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    Someone12, uhm looks like I need an english translator. Since you are that smart and know all the english big words, why dont you come over here and teach me english? I am willing to learn more english and will not pass on any opportunity to do so.

    As for kissing you, I thought you were a girl, but you are a male. Sorry, that offer has been withdrawn.

    To wrap up, I will tell you this in small english words: personal insecurity is one of the most common reasons for people to belittle others. If you cannot help Automedon, leave her alone find her way to legally adjusting her status.


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      Uh, I never thought an intellectual capacity is what it takes to dictate to other what to they should or should not do, think or write. How are you going to measure that capacity? an IQ? Uh, maybe an interview with them?

      There is a difference between unwillingness to helping illegal immigrants and actually being mean to them. If you were smart, you should have noticed that on this website, there is no section dedicated to hating illegal immigrants. That's why I suggested that you create your own so that other loosers like you will join you. Illegal immigrants are not responsible for your pathetic life, you are solely responsible for your screwed up life.

      You are hiding behind patriotism to hate illegal immigrants. If you were that patriotic, you would be working harder to resolve illegal immigration instead of sitting on your butt there and crying like a baby: uh, illegal immigrants are taking my health benefit, uh they are taking my food stamp, uh they are taking my education benefits, Blah Blah Blah. Give us a break. Why dont you join law enforcement and go stand at the borders 24hr/7?


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        I thought you were going to make a point. Now I see that you are just out to find victimes for your verbal abuses. Sorry, that wont be me nor will illegal immigrants waste their time listening to you.

        I would rather work and contribute to the growth of this country than respond to your stupidity. Peace.


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          If I might interrupt this wonderful debate for ust a seond (LOL) Kumna, I guess my mild manner nature has mis-lead you (LOL) I'm a guy. It's kewl though. I just thought it was funny that you kept telling someone12 to "leave her alone". Thought I cleared that up, just like to make sure people know just in case. Someone12 your proving to be a smart funny guy (to bad you are mean like hell! LOL) if you weren't living so far away I'd offer you a drink or two and get into this silly retarded debate about were I belong. It's all good everyone. I just think its funny that people go back and forth to this site just to give their two cents on this issue. Anyway I made up my mind not to feel upset by anyone here, its all fun anyway so peace y'all.


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            Sorry I missed out on this thread earlier. I have been very busy and seldom get to the forum. I don't even have time to read all the posts here now but I've read enough.

            I am the one with the deepest roots (I know of) on this forum (My earliest anscestors fought in the Revolutionary War and I have lineage in two American Indian tribes).

            I'm also the one who apparently ticked you off to the point of writing all that **** I didn't

            Basically I agree with Someone 12 and others who are furious about our immigration problems today. This is NOT my America anymore and I hate what it is becoming.

            Why do we spit venom on this forum?? Maybe it is because it's not a hole in the road but a lava spewing volcano, not just a few immigrants or a few hundred thousand but 12-20 million..all with *** stories. It makes you immuned to them after so many. And, our White House is turning a deaf ear, blind eye to the problem because they are in the pockets of Big Business. We feel we haven't been heard but see things changing for the worse in our country.

            I hate illegal immigrants "for being here illegally" as well as those responsible for letting it happen.

            Sorry about your diamonds- or whatever that story was about but I doubt it's America's fault.

            Hey, there was a time I was happy for people coming here because I was so proud of what we could offer them. It seemed people more or less trickled in, respected our laws and became part of community life. More than that they became contributors. They wanted to fit in and were accepted. It was more slow paced then as they made thier way and assimilated into the culture.Now it's like the flood gates are open and we are being trampled by non-stop herds of elephants. A foreigner in the neighborhood is not a novelty anymore and now they're everywhere. And the first thought these days isn't "how are they getting along in this new world" but "are they legal?"

            You slurred over the "illegal" bit comparing it to law breaking such as smoking weed. Huh? You can't be serious. Okay, for clarity sake lets add.. You trespassed on my property, broke into my house all stoned whining about some kind of diamonds and food I took from you, you rearranged my furniture, told me to shove my house rules up my wazoo (and got by with it), you pushed my kids on the floor so yours could have thier bed, infected us with something we have no shots for or reintroduced a disease we had eliminated so now we are seeing diseases we haven't had to deal with since the 1950's. You eat my food, and you turned my home into a little piece of your old country (while griping how you should be welcomed) , you added more smog, air polution to the air, more traffic, more taxes, more crime, more poverty, more drugs, you increased the cost of living, you raised the cost of property while you also took a job from a real citizen, or lowered his paycheck as he has to shut up about needing a raise less you take his job, you closed hospitals, you made us pull our chidren out of public school as teachers have to spend their time with yours, you over populated us and etc. etc. etc.

            Personally, I feel we have let way to many in and need a cooling off period. I would like to see all immigration stopped for 5 years while we figure out who is here and get the ones out who broke the rules. It would be nice if all illegals were sent back and these cowardly weenies somehow found the gonads to stay home, unite. and fight to make changes in their own countries instead of ruining mine.

            When I think of the 11 or 12 or 20 million people here illegally I have to wonder what my country could do about society's ills, Americans in poverty, social security reform, prisons and all the other problems if we were not burdened with Illegals. We have always had a generous immigration policy. And, there was a time immigrants would be more welcome but illegals have screwed it up for everybody.

            That's my 2 cents.

            Don't know when I will return, We just bought a home, and will move in 3 weeks.

            I hope to here You will be back in YOUR real HOME soon.


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