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Husband turn back around at US border ~Help~

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    Flower6--The guy did something bad enough to get convicted. It may be something relatively minor (nonviolent) or not--but I'd hate to see an immigration officer at the border have to make the decision, with no access to further information. Which is precisely why it makes sense to turn someone in this situation back, and make them jump through the paperwork hoops to get in.


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      My dad was arrested twice in his late teens and early twenties for marijuana. They did a background investigation on him and let him become a prison guard. If they are going to let someone with two arrests become a prison guard, than why shouldn't they let someone with a minor arrest in the past come to the US? Moondin has been arrested in Mexico, and the Mexican authorities still let him in, at least that's what I assume, since he has said in past posts that he goes there "all the time."
      Have a nice day


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        You know what, the laws are crazy...we will find out manana what exactly we have to do.



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          Poor moondin, he'll never live it down.

          Maybe he is Axl Rose in disguise?
          Sweet Madame Belu


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            Yes yes, it is me again.

            I would like to know if anyone on this here forum has had to file for an I-192? Now I have been tild that I should skip filing for that form and file the I-130 and I-601 for my husband.

            I also have been told my the Immigration Officer that we must fill out all three. I have to say that he said My husband may be approved for the I-130 and I-601 before the I-192. Does anyone know around how long one of those takes? (I-192)


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              I'd skip the I-192 and go straight for the K3/I-130 since you'll need the I-601 anwyay. The I-192 is just for visiting and they might not let him cross on that since you're married. It took my fiance about a year (through Canada) for the I-192 which, I think, turns into the I-94 - visitors visa.
              Good Luck


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                Lonely in USA~ Could you tell me more of your story.......Maybe i can get some advice from what you ahve been through

                Is there some other way we could chat, other then this place? I have MSN Messagner and Yahoo....ciao


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                  I have MSN messenger too...add me at cpp2_@hotmail dot com. Look forward to chatting with you! I'll be here around 9 EST tonite.
                  Have a great day!


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