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  • SunDummyUSA, you're such a J E R K

    Many children's lives are being saved every week in the very state where you live by (oh, irony) the people you so much despise, your friendly mexican neighbors. And they DONATE the drug they developed to Arizona hospitals. Of course, ****s like you are too busy bashing other immigrants and don't have the time to read positive articles. Get a life...

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    Many children's lives are being saved every week in the very state where you live by (oh, irony) the people you so much despise, your friendly mexican neighbors. And they DONATE the drug they developed to Arizona hospitals. Of course, ****s like you are too busy bashing other immigrants and don't have the time to read positive articles. Get a life...


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      The real irony would have been if the hospital or clinic she went to weren't there because it went bankrupt treating illegal aliens.

      Just think--if Mexico has the talent and ability to develop this drug, then just why is it not educating more of its populace? Why does it send gardeners and the like to the U.S. illegally, rather than doctors and scientists legally? Mexico is a wealthy country, although it doesn't collect most of the taxes its government is owed.


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        As far as I know, there are many mexican scientists and investigators living in the USA. I happen to knwow a few, but in most cases you don't know where they're from until you hear their last names, because they are white. Actually, it's a big problem for Mexico and I think they call it "Brain Fugue". It is true, however, that Mexico (and most Latin American countries) export their uneducated indigenous workers to the USA. Anyway, I wrote my first post after I searched for the drug Anascorp, because it actually saved one of my nephew's life, after he got stung by a bark scorpion while he was visiting Arizona last week. He's back home and doing great. My sister and her husband were talking so much about a "miracle" drug that saved their son's life because they were told at that beginning that their son was probably going to die. Needless to say, I was very surprised by the results of my search, specially when I read that the drug is being donated to at least 12 Arizona hospitals. As for hospitals "going bankrupt for treating illegal aliens", I am doing some research right now. So far, I haven't found any truth about that myth, since hospitals provide only emergency care to illegals, and most of that money is refunded to them by the Federal Government. I like to know all the facts and be well informed, so I'll keep searching...


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          It seems rather disgusting that the hospitals and medical profession are like parriahs - s u c k ing money out of sick people for profit. no one should be able to profit from the sick and dying.


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            Illegals can get emergency medicaid to cover the birth of a child. Are the hospitals getting federal reimbursement other than that coverage? If so, it's not the hospitals going broke but our tax dollars directly paying for their medical care. This is ironic considering the health insurance issues our country faces. If a citizen goes to the hospital without health insurance they end up with a bill that haunts them and their credit history forever.


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              just imagine how much money is being ****ed out of people applying for visas and green cards by ethically challenged immigration attorneys.These leeches do little except fill out forms with a laser printer while charging $200 an hour with absolutely NO guarantee of results.


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                This is in regards to "someone12" and his or her incredibly ignorant and childish remarks and presented misconceptions all over these forums. Someone12 you should not state your opinion about subjects that you do not know the truth about. For example, you said that this country was founded by LEGAL immigrants- that is not true. The English came over to this new land that they new little about and took over a civilization of people that already had a deep-rooted culture. So you can not say that they were legal immigrants. Secondly, the employment rate is at a high right now and if you knew ANYTHING about economics you would know that this is because of foriegn investment in the American markets and also foriegn labor, as well as outsourcing. Third, I praise illegal immigrants coming to this country for work and a better life because that takes a lot of courage. They are VERY hard workers and they DO do the jobs that Americans are not willing to do. It is true that there are American dishwashers and landscapers, etc. but I assure you if you ask any employer they would rather have a Mexican working for them than an American because they work very very hard (not to mention most latin american and mexican workers have sturdy and commendable morals and beliefs compared to most americans). I would also like to point out that without illegal immigrants, the american farming industry would be in a serious slump. I do not know of any Americans that are willing to pick oranges in a hot field all day- no most people reduced to that job would rather just collect welfare checks in the mailbox or go cash in our food stamps. I do not understand why people are so against illegals gaining working status in america- they make our economy stronger and anyone with half a brain can see that. So someone12 please stop posting things because you do not know what you are talking about. You are simply a racist person- and an uninformed one at that.


