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    I guess the fat lady sang.

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    I guess the fat lady sang.


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      AliBa, be patient, it takes a little time to come up with new lies, twisted thoughts, and new "poll numbers".


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        I can't help but wonder why illegal aliens think they know Americans better than an American does? Not that we're always right, but we do have the history and the culture to have a better sense of OUR attitudes than an outsider does. And this issue, especially the marches with Mexican flags and the announcement of amnesty yesterday, really stirred the pot. I even overheard 3 men at church Wednesday night discussing it, one wanting illegal aliens to keep the price of lettuce down, and the other two realizing that consumers pay the tab in healthcare and education. This is something new to come out of the marches and debates--a public awareness of how big this problem is, so for that we should thank them.


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          Well I'm not an American yet, but it's an immigrants responsibility to obey the laws, and learn their adopted country's culture. Most illegals wouldn't have a clue what that means.


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              That's the attitude, Jeff, and that's what these guys don't get. WE DO HAVE AN AMERICAN CULTURE, and we expect it to be respected. There is a high degree of tolerance for other cultures in some respects, such as most private behavior (food, music, that kind of thing) but we do expect people to learn English, and learn and follow our customs and laws. Somehow, a lot of these guys think all there is to "being a good citizen" is paying taxes. That's an obligation of citizenship, certainly, but only a very small part of it.

              My immigrant grandfather always thought Americans were too soft on people who harmed her, such as helping Germany and Japan rebuild. I hope we're not s u c k ers on this issue.


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                Shut up Jeff and get a life.


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                  Ren.........the truth hurts doesn't it mate?
                  and what's the truth you say?
                  Well the fact that you and your fellow worthless illegal dips-h-i-t-s aren't going to get what you want as soon as you think and definitely don't deserve. I'll be honest, I have a deep respect for legal immigrants because they know what its like to suffer the bureaucracy of this great nation and have enough morals and decency to follow the law. One thing that sets us apart from you illegal s-c-u-m(apart from legality) is not one us believe we have an automatic right to live and work in this country......we have to earn the priviledge of doing so and that means following to a T every single law and at times immigration rules and processes that make no sense. We do it because it is an honour to be allowed to be a part of this nation.
                  On the other hand we have a bunch of worthless t-u-r-d-s like you who believe its their birthright to get a free ride to what this country has to f-u-c-k-i-n-g way should you people have an easy passage. For you to gain the morals of a decent human being who wants to be part of america, go back to mexico and come back via legal means.......something we all know will never happen with you people. Finally, it might be easier for the illegals to gain america's support if you weren't so f-u-c-k-i-n-g arrogant. Your arrogance will be your downfall


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                    You guys are taking the issue too far. What I can't stand is immigrants who hate other immingrants. Talking about learning English; let me remind most of you that we all came in this country without knowing any English at all, and the ones who thought they knew English before they came to America realized once they got here that there was a lot of stuff they needed to learn. You learn as the time passes by, and if you work in a farm all day (16-18 hours) you have no time to open the books and learn English.
                    I am a permanent resident, been living in US for over 8 years now and I feel that they should give illegals papers. I don't think it is unfair at all. What is unfair is kicking all these illegals here out of the country and letting other new immigrants come in to work here. Why don't we give papers to all immigrants who are already here and don't let anymore people cross the border. What most people don't understand is that these illegals are not criminals, they are just hardworking people coming to America for a better life. They came here illegally because there was no other way. I am sure most immigrants know how hard the process is to obtain a visa (especially if you are from third world countries).


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                      Let me get this think that it is fair let people who have broken our laws get ahead of good honest people who choose to come here the legal way. I guess that you came here illegally as well ornela before finding a way to stay. When will you people wake up and see that by granting these people amnesty, not only are you rewrding criminal activity, it will make illegal immigration a whole lot worse. We have to secure our borders first


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                        Right now there is NO WAY to bring legal workers from Mexico or other countries because all tiny limits for H visas are up.
                        There only way to fill up the new positions is only to hire illegal aliens.
                        Failure of guest worker proram will cause illegal immigration to be out of control.


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                          No Paddy I did not come in this country illegally. I had a visa to come here. I have respected all America's laws and I will continue to.
                          However I have known a few people that came here illegally and I know that they are good people. They work a lot harder than anyone I know and they would give anything if they could be legalized.
                          But the legalization process is not an easy one and if they waited and applied to come in US legally from their own countries, they would probably never be here. It is extremely difficult to obtain a visa to come here. So NO I don't think is wrong to legalize them.


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                            ornela, then by your reasoning, anyone who has difficulty obtaining a visa should be allowed to come to the US, live and work, obtain green card and / or citizenship. Just because you know illegals that work harder than anyone else you know, does not mean US citizens or LEGAL immigrants are slackers, it just means you know some Americans that are slackers. If these illegals you know were actually educated, they wouldn't have as complicated a time to obtain a visa. If you actually do "respect all of America's laws", then respect Americas immigration laws.


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                              it is currently too dificult to migrate to the US, so one must understand why we have so many undocumented migrants...this is why we also need to fix our immigration law so it wont be as hard a it is today to migrate here but we must also find a way to accomodate the ones that are already inside..throwing them out-ideology is dead and i wish the immigration restrictonist would understand that, but i guess there is nothing that would convince them that the US goverment would never ever allow such an act on US soil, not a soil that has always welcomed hard work and family values and he very fact that thoe people are immigrants, immigrants that helped make america what is it, therefore, you have to entice those 11 millions to come out of the shadow because of security reasons so we know who they are because terrorist might be hidding amongs those 11 millions but we know the majority of them are good people.

                              I really dont think you can convince biggots rats like jeff, paddy and other law-life fat americans, that allowing them to come out of the shadow is the best thing for america because it will make sure that american has enought labor workers to do the agricultural jobs and many other jobs that goes unfilled by americans citizenz..and this is also a security reason and the need to know who those people are and make sure their name are on the system.


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