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    Where are you missing the point? You withdrew the petition/I864, thus removing yourself from the process and any obligation. What happens from this point on does not include you. If your ex-husband is successful in finding another basis for permanent residency, it will be based upon the merits of that petition. Please consider the matter closed on your end.
    The above is simply an opinion. Your mileage may vary. For immigration issues, please consult an immigration attorney.


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      USCIS will protect the privacy of the non-USC even though he has been accused of bad things and this is good that they do. I'm not saying you are wrong Newbam, but please remember that USCIS people have to follow rules and your ex-husband is in America and we treat people fairly. I believe eventually people get what they deserve, so sit tight


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        if you are afraid the ex will get back in the states,you can have a restraining order put against him,if he does get back in the states it
        would also be easier to lock his butt up for child support evasion if he has done echo other comments,if ins told you your portion was a done deal.then let the issue lay where it may.why give yourself an ulcer.


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          I just wanted others to comment to see what they think and to see if the answers were similar if not the same as the answers I was receiving from INS. It's difficult for me to accept and/or understand some of the lingo and how some of the answers seem to be left up in the air. I suppose I need closure on my end and I am aware they will NOT divulge information, however, with his behavior toward me it's been difficult dealing with this person. I just wish he'd make it all easy and just leave. JMC: he is already in the states, a R/O or Prot/Order are not an option (I already looked into it) but thanks for responding. BIGD: I, too, believe the same ... it's the patience that's difficult! thanks


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            My heart goes out to you. I was taken advantage of by my foreign husband and I spend a lot of time trying to talk to USCIS. I want him to leave the country more than anything. The information you get from this board, your attorney and USCIS can be conflicting and emotionally you are hurt and angry, so it's hard to know when you are thinking clearly.


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              BigD: You've read my thoughts and feelings, thanks. It's unfortunate we cannot see into the future ... good luck to you and your situation


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                Thank you. I guess one has to be or have been in a similar situation to really understand. I appreciate your good wishes. I am optimisitic that he will have to leave the country. I just hope it is sooner rather than later. I'll keep you posted and I would also like it if you will keep me posted on your situation.


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                  YES! i would very much like that!! i tried to private message you to ask the very same thing but I don't think I am priv'd enough, it wouldn't allow me to PM you
                  i was reading your post and the replies from NJATTORNEY as well as others.
                  Please keep me updated .... GOOD LUCK!


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                    I don't know how to send or recieve private messages. Would you mind giving me your email address? We could exchange message there if you want.


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                      BigD: write to (cut and paste it's easier), and in the subject write 'divorce', i get a lot of unwanted email there so rarely check it, but will often now if you email me. then i will give you my email account i check often hope to hear from you soon!!


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                        I've been on vacation, but am back now. I sent you an e-mail to the address provided. I am looking forward to your response.



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                          I am in same situation. I found out my husband who is canadian, was lying to me for 2 yrs just to get here. He came here on a k-1 in 12/03,we were married 2 weeks later, filed AOS etc. 4 months into marriage, I discovered he was having an affair with my best friend, as well as internet dating and who knows who else he has his hands on. I was ready for divorce, but we entered counseling for 5 months to try "everything". In 12/04 I discovered another affair. At this point it was obvious he was using me for immigration benefits. I offered to buy him a plane ticket, he said he had no intentions of leaving. Was going to run off with new woman (and did). If filed divorce & notified USCIS immediately. I revoked whatever petition on my part I was able to, as we had not gone to 1st interview yet. 5 letters, several phone calls, months later I still had not received any notice. Finally was able to speak with helpful officer, who said "did you expect us to send you a letter saying we received your letter etc? we dont do that." but he did say there was "no movement on this application" and that I was "off the hook" and that he was "out of status". I said his work auth expired 5/05 and he is STILL working at same place etc. The officer said "not good, he is working illegally". and "unfortunately we dont have the manpower to go out and get him. unless he has run in with law etc.". I asked WHEN they would notify him? he said immigration is the aliens responsibility to notify USCIS of their wherabouts etc. ???? AT WHAT POINT DO THEY ASK HIM TO LEAVE???!! our divorce will be final in 9/05, and I plan on sending a copy of judgement to USCIS. Any more advice?? I feel he is making a mockery of me by being here. As well as my country, and honest immigrants.


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                            sad, it is my understanding, and believe you me both bigD and i have been comparing notes with the visits to USCIS, that it's not IF but WHEN he will be asked to leave. Unfort, when you revoke your petition you don't get to know. You may be able to visit with an Info Officer and ask questions in general, like i have, course it's questions you have about YOUR case. If that makes any sense. It is also my understanding when you revoked your petition they revoked his work VISA. but again, its not IF but WHEN he is asked to leave and unfort you won't get to know until you don't EVER see him again .... you're more than welcome to email me, if you want to the listed address above.
                            i know it licks a55, patience and waiting, and easier said than done ............ i know
                            GOOD LUCK!


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