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being an illegal alien to be a federal crime?

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    >>every country has immigration laws
    Also every country has an amnesty or any type of relief from time to time.

    If the lawyer or INS screwed up or lost your case you should not be responsible for overstaying.

    If 1 deportation costs $10,000 you would have to spend 4x11milions times $10,000 = 440 bilions of dollars to deport all of them assuming that for each illegal alien may have a wife and 2 legal children.

    Only fcist states do not allow for a relief or worker program addressing illegal immigration.


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      Exactly why the US should bill countries when the US has to deport an illegal person. That country could then reclaim their money from the person that committed this illegal act. If your immigration lawyer (in your view) screwed up your case, you are welcome to sue him/her.


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        better yet, pass a law giving illegals one year to 'self deport'[at their own expense]...if they do, they are only subject to a 2 year bar to readmission [no waivers, either]...after one year, every irresponsible illegal becomes a deportable felon, subject to immediate arrest [even citizen's arrest] and deportation, with NO relief and a PERMANENT BAR TO READMISSION FOR THE REST OF THEIR ROTTEN LIVES.....that should send a message....


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          Someone12 - give them "ONE YEAR" to self deport?? you have a fever, or is it just the x-mas spirit???


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            Jeff: tis the year gives every one of these irresponsible law-breaking ****s to leave....plenty of time...and then, none of them can say ..."Oh gosh, I didn't have enough time to pack..." or whatever other BS story they try and manufacture in order to whine and stay in the year and after that, all illegals are toast.


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              Right now illegals cannot follow the laws because there are no laws for them available - I mean they cannot apply for any visa and there is no worker program.

              Create than laws to be followed by illegal aliens or just shut up.


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                maria, following your posts, i now understand why you are illegal, you have absolutely NO sense.


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                  Dear Maria,

                  You say illegals cannot follow the laws because there are no laws available for them. The laws are the same, the problems arise for illegals because they broke the laws that do exist. The laws are the same for everyone. Yes, people from certain countries can enter the USA more freely than others, but no one other than a USC can legally live and work in the USA unless they they follow our immigration laws. It is not complicated. It becomes complicated when people try to take short cuts.


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                    maria, there is a law for illegals to follow. Illegals cannot be here. That is the law. My husband is illegal. I am hoping to change that. However, if we cant, then me and our kids will go back to Mexico with him. No matter what others think, we love eachother. But as of right now, illegals are not allowed to be here and that is the law. And yes, I am aware that my husband is breaking that law lol.


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                      One more thing, Americans don't want to immigrate to Mexico. If 11-million Americans started going south and those Mexicans who were still living there had to deal with us not speaking the language, obeying the laws, getting free health care and breeding like crazy thus overcrowding the schools I bet one than one Mexican would be pissed.


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                        There are so many illegal aliens here because Americans do not let them to adjust their status plus there is a 10 years bar.

                        i wish your husband, a criminal now to be jailed and deported together with you because you shelter and harbour him a criminalyst according to the new law.

                        See you in jail. You are committing a crime since last Friday.


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                          1. It's perfectly normal occurence in American Politics.
                          I call it "swing waves".
                          Politics of 180 degree turns..

                          In 1950-s you are colored = YOU ARE EVIL!
                          In 1950-s you are colored and sitting on a first row in the bus - you are CRIMINAL and must go to jail!
                          You are colored and drink water from anywhere other than sewer - you are CRIMINAL, must go to jail!
                          You are colored and you get murdered - but who cares! Just another "animal" died..
                          You are colored and nobody hires you - but you little dark piece of scum, now dare to complain!!?

                          In late 1960-s (all the way to early 90-s), all of a sudden 180 degree swing.
                          You are black murderer, but "Let it be, let it be!", it's not your fault!
                          Can't judge you, no!
                          You are criminal? - but you were forced to commit crimes! It's all our(society's) fault!
                          You are black , you whistle and curse at co-workers , wearing pigamas going to your cubicle, while everyone else works as donkey - but it's OK for you! Can't touch you now, it would be a discrimination!!!!
                          Chorus sings: "IMAGINE ALL THE PEOPLE..!"

