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The Useless wall that KILLS!!!

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    wooddell6: I refer to your question in the post immediately above...and suggest that you answered your own question in your post immediately preceeding that one.

    I stand by my assertion, and would suggest that - if you don't mean something, then don't say it.


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      So does that mean that you couldnt find another post besides the one above that I already pointed out? I meant what I said about the minute men and I will not take it back. Nazi supporters are racist. So, I am sorry sir, but your assertion is wrong. Did you answer my question.? You throw around the word "white" as if it were a race? So what does "white" mean?


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        I think White is a color. If you mean Caucasian, Nazi,s and Mexicans are all Caucasian.How can you be racist against people of your own race? Mayme they are against the illegal part. Do you have a problem with being against illegal acts? Or just illegal immigration acts?> Do you propose that illegal immigration acts be overlooked?


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          That is my point Jan. White is a color. Someone should tell KKK to stop using the phrase "white power". Believe it or not, there are people who are afraid of their own race. As far as being against illegal acts, I guess it depends on the illegal act being commited. I think that illegal aliens should be punished. I dont think that they deserve to be treated less than any other human. Punishment that fits the crime is what i am for. once there is a proper punishment in place, then stick to it and enforce it. overlooking illegal immigration acts is why we have such a problem with it today. Immigration law is not enforced properly. This is just my opinion. I think that we need a secure border and better immigration law. By the way, i didnt mean Caucasian, i meant white. The term white is used by many people, and i dont agree with it.


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            last post i meant to say that there are people who are racist against their own race lol. We call them wanna be's


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              Wooddell6: What do you wanna be? (LOL)


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                How the h-e-c-k can you condemn the entire minutemen as racist, when all you have against them is a few skinhead members waving Nazi flag.
                If thats the case, d-a-m-n be our military corps, thanks to those fine folks at Abu Ghraib.

                Besides, like you said before, enforce the current immigration law. Which is what the minutemen is currently doing, if you can even call it that way. All that I've seen seemed to indicate that they're nothing more than a neighbourhood watch group, which happen to patrol the border. Do you have problem with that as well?


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                  What do you mean by who do I want to be? Marmaduk, If you have read my previous posts, you will see that i did not say all minute men are racist. I said that Nazi supporters are. The picture of the minute men i saw were Nazi supporters. If the minute men were nothing but a neighborhood watch, i would not have a problem with it at all. I honestly think that things will get ugly at the border and that people will get hostile. Minute men do not have the authority to use force or weapons against illegals. So how are they gonna watch the borders. What do they do when they see illegals coming across? What if the illegals do not stop when told to by the minute men? Neighborhood watch groups call the police when they see something strange. Who will the minute men call in the middle of the dessert? How long will it take border patrol to get there?


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                    I think you mistaken me with SunDevil, woddell6, I never ask who you want to be.

                    Yet, quoting your previous post
                    Sundevil, you really need to stop assuming what I think. I said nothing of KKK. I said that the minute men were racist, and that some of them supported nazis.
                    Now you're backtracking your own word? I think its pretty clear that you do think minutemen are racists....

                    And yes, Minutemen didn't apprehend or detained the illegals. All they do in the Arizona's border were to observe, spot and direct border patrol official to perform their duty. They're so effective in reducing illegals crossing, that this happens:

                    Looks like someone got embarassed big time in the big white shiny house.


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