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                  dear simmons13: I asked 3 employers recently - odd, none shared your "expert" opinion....all would rather hire Americans. But gosh, you know best.
                  200 years ago we didn't have border controls and visas, you moron. Today, we do. Today, we have laws and EVERYONE is supposed to obey them, not thumb their illegal scummy noses at them just because they don't like them.
                  The US of A would survive easily without illegals; we are not dependent upon them. If that were true, how did this country grow before all the illegals arrived? (oops, didn't think of that, did you, moron?)
                  Moreover, you don't control what is posted on this site, so eff off.
                  And yes, manure-for-brains, the bulk of immigrants to this country were legal, arriving via refugee programs or other government sponsored, perhaps you should study US history further, and perhaps US immigration law as well.
                  Or, maybe you can point to that section of our laws that says anyone and everyone can just saunter over the borders and begin working.....please....find that section, Mr Expert.....tick tock.......


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                    Well since I probably make more money than you will ever dream of having and since I have a degree from Johns Hopkins University in Economics and American History...I wouldnt go as far as to say that I have manure for brains. But I would just like you to stop posting your comments which are not accurate from an economics perspective. And NO the United States could not keep running as well as it does today is the illegal immigrants were all deported tomorrow. Also umm if you knew ANYTHING about American history you would know that those immigrants that First Arrived here were not legal- even though border control didnt exist- how can you go into a people's land (The Native Americans) and take it away and virtually kill them all of and call it legal immigration? tick tock tick tock


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                      obviously you failed your classes....and here we have that same tiresome horse$hit about Native Americans....look around, very will notice that the Native AMericans are not in charge of the United States of America.
                      The US of A would not fall into an economic abyss, dufus....if so, why isn't "Illegal Labor and its Affect on the American Economy" one of the key chapters in any textbook? Why?
                      As far as taking the land, well, you must have slept through basic science and evolution.....maybe you have heard of the term "survival of the fittest?"---
                      No where in our Constitution does it say we owe anything to native Americans, cavemen, Neanderthals, the dinosaurs or space aliens....the US of A is our country, with rules and laws......
                      and I won't stop posting anything I feel like posting, without raising my hand or saying "mother, may I?"
                      While you were playing with yourself in Econ 101, you might have missed those chapters that discussed the fact that a country, no matter how large, cannot possibly absorb the entire world's population and provide food, shelter and work. That is why we have border controls, visa laws, protect the economy of this country and its citizens.
                      In spite of your alleged degrees and claimed income, you are about as dumb as those who marry illegals so that said illegal can get a green card.
                      Tell you what....please post at least 3 unbiased sources from the economics world that, based on an unbiased study (or studies) proves beyond a doubt that the US economy would collapse if 12M illegals were shipped home tomorrow...I would love to see what idiot PHd in economics had such a brain f a r t.


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                        everytime you post something you make yourself sound dumber and dumber...Im just going to stop responding to you because you are just ignorant and even someone informing you with the right information is not going to be able to teach you otherwise. You are also immature.


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                          why can't you provide any factual response? Each and every time illegal alien supporters are challenged to answer direct and detailed questions, they respond with the usual non-answers. You are the moron. You are the one that has not a single clue about laws, rules, economics. So, tell you what, go out to the nearest 7-11 and round up a dozen or so illegals, take them into your home, feed and clothe them, let them use your car, give them a job....put your money where your uninformed mouth is....but, you won't, because, inspite of your so-called 'support' for illegals, you won't lift a finger to help any of them because you lack the courage of your alleged convictions.
                          All you ignorant illegal alien supporters can do is call people names or haul out the over-used and misplaced 'Native American' excuse....
                          I defy you to offer one shred of credible evidence to support your bogus claims....just one.....go ahead, let's hear the "xenophobe, racist, KKK' remarks that are so typical of all illegal alien supporters.....
                          did you ever learn about 'patriotism' during your time at the university? If not, look up the word (or have someone do it for you) in a dictionary and compare its meaning with condoning the current illegal alien invasion.
                          What a dufus.


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                            No where in our Constitution does it say we owe anything to native Americans
                            Someone 12 we owe them a lot. That's why they get free education and don't pay any taxes because we owe them. Survival of the Fittest????? What the hell are you talking about? What was done to the Native Americans was unfair and brutal we all Americans, legal and illegals owe them everything. This was their land.


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                              we owe them zilch. All children get a free public education.
                              Yes, survival of the fittest....they tried to resist or fight, and they lost....too bad. Now America belongs to Americans. Period.


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