                          Now, late 90-s, early 00-s..
                          Tide of 50-s back..
                          This time catching up with newly found "Evils of Society" = ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!

                          You are illegal immigrant = you are NO HUMAN BEING, but a stinky piece of trash that must be dumped out, no matter if your children die or you, little piece of scum!
                          You are illegal immigrant = you must be thrown into meat grinding machine, least you serve as a lesson for others!
                          You are illegal immigrant = it's ok to F. you up,
                          because you deserve to be murdered if you violated immigration status, but say thanks that we (so generously!!)- only gonna F. you up!

                          Years 2010-2015..
                          Another 180 degree swing.

                          You were illegal immigrant, oh, you poor baby, you were suffering injustice so much!!
                          Uh, but all they illegal immigrants deserve to be citizens, IMMEDIATELY!
                          Uh, but we won't do Background Check on NOONE ANYMORE, we will stop enforcing the Immigration Law altogether and we will open borders and let 100 million more immigrants to come, so that justice prevails!!!
                          Uh, but we were so wrong in past, let now immigrants whistle and curse us, and wear pigamas at work, while we, the rest, work as donkeys ! And can't touch those guys now, it would be a discrimination!!!!!

                          Years 2030-35..
                          You guess..



                          Posted July 10, 2005 02:58 PM

                          But.. To be absolutely honest..
                          If my judgement doesn't fail me, if all the past and pressent patterns are to be relied upon, I would suggest that before inevitable liberalization of immigration takes place, there will be an extreme intolerance and targeted enforcement of immigration law against 'undocumenteds'.
                          I repeatedly said this in past.

                          It's what I would call a "wave thing".

                          No argument or logic at present can persuade people like Rep. Tancredo that it is not in the interest of Public of America to do as he wishes.
                          Only after millions and may be billions of dollars wasted, hundreds of thousand of immigrant families separated and detroyed, single parents and parentless US Citizen children left behind, businesses lost, hardships caused..
                          only THEN there will be a loud public outcry and demand that the remaining aliens be given a chance to become a LEGAL part of this Society.

                          This is what I project, based on my knowledge and analysis of past.
                          As history shows, people 'en mass' never act reasonably, but always obey the physical laws of momentary nesessity..


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                            This legislation is going to work backwards.

                            No law should work backward!

                            If being illegal was not a crime 15 years ago it can not be penalized as a crime now, can it?

                            If smoking cigarettes was legal at work 15 years ago and it is not now you cannot be penalized for doing it 15 years ago, can you?

                            If drinking alcohol on the street was legal 15 years ago and not now you cannot be penalized for doing it 15 years ago, can you?

                            Apply the NEW laws to the NEW illegal aliens not to the people who came here so long time ago when it was not a crime.

                            But how do you prove the date of entry? Especially those who entered without an inspection.
                            America is prosperous because America is an optimistic nation. America is America because we are a nation of immigrants.


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                              They call this the Border Protection, Antiterrorism and Illegal Immigration Control Act of 2005, that's just BS. The bill has more sections against legal immigration than those against illegal immigration. This is merely an anti-immigration bill. They stopped Judicial review, made citizenship applications a lot harder, CIS can take up to 5 years now to adjudicate a simple naturalization application if they want to, the Diversity program (which was a legal immigration path) is gone. One can just ask what's next? Will they stop H-1 visas too and narrow family based visas?

                              Giving the Executive branch Godly powers in the name of National Security is not American. This is not the country I came to love and which I protected for the past four years with my blood and sweat.
                              America is prosperous because America is an optimistic nation. America is America because we are a nation of immigrants.


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                                If someone smoked at work 15 years ago, they cannot be prosecuted. However, if that same person smokes at work today, they can...and prosecuted.

                                If someone was illegal 15 years ago, they cannot be prosecuted. However, if that same person is still illegal today, they can...and prosecuted.

                                What part of illegal don't you understand?


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