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being an illegal alien to be a federal crime?

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    deport each and every last one of the 10,000,000 (or more) illegal, leeching-off-the-US-taxpayers-aliens - tomorrow. Cancel all waivers, eliminate all cancellation of removal, just get these irresponsible parasites out of the United States of America!!


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      Deport and jail all s-t-u-p-i-d and insane Americans like you and force you to hard-working job instead of leeaching-off-the-ILLEGAL-ALIEN-taxpayers!!!


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        Maria: correct me if I am wrong, but illegals have NO right to be in MY country.
        You should go back to your regular day job servicing donkeys.


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          ImmortalE: you should really cut back on ************ - it is affecting your mental abilities....all you can do is either a)cut and paste somebody else's ideas or b) repost your own mindless drivel


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            the ******* represent " m a s t u r b a t i o n"


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              >>illegals have NO right to be in MY country
              Illegal aliens have right to be here as long as they are waiting for a worker program and they taxes and the fill up unwanted position in US economy.


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                Maria: WRONG WRONG WRONG - You can't legally stay here (USA) waiting to see if an immigration bill becomes a law --WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??? - Even if the "worker program" became law, you would have to go back to your home country in order to apply for it. By the way, which taxes are illegal people actually paying??? You can't pick and choose the taxes you want to pay, you have to pay all of them. If you were a temp. or permanent resident or a citizen you would be paying all the taxes required, but if you are un documented, you are not.


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                  Maria: please post a copy of the US law that says illegals have the right to be here while waiting for some bogus work your research carefully, because I am going to verify anything you try to pass off as the truth.....oh, I hear that donkey braying...sounds like he needs your round lips again.


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                    US economy needs those people. I and many others pay all federal and state taxes.
                    Enforcing the laws against illegal workers without passing first any relief would turn US into a facist state.
                    Enforce the laws against the new immigrants but let the old one for some type of relief.
                    Otherwise just say "Hi Hitler"


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                      Maria, I am an immigrant. I had to work my a$$ off over many years and did it legally, why should you get the easy way out (amnesty) when I wasn't able to? If you want to live in a country other than the one you were born in, follow their laws !!!


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                        >>follow their laws
                        Not everybody came from Canada or UK or came from the visa waiver country like you.
                        If you were required to maintain a visa like you would have never gotten your green card.
                        Most of us followed the laws and fell out of status anyway.


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                          Jeff: Maria spends far too much time giving **** service to donkeys and thus understands nothing about US Immigration laws....there is NO law that gives leeching parasitic illegal aliens the RIGHT to be in the US...and all this other fluff that she posts is just that....fluff...she is too busy swallowing to have time to read and understand and obey US immigration laws.


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                            I was on a work visa for nine years, then I applied for and got a green card. (from Canada originally) I did not have any kind of waiver. You do not just "fall out of status" without knowing it. If you are on a visa and your time runs out and you cannot adjust your status any further, then you have to go back to your home country...its that simple. Follow the laws or don't come in.


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                              Jeff: your last post is exactly the point I have been trying to show these morons that post whining baloney on this site and on twitteringcows.lard (AKA --- people just don't "forget" to apply for the right kind of visa nor "forget" to go back to the airport when their authorized stay is, this behavior of ignoring or disobeying US law is just an example of irresponsible actions by dip$hits that have no brains nor ethics - and after they discover that they might have to pay a price (as in time, being barred for example from entering the US or receiving a US visa) these same paragons of ethical behavior hit the street, looking for the most desperate cow to offer money to in order to get married (under the guise of 'love') and then hammer out a kid, then try to claim some phony hardship case.....I say, deport every one of these dirtbags - they are the scum of the earth (sharing this honor with TV evangelists and immigrations attorneys [who everyday sell out the American workers by lobbying and bribing to get more illegals into their offices in order to shell out $200 an hour for BS paperwork]) and have no right nor place to be in the United
                              States of America....Americans are first in our country, not sleazy lawbreaking border jumping irresponsible $hit-for-brains illegals....go back to your own krappy country and work hard to make it better instead of leeching off of the American taxpayer.


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                                Someone12, yep I pretty much agree, however I did have a very good immigration lawyer throughout my time, however in the beginning I had to go through I think 6 lawyers before I found what I thought to be a good immigration lawyer. Although he was very expensive, he very competent. I looked at it as this is a service I needed and this is what the US has available, so I hired him, but I also used my own judgement in finding one I thought could get the job done. But agree there are definitly ALOT of bad immigration lawyers out there.


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