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    if i knew someone came here fraudently what are the chances of anyone doing anything? INS? district attorney??

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    if i knew someone came here fraudently what are the chances of anyone doing anything? INS? district attorney??


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      R u trying to do it as part of jealousy or as a law abiding citizen?


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        not at jealousy but concerned as a citizen and for myself.


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          jess151 - is this related to your domestic situation? The situation with your mother in law?

          In any case, you need to make sure you're not going on assumptions (you might be wrong) and reexamine your motives for wanting to turn someone into DHS.


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            yes...please listen to proudusc....because no one should have to be a responsible adult....everyone just makes 'honorable' mistakes....hey wimp....why not join the manatees over at Your kind of hand-wringing blather is just the sort of hay they snarf up over there....


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              Is doing the right thing wrong? If you were on a sponsor application and you see your husband fabricate a affadavit (by the way this wasn't the first time, he paid our tenant to marry his sister and ins didn't believe that in 2005) and the brother he brings over has more temper problems then him, would you want that to dangle over you for the rest of your life...i see ins has fraud regulations and i dont want to be lookin at 5 years for this... I even told my sister law this past January i don't feel comfortable doing this but i had no guys tell me what you would do??


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                I am only speaking if I was in your shoes, which is quite difficult.

                I would ask myself, have I never ever, do anyhting wrong? moraly or legally?

                I would be careful in volunteer any information howevr if I am being questioned then I have to tell the truth.

                I believe many people shield themselves from guilt just by claiming "I was doing my job", or "is the right thing to do" but believe you me it is far more difficult to forgive than to do "our job". Once a good friend told me as an example: "Who am I to judge? and those word stuck to my brain, "Whom am I to judge?".

                We do not know the bottom of why people do things, or why why good people make bad things, one thing is certain, if you do wrong one day you will face the consequences.

                I am sure I will get a reply from my reply and whom am I to judge what they say, my blessings to everyone whom read this.

                my two cents.


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                  more like dos centavos...


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                    dos centavos will give to your mom stupid ***


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