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Stop the I-751 waiver Insanity !

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  • Stop the I-751 waiver Insanity !

    It seems that the conditional residency to prevent fraud has become a fraud in it's own. The idea that you need to remain married for 2 years after getting the green card is logical. Someone who is not sincere may not be willing to wait an additional 2-4 years and this is a good way to weed those people out. However there are 4 waivers; divorce, married but abused, hardship and death. That pretty much covers every possible scenario imaginable. These waivers were added AFTER the original law to create conditional residency and therefore seem to nullify the entire purpose of it. If the government allows removal of conditions under virtually any circumstances. then the I-751 process is a waste of time and money. I believe that a waiver should only be granted in the case of death AND a bonafide marriage AND hardship. I do not believe a divorce should allow someone to remove conditions based on the original intent of the law. As it stands now, it is actually BETTER to get divorced than to stay married for a green card and there is actually an incentive to divorce and that is ridiculous. They should either make the waiver MUCH more difficult to get (nearly impossible) or they should be honest and eliminate the entire conditional process and save people money and aggravation. I would keep the conditional process but make the waiver much more difficult.

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    If they could process an I-751 application (and the original interview) in a timely manner they would be much less of a need for waivers.

    You tell me if it makes sense for a two-year conditional period actually takes 5 years to process? Why not do away with the 2year waiting period and allow the I-751 to be filed right after marriage. That way, when they get to it 2 years after you file it, the timelines are all what they are supposed to be...

    But whatever, I noted a very long time ago that it is not worth trying to reason with someone with your level of intelligence.



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      Mikey ....

      Good to see your post .... coz I never take it seriously ... well u don't have 16 yrs old GF right now ... am I right on this one ? then why shouldn't you use this time to make a political party / group that will not allow USC to marry any foreign national ... and there wont be any I-751 epidemic


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        You people should learn English before criticizing my intelligence.


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          Why don't you open English teaching center .... U might benefit there too .... U don't need to go to Estonia ...


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            Two questions.
            1) Have you considered learning a foreign language and demonstrating proficiency so that we can all judge your abilities?

            2) How is the following true? "As it stands now, it is actually BETTER to get divorced than to stay married for a green card and there is actually an incentive to divorce and that is ridiculous"


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              Michael the sheep shagger, I think you should wait until you hit puberty before you attack other people regarding their language skills mate. I have to admit that you prove me wrong everytime you post.....each time I end up re-evaluating my opinion of your so-called first I thought you were a sexually starved, pimpled, pubescent turd but now I know you are nothing more than a donkey...........keep those inane posts coming!!!


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                With divorce rate in this country stands north of 50%, chances are that even legitimate marriage might not succeed. There's no reason to punish those who failed in their marriage.
                Scam marriage on the other hand is another story. I think there should be a way for the USC to cancel the GC process if that occurs.


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                  anyone can come up with critiscm. It's easy.

                  but if you SERIOUSLY want to come up suggestions -- how about finding a way to COMBAT marraige fraud (which is enormously rampant) and still make it fair for legally married folks?

                  Think you can do it? Up to the challenge. Teh DHS may want to hire you ASAP if you can come up with some fantastic bullet-proof idea, cuz even they have a hard time doing it.

                  -= nav =-


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                    There we go again .... I don't want to get into this mess / arguments again ...we already discussed this in a great detail with swiss and others ...and what is the outcome? none ... well marmaduk has same opinion like me ... well lets hope for the best they find some magic pills to rule shame marriages out ...

                    I just want to write one thing here .... Can we tell what will happen tomorrow? Shall we die in an accident? Should our friends betray / hurt us? Shall we get into fight with someone tomorrow? How will go my day tomorrow? What is waiting for me 2 yrs down the road? Will I get a heart attack tomorrow?

                    If we don't know answers to these questions .... Probably we don't know if there is shame marriage either .... Other thing nothing is faster than human thinking / change of emotions, situations / circumstances of life.... It has gotten more speed than light that usually comes in cosmic science wiht light years to reach another might take months to reach moon / mars but we can reach there in less than a second with our thinking / mind if we have prior picture / idea about it...or could be just fantasy...person who genuinely got married to someone at one time....feelings and circumstances might change easily with time.... We got to wait unless magic pill will be introduced ....or there shall be some changes in basic rules

                    [This message was edited by Pasha Patel on March 05, 2004 at 01:14 AM.]


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                      Why should I learn a foreign language ? English should be the only language in the world. All these barbaric and obsolete languages should be ended.


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                        Just like your life!
                        Sweet Madame Belu


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