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Immigration(It's time to Secure our America now)!

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  • Immigration(It's time to Secure our America now)!

    "Secure America Bill" by Kennedy&McCan are remarkable innitiatives in our broken immigration system. The Bill MUST be passed by both the houses at their earliest possible!

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    "Secure America Bill" by Kennedy&McCan are remarkable innitiatives in our broken immigration system. The Bill MUST be passed by both the houses at their earliest possible!


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      Nonsense. See the other thread on this bill below.


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        The American people are opposed to this Bill, and it is extremely unlikely that it will be passed. As AliBA says, see the other thread on this issue.


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          What issues? This Bill Act, is not helping only immigrants, it's gonna help your contry too!
          Do you have idea, on how much money, this "bill act" will make? It could save your social security... It could be used to catch the ones who really thrat this nation...
          Illegal dosen't mean terrorist!!!!
          Out there are people from Argentina, Brazil, Mexico... peaceful people... they come here because they have a dream of freedom! They come here to clean your bathroom, do your dish don't you think this people deserve a chance...
          Where is the FREEDOM that american's love to talk about?


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            It will not save us money. Illegal aliens already cost us money, not because they're illegal, but because they're unskilled and uneducated. The more of them there are, the more they compete not only with the lesser skilled among us, but with each other for jobs, which drives wages down. Even though they work, they're part of the working poor and require subsidies (healthcare, education) for themselves and their kids. This takes money away from the elderly. If illegal workers who legalized paid into SS they would get back disproportionately more than higher income workers because SS is set up to give more back as a percentage of income to the poor who pay in. Not to mention of course the totalization agreement with Mexico which enables Mexican workers and their families to receive SS benefits IN MEXCIO for working far fewer quarters than Americans do.

            No, illegal doesn't mean terrorist, but funny, that's the argument that Hispanic illegals, especially those from Mexico, usually make for why they should be treated differently: WE'RE not terrorists (but those illegals from other countries might be). And don't be too sure that's true anymore. 98,000 OTMs (other than Mexican) crossed our Southern Border this year, and Latin America has many immigrant Arab communities (when my grandfather left the Middle East for the U.S., it was part of a massive diaspora by Arabs to the Western Hemisphere). Of course, the only way to be at all sure who's in the country is for them to enter legally, with security checks beforehand. Trying to do security checks once they're here is an exercise in futility, particularly when you're talking 10-20 million people most of whom have been using fake identities.

            As for those Brazilians, etc. who come here so eagerly to "clean our bathrooms"--cut the c..p.
            Actually, from what I've heard, many of them are better educated, maybe even professionals who come here by committing fraud to get visitors' visas and overstay. They want the jobs they had in their homeland, but couldn't get sponsorship for to come here. How will legalizing them do anything but create more competition for our more skilled workers. See the articles about Juliano Foleiss' family to see just how eager such families aren't to do dirty work here. His parents, a teacher and a lawyer, got tired of doing menial work here and decided to go home after 5 years when they decided their chances of legalizing soon were nil.

            We have a saying here, about freedom: Your freedom to swing your fist extends just short of the other guy's nose. Illegal immigrants are punching us in the nose. They are violating our rights as a society to choose who will be part of it.


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