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Husband turn back around at US border ~Help~

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  • Husband turn back around at US border ~Help~

    Me and My family were on our way back home.. ..My Husband is not a US citizen, he is Canadian. We were told that he could be in the states as a visitor for up we decided to file for his PR's in the States...

    WELL to my surprize at the border we were told to go the immigration office and an old police report came thur... ...He was denied to enter the US. Period. He gave me the choice of going back home (TEXAS) or turning back around and heading back to our Toronto home. ofcourse I would never leave my husband, I stayed, all four of us. We have two sons and a new born daughter. This is the process we were told from the immigration's we had to do......He has to file a I-192 to go into the states as a visitor, then to live will take filing a I-601 now.........

    My ? is can a I-601 be filed while being in the US? Need some answers....My visitors permit here in Canada ends in Sept of '04

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    My advice - don't mess with it. Don't file the I-192, just file the I-601... you may have to wait and be patient and everything, but when it's done it's done...

    I think that entry on a non-immigrant visa could complicate things.

    Also, if once you are in the process, it looks like it might take too long, you can also file for residency in Canada...

    If you do decide to have him enter the USA on a tourist visa and later file the I-601 check, and double check, and double check again to make sure that he is not going to have any problems because of this.


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      It's excellent to see that they are finally checking on these people and keeping criminals out of America. Way to go border control !!!


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        Hey Michael, for starters, he's not a criminal, it was a long time ago and the circumstances of the incident are beyond your grasp.
        The United States would be lucky to have him come into the country. It would help turn the tide in favor of those real men that are not among the typical American apathetic couch potatoes.
        But thanks for your comments, they are very inspirational. I hope we can remain in touch so that I can notify you of our successes.
        Enjoy tonights episode of Survivor and good luck with the lotto.


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          thank the Can government for letting the US have access to their criminal records. No other country, including mexico allows that. Murderers from every country on the planet can get in, but a Canadian with a crime 30 years ago, will get denied.

          what to do now? get a lawyer.

          -= nav =-


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            Once a criminal ALWAYS a criminal ! I understand alot more than you can ever fathem


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              >Once a criminal ALWAYS a criminal

              unless you're an illegal. in which case you're "hard-working" and "seeking a better life" and "your usc kids depend on you". Then it's okay to break federal laws.

              -= nav =-


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                boy u guys can be jerks!!!! I'am a USC and I dont care if someone didn't pay a traffic ticket or stole something 30yrs ago when they were 17. Ye without sin cast the first stone. I thought this board was to help each other not pass judgement. I thought everyone in here was married or going to marry a person from another country or trying to reunite with a loved one from another country. jesus christ don't be so self righteous, get off the cross we need the wood!


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                  Would you care if he murder someone 30years ago by driving drunk? How about if he hack to some company and stole thousands of credit cards? Those are "minor" too by some people definition.

                  There're a reason law was being put in the first place. The OP never told us what the crime was. It might be minor in her eyes, but if an immigration officer think otherwise, who knows?

                  I'm glad border patrol seemed to be more stringent in screening visitors. Yes, it won't excuse them from misshaps (which what might happen in this case), but being err in the side of caution is prudent.


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                    Where were you married? if in State then whats take so long to file the papers with the Immigration.

                    Now if you are in Canada, the best thing I can think of go to US Embassy or Consulate and file I-130, while both of you in Canada the Consul had to approved the petition collect all papers get his visa bring him, It will take two months to four months.


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                      thats the point u dont know what he did and your taking for granted it was something BIG like murder,which i doult, but we all know how the bcis and state dept. are,long,picky and drawn out,and complicated other wise there would be no need for boards like this. so what we would think is small and petty they turn into a mountain. hell I stoled a bathing suit from K-mart when I was 13 and never got caught.I would never do something like that now, no way, but I was just a stupid kid. We all do something stupid in our lives at one time or another and I think you guys are being alittle judge mental without even knowing the story.


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                        sab34, are you talking about the k-3 process?

                        Marmaduk, you have good points about the laws, but it just doesn't seem necessary to make such NEGATIVE remarks as some are making. None of us are perfect and we can all find ourselves in a situation that we would never have expected to be in. Who knows what the crime is on this person's record. Who knows what mood the person was in that denied his entry? So much of these immigration processes seems to be subjective. I've met a LOT of people that I would NEVER want to have any say so as to what my future held.

                        There's all sorts of people and subjects that are posted on this board. You have to just sift through and find what's helpful and discard what is not. Don't get discouraged, there's a lot of helpful people that post on here also.


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                          The problem with USCIS is that they've been badly burned with the event of 9/11 and the sorry state of immigration this country in, that they're in no win situation. In order to prevent something like from happening again, they've to be stringent. But whatever they do will cause uproar in one side or the other.

                          I'm in no way condoning what the village idiot (aka Michael) is saying. But some ppl are quick to blame the USCIS and the law for anything, while there maybe valid reason for their act. There're always 2 side of the coin.


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                            As quoted by moondin:

                            ">Once a criminal ALWAYS a criminal"

                            Again, moondin's black and white, narrow minded thinking. I swear moondin, you are the stupidest person on the face of this Earth!

                            I absolutely agree with flower6.

                            Kids make mistakes. I would NEVER pull the stunts now that I did when I was young.
                            Sweet Madame Belu


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                              Marmaduk, I'll agree with that for sure. You normally make sense and seem very reasonable, I wasn't lumping you in with a couple of other posters.


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