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21 killed in India stampede (CNN Report)

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    "She pulled this stunt 21 times before she got caught because of the publicity this one got." <-- A true patriot. What a classy lady, heh? Not like the "animals" in India.

    "And she wasn't killed you ninny" <-- Good thing! Hopefully she'll pull some more stuff like that in the future.


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      Ok I hate to do this....and I wont answer furthermore .... Gosh I got to concentrate on my exams rather than posting something here...well I got to do this coz I read this one.... But wont be coming back to reply so further affords of discussion are not futile...

      This is the stupidest thing to compare 3rd world country with 1st world country.... Every country and its people has their own priorities .....

      Real civilized country? well there are lot of things better than here .... Its stupid to put some country down like this.... Well others don't do it ....

      You are comparing about 20,000 against some thousands then u gotta look at overall population.... India is much more populated than USA...and it's the same thing.... One population is crazy for food, cloths etc coz its their need...and here people are crazy for some stupid music concert ...what difference does it make ? well people die anyway...!!!

      Courtesy for driving on road ? well make this country congested just like that and u will have same experience just like that...

      I've been to india btw. I was thorougly DISGUSTED by lack of manners there. People push each other, no "sorry, thank you, etc.". Just yelling. Honking. I almost decked a few people who tried to push me out of the way just to get through. Try doing that in NY or London and see what happens.

      Dude next time when u go to India .... U got to go to some real places ...and not to cheap places in new delhi like connout place and old delhi....

      Last straw was the airport. The gate opens. All these people start PUSHING AND SHOVING to get in line. Good LORD! Everyone is gonna get one. What the hell is the rush?? I couldn't believe my eyes. Old indian men and women were the worst.

      Yep here I agree with you...there should be some changes

      courtesy on the streets from driving? There's two words taht don't go together.

      Yeah look at the population and medium of transportation then talk about it....

      Maybe they should concentrate on that, instead of just putting out mininum wage code monkeys.

      Monkeys from here go there to save $$$$ .... They still benefit in that deal according to monkeys should be put behind bar to defraud with USA and not those who work for good only.... What a stupidity.... Hot water gave me burn....well it supposed to give u a burn...stay away from it...

      But it's actually sad. I have some indian friends and one of the things they say they LOVE about the US is how everyone is so polite and cordial. People actually "let you in" on the road. And say "bless you" after you sneeze, and say "thanks" after you buy things.
      Really ? what kinda fuc@ing indians they are ? same thing in that culture.... U tell god's name and that god bless you after u sneeze.... In russian they say be healthy ....and once again u got to go to some real places and not cheap one.... Where they will treat u like king.... Even on gas station they give you free soft drink over there....what r u talking abt ?

      I went for vacation. Spend my money. People in Malaysia treated me like royalty and very kind and respectful. People in New Delhi treated me and everyone else like cattle. I almost got hit by 3 rickshaw's that could care less i was in their line of sight.

      Again don't be cheap anymore when u go to India next time.... If u don't spend money and stay in cheap hotel .... U r gonna get the same...stay in TAJ or OBEROI next time...and u will realize..... if u don't spend money...u don't get that kinda thing either...well if I go here to some cheap local motel....that's how I m gonna get ...and house keeping service person will be some drunken ... but if I go to some 5 start hotel or good franchise ....well even house keeping person will have their uniform ....

      The difference in the two countries was amazing.

      Its not difference. It's the way u spend ur money and stay at places.....

      that's about the most that'll happen. Imagine 21 PEOPLE!

      I feel so sorry for the families. Imagine how much rage you'd feel if someone died over something so stupid and careless like this. Bunch of greedy *******s with no concerns of others. True animals.

      Its greedy for you and that stupid cheap DVD player is greedy for them.... So try to look at things from other views too....

      Anyway I m not gonna continue debate on this one....we already had once in past and right now I got no time to do I truly wish u understand the real situation and limitations of each and every country.... No country is perfect like marmaduk said before..... have a great evening.... Pasha


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        If I had a grandmother then went to the store to buy something, and got trampled by a bunch of savages, you bet your A.SS i'd be pissed.

        And i don't care WHAT country i was in, or if that was the "norm". Getting killed is *never* the norm or "acceptable". Whether the US or India. But stuff like that happens more frequently there than here. Why aren't Indians there standing up and shocked and FURIOUS that something like this could happen??? Is their government holidng the store responsible and laying charges???

        -= nav =-


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          I'm a ninny?
          Sweet Madame Belu


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            Israeli officials confirmed on Tuesday that Hungarian police foiled an assassination attempt by Arab nationals against visiting Israeli President Moshe Katsav.

            "The local police have told our delegation (travelling with Katsav) that the president was the target," said a spokeswoman in Katsav's office in Jerusalem.

            The police had informed the Israeli delegation that three people had been arrested, describing them as "terrorists", the spokeswoman added. "This is the only information we have at the moment, but the visit will go ahead as planned," she said.

            Three people of Arab origin have been arrested in connection with the plot, independent radio station Inforadio reported, quoting intelligence sources.


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              Police in Budapest took measures based on the suspicion of a terrorist attack," Nemeth said, adding "house searches, interrogations, detentions are underway."

              "Police told me no explosives or weapons were found," Erzsebet Schillinger, spokeswoman for Hungarian President Ferenc Madl, told reporters.

              Police said they are planning to hold a press conference at 1400 GMT. Inforadio said the programme for Katsav, who arrived on Tuesday on an official three-day visit, had to be changed four times for security reasons.

              Katsav, 59, a veteran member of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's right-wing Likud party, is due on Thursday to open the first Holocaust museum in central Europe in Budapest.

              The reported plot came as Sharon was on his way to the United States for talks with US President George W. Bush to try to win support for his plan to unilaterally pull out of the Gaza Strip but keep six large Jewish settlement blocs in the West Bank.


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