock that she had a six-month cycle length until she began hanging out with guys, at which point her periods began occurring every 4.5 weeks. When she resumed her solitary ways, her cycle lengthened again. Another round of cotton pad experiments, this time using males as donors, confirmed this. Having *** with a man at least once a week will also do the trick.

                      Why synchrony occurs is pretty much a total mystery. The only published theory I've seen treats it as an evolutionary holdover from prehistoric times, when it was common for men to take multiple mates and efficient reproduction was essential to the survival of the species. The author of this theory assumes that women in their brief monthly phase of peak fertility give off some pheromonic signal that drives men wild. (The author, I'd be willing to bet, was either the owner of a dog or the parent of a teenage girl.)

                      If his wives are on different cycles, hubby has a good chance of picking the wrong one when his nose tells him it's time to go into action, thus wasting precious bodily fluids. But if the women are all menstrually synchronized, he CAN'T pick wrong--they're all fertile.


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                        JD: Never wondered why some women are hot and some are not? Pheromones - a wonder of science!


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                          Don't they use pheremones in perfume?
                          Sweet Madame Belu


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                            This is the most informative Immigration website I have ever seen

                            Below is advise from professionals.


                            Dear PMS'ing Visitor,

                            The Reason for Your Visit Today-


                            Most women silently endure cramps, bloating, headache, crankiness etc., once a month. The reason you are visiting is the emotional symptoms have become noticeably much worse. And they are negatively altering your life. Monthly irritation/crying/sadness have moved up to episodes of agitation/rage/depression and even violent behavior. The normal stresses and strains of life, family and work that you generally cope with, are suddenly overwhelming to you.

                            Trying to get help
                            The severity of the emotional symptoms are making life beyond miserable. You are finally driven to get help and treatment. It is at this point that you will hit what can only be described as the great wall of ignorance. The physicians and therapists you see will be largely unhelpful. They are simply not up-to-date on the current science and research developments. There is a huge gap developing between the research community and front-line treating clinicians. New and mounting research evidence that can widely improve diagnosis and treatment of many disorders does not reach practitioners ('Quality Gap'...Wall Street Journal Sept.18/03 pD3).

                            You will encounter few professionals who are aware that premenstrual syndrome (pms), and the related dysfunctions of postpartum depression and difficult perimenopausal transition are most likely caused by hormone cycles directly affecting the female brain. That these are a neuro-hormonal-genetic phenomenon that affects some women, not all women, will be a news bulletin. Yet more than two hundred papers exist in the neuro-biology literature that strongly point to a genetic cause. Counseling, talk therapy etc., will do nothing for the human female with severe pms because the emotional symptoms are organic, transient and involuntary. The symptoms are not learned behaviors to be unlearned.

                            How I found the best treatment available
                            When I was making the rounds of clinicians - trying to sort out confusing and unwanted monthly emotional upheavals - I discovered the wall of ignorance. Most of these professionals freely admitted knowing very little about pms. And they lack the interest and time to go to the science literature and find out anything (Wall Street Journal Oct.29/01 pA1, B8). The MDs get what information they do receive from drug reps. The obvious aim here was to promote psycho-active drugs to manage women presenting with cycle related anxiety and depression. Well I have more than enough female friends walking around in zombie-like states with perceptual delays (takes them forever to form a sentence and respond) thanks to those drugs. I refused them.

                            As my intellect/intelligence seemed intact, I decided to go to the scholarly science research literature myself. I was greatly helped by having a biomedical degree, a baccalaureate of nursing, and a career background in advanced management practice. High performance, superior functioning managers solve problems using reliable/replicated facts, data and research. (I repeatedly asked what evidence underpinned various pms treatments. I was stunned at the amount of unfounded personal opinion and un-supportable convention wisdom used as evidence, instead of science-based data.)

                            One thousand hours of research later, I pieced together a story on menstrual cycle and related depression well known inside the science community. Because the story lies scattered about, in obscure and abstruse academic research journals it goes unreported to the outside world. Reports like "Progesterone alters GABA and glutamate responsiveness: a possible mechanism for its anxiolytic action" Brain Research, 1978:400:353-359 and "The Complex Endocrinology of Menopausal Transition" Endocrine Reviews , 1998:19:397-428 and much, much more are all there, plain as day, in the science literature.

                            Based entirely on what I found in the research literature I have produced two e-Publications for purchase/downloading from this site, Both e-Publications are much easier to read and understand than the original journals I sourced them from. The 52 page e-Book Women and Depression: What Molecular Biology is Discovering About the Female Brain that Improves Treatment ($14.95US) contains the footnoted current science and best treatment research for the linked syndromes of severe pms, postpartum depression, and difficult perimenopausal transition. The e-Booklet Severe Premenstrual Syndrome: New Scientific Evidence Points to a Neuro-receptor Malfunction as the Cause ($5.95US) is briefer at 18 pages and focuses on severe pms.

                            Promise to customers
                            If you are a woman with monthly, midlife or postpartum depression, anxiety and other symptoms the above e-Publications will inform you of the best research and the most effective treatments available. I promise. Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason.


                            Heather Ewart
                            December 4, 2003

                            Please click here for more information...

                            Copyright © 2001 - 2004 Heather Ewart.


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                              YO QUERO MUCHO AMERICA!


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