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    we had a co sponsor, and she said that since we have a co-sponsor, there's no need for her to sign an affidavit. it seems to me that she did this on purpose so I won't get the green card and for her to prolong this waiting process. she doesn't want to do anything with regards to either filing again, or contacting a lawyer that could help us with our case. My last employment authorization application was denied, even though i-485 appears as still pending. so I'm pretty much left with no options.


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      Unfortunately, you did not have someone explain to you or your wife the process.

      You are telling me that you had a cosponser who submitted the 3 years tax returns, and documentation to qualify . The I-864 was filled out and completed... but the only thing stopping it from being submitted was her notarized signature?????

      Understand this. Your wife is the SPONSOR. regardless that she did not meet income requirements. She has to sign and she is on the hook for being responsible 4u. the co sponser is the person that meets the financial requirement. this person is also on the hook for you. there is no way around her not being the sponser. It is a very simple explanation.

      Make an info pass appointment and explain that your application was pending because of the i864 . and that you could not submit it because your wife refused to sign the i-864 becuase there was a co sponser and she felt it was solely that persons responsibilty. Take your receipts and information on the pending case and see what information/suggestion they will give you as to what to do about this.

      Have you left her yet, or are you still pretending to be in the relationship?


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        Ok, so to explain my situation better. She did not meet the income requirements, and we had a sponsor who submitted an affidavit of support, with all the required documentation (3 years of tax returns, etc). Besides this affidavit of financial support, she was supposed to sign an affidavit of support, regardless of her income. This affidavit, she refused to submit, because she said that the financial affidavit of support is sufficient for the petition. I believe she knows that I would not pass the interview without HER affidavit, and hence she does not want to give me one. She does not want to go to a lawyer to see what's going on with my case, and she doesn't seem to want to help me. She was the one who said she went to the congressman, but I have reasons to doubt that. We were told that one solution would be to refile, but I do not have the funds necessary to cover the application fees.

        We do not live together anymore, as I left her household after enduring months of being talked down to and being degraded. I felt into a deep depression, and I seeked professional help. These counselors told me about the possibility of self petitioning and I decided to pursue this venue. She knows that I am not able to do anything and hence she thinks that she can keep me and manipulate me knowing that I will not leave her because of my so called dependance on her. If you read my previous posts, I believe I have enough documentation to prove VAWA. I genuinely believe that I was the victim of her plan of taking advantage of me and manipulating me.


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          I think the real picture is emerging. Thank you. I think it is clear to everyone what is really happenning. Agreed everyone? This is not violence, this is just a scam. By her refusing to be controlled by him, that makes her controlling and him a "victim". She has no obligation to sponsor you clown. She owes you NOTHING. That makes you a victim of nothing. It took alot of questioning for the truth to emerge. That woman saw right through you. She is a smart woman ! Hoorah for her !!! You are just scamming us. Get out !!!


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            so how come when I told her I want to divorce, she told me I won't get rid of her so easily and she attacked me, while I was driving? I had scratches that looked like cuts over my face, and a big 3 inch bite mark on my hand? and how come she's always calling me to tell me she's sorry, and to give her another chance, and this and that? oooh, you don't know the whole story. don't try to assume things, just try to answer the question that I posted. that's why I post on this board. not to hear of what you think transpired between me and my wife, and to give you clues about how you could write a novel on my relationship. if you can't answer my question, then abtain yourself from answering. that's how you would make yourself helpful. seriously. you will never know what happened, so it's useless for you to assume things. understood, great man of unpreceeded wisdom?
            dismissed now


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              "She does not want to go to a lawyer to see what's going on with my case, and she doesn't seem to want to help me. She was the one who said she went to the congressman, but I have reasons to doubt that...It's been more than 30 days since I've visited my local congressman "

              It is obvious she wants NOTHING to do with you; and now you claim she is asking you, an unemployed, clinically depressed, immigrant back? I doubt it. It is obvious to anyone that the scratches and bite wounds were self inflicted; or was she arrested and you have a criminal record on her? Also you do NOT have a congressman; uou are not a US Citizen and you have NO rights whatsoever and you are NOT represented by anyone in any body of government in the United States.


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                sonofmichael , get a life man and leave this guy alone


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                  it's her business if she wants anything to do with me or not. I'm trying to build a case here and I'm asking knowledgeable people for help. The issue is not what you make it to be. I gave you the facts, that's what we're working with. But since you're just a little scoundrel wannabe, you make it the purpose of your life to become a spike that's making my a-s-s uncomfortable. Maybe I should f-a-r-t and blow you away. Get a life man, seriously, I feel bad I paid taxes for losers like you.


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                    You do not pay any taxes you unemployed loser; it is I that is paying taxes to support you and your ilk; yes it is HER decision not to have anything to do with you and she has decided she does NOT want anything to do with you and your farfetched lies do not change that fact. You have my address so come here and try it punk; I DARE YOU !!!!! No immigrant threat scares me; come on PUNK; make my day !!!


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                      hey dalex.. just ignore this loser man ,,, he's going on and on bcoz u keep on answering him,, just ignore him


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                        ooh, yes I did pay taxes my friend. I'm unemployed now because she most likely withdrew my petition. you're so ignorant, you're just a piece of c r a p man. I really feel sorry for you and your mother, for spitting a sore loser like you out in this society. And this is it, I'll stop here, I will not reply to you anymore. I wish you find a purpose for yourself. good luck.

                        any other helpful answers are appreciated. thank you in advance


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                          I know literally dozens of immigrants without documents and they ALL have jobs. Stop blaming your ex wife for YOUR problems. You are depressed because of YOU. You are unemployed because of YOU. You are a loser because of YOU. Not because of anyone else. You have no right to blame other people for your problems. I have paid taxes for many years on a six figure salary which is infinitely more than whatever you paid in taxes for the few months you were employed.


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                            You should kill yourself


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