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"It's unbelievable," the officer said.

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    Mr. ImmortalE, you have a fine way of twisting words and planting subconscious thoughts with your phrases and vocabulary. You have single handedly disrupted this board with all of your ID's and ridiculous posts to the point that there are very few new threads here and the ones that are new you have poisoned. Is all of this worth it, really? Just to give business to your pet website? I've seen this happen on other websites and eventually the flow here will resume just as it has on other boards. There are people here that have been trying to help others.


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      Long live Carl G. Jungs' "word association test"!
      I didn't say anything about "race" - you did!
      You explicitly compared the situation of illegal aliens to that of burning Jews in the ovens during the Holocaust.
      And there you have revealed your sub-conscious thoughts.
      See how unsecure and defensive you are when it comes to "racial" issues?
      Do you know what it proves?
      Simply said it proves that you are just as viciously willing to burn undocumented Latino immigrants as Hitler wished to burn Jews.


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        "And since they are just a bunch of "pendejos", why not build some nice brick owens and burn them alltogether?
        So much heat at almost no cost!"

        What's interesting is YOUR choice of the word "oven". If not the Holocaust, just what did YOU have in mind? Or does one usually burn people in ovens in the culture you're from?
        YOUR subconscious reveals your true interests, seeking to liken illegal aliens to genuine victims.

        Illegal aliens are not victims. They are law breakers and criminals.


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          Wow, how incredible that you never noticed that it was Someone12 who wrote "100,00 pendejos took a break from their illegaljobs to whine".

          And how did he know that?

          Did he ID them all to make sure they all worked here illegally?

          Or did he have them all take some IQ test, whereby he could determine that all 100.000 of them were "pendejos"?

          But you conveniently ignore what Someone12 writes, yet you accuse me of "disrupting this board", "masquerading as Antifascist" and so on, only because I questioned the post of Someone12 in the first place.

          Now, whose and what kind of subconscious thoughts are revealed here?


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            I have no idea what a "pendejo" is. However, since the marches were a protest against laws to criminalize illegal behavior and aiding and abetting illegal aliens, you can bet most of the marchers were doing one or the other. Whether it's the whole 100,000 or a mere 50,000...

            I'm not the one who claimed you're "disrupting" this board.

            And I said ImmortalE was masquerading as Antifascist. IF not, you sound enough like him to be his twin.


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              antifacist: If someone tried to give you an IQ test, they would wonder if their testing machine was broken, since your score would be so low.
              You are the one making references to the Holocaust with your misguided remarks about oven building, etc. All I said was a bunch of a-holes marched about complaining that they can't get a green card as a reward for breaking the law. Of course, this entire concept of abiding by laws, etc, is lost upon you.


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                So, Aliba, you don't know what "pendejo" is?

                So much for "Mexican-American of Lebanese ancestry".

                However, since the marches were a protest against laws to criminalize illegal behavior and aiding and abetting illegal aliens, you can bet most of the marchers were doing one or the other.
                No, you are misleading.

                One can't be said to PROTEST AGAINST LAW, before it becomes the LAW. HR4437 isn't the LAW yet !

                And just because they protest its' passage it doesn't follow from it that they are CRIMINALS !

                100.000 people protested the passage of the Bill (NOT AN EXISTING LAW!) .
                Any number of those people could be USCs or LPRs who peacufully assembled to express their opinion in public.

                Yet you readily label them "CRIMINALS" who protest the "LAW" (Just as Someone12 labeled them all to be "pendejos" who "took a break from their illegaljobs to whine".)

                Now, this IS a PURE FASCIST REASONING on your behalf, whether you like to hear it or not.


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