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A question about i751 and the naturalization.

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    my wife is using me and she doesn't want me to be at home. i want to go home and work there doesn't matter how much money i make there but i want to live at home. but my wife doesn't want it.


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      Originally posted by Susil:
      my wife is using me
      STOP STOP please ; I am laughing so hard I just spit up my coffee and p e e d in my pants; stop please this is too funny; I can't stop laughing


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        Originally posted by Susil:
        Thanks proudUSC! But I will not have much time to submit all the papers if we file a divorce. Do they give me additional time until the divorced is finished?
        I'm sorry, Sisil. I don't know much about the timeframes. Maybe there's someone else here who can better answer your question. Good luck to you.


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          is the job you r doing in different state a contract or permanent? have you changed your address? do you two own/rent the house?

          I think one year tax file not gonna be a big problem.

          can she go with you to the interview?


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            Thanks proudUSC. Hey SonofMichael, what's your problem man? Do you enjoy laughing at the people who need a help? Do you like to insult the innocent people? Ok go ahead and keep laughing man. The other people will judge you. Good luck!


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              Its better if you two can show sharing the same checking account together.Your check and her check getting deposited in the same account.having family pictures.Also pics travelling together.putting beneficiary in the health insurance, car insurance, car title together.


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                Thanks bluebrightsky! Yes, the job i'm doing is a contract in a diffirent state, I have not cnaged my address. yes we rent a house under both name.

                we have a car insurence in both name. there is my name on the checking acct but she carries the checks yes we do have the family pics. we don't travel much due to the job. but once we had traveled together. Thanks anyway.


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                  does your job requires extensive travelling? or its a contract in one particular state? if your job doesn't require to staty in hotel, in that case you can tell your wife to move with u.


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                    Yes bluebrightsky, I visit home in holidays. My job doesn't require too much traveling but I visit home so we meet couple of times in a year.

                    hehehe yes davdah, I should cut off the phone + net I guess. Actually my wife's son from her 1st husband lives with us. I don't think my wife mess around with other men. Actually she is not a **** woman and I trust her. In fact, me and her, we both don't drink alcohol and do not smoke. But she has a habit to chat on the net a lot. But I don't think she meets the crazy people physically, otherwise it could be risky for me if I get some kind of dangerous disease. Thanks!


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                      yes you're right. meeting online is common now. but if some one cheats on husband/wife/ is wrong. lets see what happens in the future.


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                        Originally posted by davdah:
                        If she hasn't yet it will happen. Thats how it starts. Chatting, e-mails, and then meeting. Smoking and drinking have nothing to do with being permiscuous. If she doesn't respect you she will try to find someone she does. All the while your footing the bill.

                        Meeting people on line is very common now. It isn't just crazies. I would bet most of the people on this site, myself included, met their girlfriend, boyfriend, husban, wife, whatever on line. How did you meet her?
                        I will counter that bet that most of the people on this site did NOT meet their significant other on a website. If they did and followed through with engagement, marriage - then they are truly fools.


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                          I've been on this site longer, Davdah. I know there are people who hook up via internet, but most of the stuff I've read here is not that case. Hopefully, anyone reading this thread will have a heads up that hooking up with people on the internet is not a good idea! Cyber relationships are not a good thing! Rarely do they turn out positive.


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                            Actually, it's a long story how I met her. Before I came to this country, I met her on the net. She was divorced woman and she was frustrated. She used to talk very nicely with me online and some times on the phone. She told me that, her husband went after a lady because she gained some weight after having kids. He didn't like to hold her hand when they used to go for shopping or some where. According to her, he even didn't like to talk to her. He cheated on her while they were married. And she used to tell me like she is very frustrated and she doesn't want to live. Then I felt like she is an innocent woman and some one is just hating her because she gained some weight. I thought like that's wrong. I thought, she is a good woman and she could be a good house wife. We used to talk online and some times on the phone even I was not in this country. I liked her because she sounds to me like an innocent woman. We both felt like lots of things are common between us. Like we both believe in Christianity and we both don't drink and smoke.

                            Later I came to this country for my education and then we met each other in my spring vacation. I was going to college regularly but after I got married with her, I couldn't afford it. She didn't have a job, she didn't have a car, she didn't have a cell phone and she was just getting some food stamps and some welfare I guess. Then I started working and now she has a car, cell phone. She tells her friends that she is happy now. I'm happy too but the problem is whether she should move with me or I have to go home and live there. I'm tired staying away from her.


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                              you should read this divorce case:




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