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    Truth, don't know what your purpose is (and really don't care what it is), but you certainly succeeded in becoming a VERY BAD copy of E.


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        Hello Truth

        Welcome to the forum. I find your writings to be very enlightening and profoundly beneficial .

        The peice on judging others rocks! I agree that many are confused about "judgements" Yes It is said not to JUDGE anyone! In the aspect of "JUDGE" meaning who will be preserved and who will be destroyed in the final day. Many people confuse this with people commenting on behaviors of their fellow man or condeming behaviors. It is too bad that ignorance and understanding of this concept has confused so many masses. Still, the concept of criticize should be accompanied by a solution or alternative for the person that is being criticized. It is not humane to criticize without an alterior solution for a behavioral problem. If a strange person comes to your door and says they are hungry.. do u feed them or send them on their way with blessing and say"hope u find food soon" One has to think What would you do..honestly.... give Food Service or Lip Service?

        Your messages of peace and love are refreshing to read , no matter what religion a person is. They are philosophical regardless of their origin. Perhaps you will make a Thread called "Inner Peace" combining all these beautiful thoughts that u have posted here, and feel free to add to them daily if you like. Your spirit seems very motivational and tranquil. Hope you have beautiful poems too to add to that thread. I am sure there are some on this board who would like to go to a thread to see positive things about love, hope when they are down. You may be surprised at how uplifting it could be 4someone. Truth=God=Light. The truth will set one free.

        May the force be with you


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          Quoting Harvey Pack (who used to do a horse race result show):

          "May the horse be with you."
          Sweet Madame Belu


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            Michael, seems like the people want you NOT to judge. That will be a tough one for you, but worth trying.


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              "josephine schmo posted August 31, 2004 06:56 PM SAMMY, you are in serious need of mental help. "

              Please, you are in no position to counsel others, people on this board have seen you turn into a psycho and have been requesting you to seek help.

              Now how dare you counsel others to get help.

              Would be a good idea for you to first get some help for yourself and maybe, maybe then you could counsel others.


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                LOLA is so stupid, he doesn't even know his avatar is a pic of a DUDE.

                If he were real natural born American, he'd know about the Vikings.


                Timmy is yelling in the background, "Tell him what a ******* he is!"

                *******, LOL!
                Formerly Josephine Schmo


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                  WHY dont you focus on yourself for a minute, you are always trying to steer the converstaion away from the real subject.

                  I dont care what my avatar is. It does not matter.

                  I dont sit at home and watch Jerry springer. Jerry springer is for Trash/trailer people like you. Now go back to your trailer, its time for Jerry springer.

                  I dont come to this board just to bash people day in and day out like you do. I come to this board for immigration related issues.

                  I got sick of your BS and had say something.

                  In one of your posts you said I deleted my posts, prove it ? I am not a coward like you, I dont delete my posts.


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                    In your little brain you think you are smart, but wake up from your dream. if you were smart, you would have a job, and if you have job, you would not be watching Jerry springer & posting atleast 100 messages on this board every day.


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                      of course you don't watch jerry springer. you have Jo here and you live for giving her hard time. you don't even have time to decide what your gender is.


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                        As usual you said so many things that I agree with in your post. I have not been "here" much the past few days so have only very briefly skimmed the messages that Truth has posted, but even just doing that I have read several things that have been very meaningful to me. I know that some of the posts probably aggravate some people who read this board, due to their religious beliefs (or lack of them), and also due to the fact that they are not "immigration" posts, but it seems that I have just happened to read certain things at the "right" time during the past few days so I am appreciative. I think the idea of a thread with all of those posts in one place would be great. And actually, at this point, there aren't many people that can complain about something not being on the subject of immigration.


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                          I agree. Truth sounds much better once he/she stopped trying to accuse people and opened that meditation or whatever thread. Seems like there's enough demand for it.


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