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    if you need a ride to the airport, let me know...I am happy to drive any illegal to the nearest airport and wave them 'goodbye'


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      Hi Everyone,

      Thank you very much for the valuable information,

      I am trying to Get hold of a border patrol officer and request him for a travel document to INDIA.

      This Document could serve as a one time passport for me to INDIA.

      So , I am trying for that and also as my health is of concern i will request the INS to send me back soon.

      Once againg i Thank everyone for their valuable suggestions,
      And if you got any more information you can Please let me know.

      Thank you,


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        Dear Abhi- I sympathize with you and understand your problem. Please do NOT go to the Border Patrol as you will be arrested because you are here illegally and you haven't appeared for your scheduled court hearing.

        Instead, please contact your Consulate:

        Consulate General of India, Houston

        1990 Post Oak Boulevard, Houston, TX - 77056
        Telephone PABX: 713-626-2148, 713-626-2149
        Consular Enquiry: 713-621-5576, 713-621-8408
        Fax: 713-626-2450, 713-627-2034, 713-993-9347

        Explain to them that you need an EMERGENCY CERTIFICATE for travel back to India. The information is here:


        What are Emergency Certificates?
        An Emergency Certificate is a one way Travel Document which authorizes an Indian national to travel to India. It is issued to a citizen of India whose passport has been lost/ damaged/ stolen, and who needs to return to India urgently without waiting to complete the formalities for issue of a duplicate passport. The applicant has to provide complete information about his Indian nationality to the Consular Officer.

        What are the documents required for obtaining an Emergency Certificate?
        i) Application form for a new passport , Declaration in the form must be notarized
        ii) 6 recently taken and identical colour photographs with light background of size 3.5x3.5 cm. Photographs should show the front view of full face and should be in civil dress. Polaroid photographs, poor quality photographs and photographs taken in uniform or with dark glasses will be rejected. One photograph to be pasted on the application and notarized.
        iii) 4 copies of Personal Particulars Proforma duly filled and signed by the applicant if the applicant is not holding a passport of its validity expired for more than 5 years or the passport has been lost/damaged/stolen or the details of the passport is not known.
        iv) Police Report about the loss of passport
        v) Copy of lost passport
        vi) Copies of school certificates/ birth certificate/ Indian driving license / ration card/ Election Commission I.D./ employment letter/ any other photo-identification from India (whichever available)
        vii) Letter from school / college , if student
        viii) Proof of residence/mailing address in USA (photocopy of Driving license/ Lease agreement/ Utility Bills etc.) from the date indicated in the application such as copies of utility bills and copy of lease deed of house/ flat occupied/ bank certificate/ insurance policy
        ix) Copy of Green Card/ Employment Authorization Card, as applicable. The Consulate may demand to see the original.
        x) Fee of $5
        xi) Applications for issue of EC are not accepted by post or through Travel Agent. The applicant has to be present personally before the Consular Officer while filing application for an EC. Fees for EC+ mailing charges can be paid together through one Money Order or Cashier's Check (or in cash at the counter).

        How much time will this service take?
        i) If applied in person at the counter in the Consulate and no prior clearance/confirmation of particulars from India is required, EC will be issued in 7 working days.
        ii) If personal particulars/national status has to be confirmed by the PIA, the EC will be issued immediately after clearance is received.


        For Emergency Services of Visa on holidays, additional fee of $35.00 is charged. The additional fee for out of turn issue of Indian Passport (accepted in the Consulate at the counter and not by mail) within 3 days is US $90.00. Passports shall not be issued on closed holidays. Emergency services are provided only in cases of genuine emergency such as death or serious illness in the immediate family. Emergency/out of turn service is not available for cases falling in the prior reference category, requiring clearance from other agencies.

        Please ask somebody to help you with this. I hope all ends well for you. Good luck.


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          Hi Verbalist,

          Thank you very much for the reply,

          I have found the following on the indian consulate website,


          An Emergency Certificate (one-way travel document), which authorizes an Indian citizen to enter India, is issued to individuals who have lost their passports or their passports have been stolen or damaged and to whom new passports cannot be issued without approval from India. This document is issued primarily with the objective of ensuring the applicant's return to India in an emergency. Applicants should fill in the application form as prescribed for the issue of a new passport and seek a personal interview with the Consular Officer whose decision will be final. In case of applicants under deportation or under orders of deportation, the application should be submitted through the Deportation Officer from the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement/Department of Homeland Security. The Emergency Certificate will be delivered to the above mentioned agencies and not to an agent or third party.

          THEY HAVE SAID THAT " In case of applicants under deportation or under orders of deportation, the application should be submitted through the Deportation Officer from the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement/Department of Homeland Security."

          So i think i have to go by the only way of the immigration,I hope the immigration hears my case and consider my health issue.




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            I'm sorry to hear that the regulations regarding the Emergency Certificate are so unfavorable. However, I would suggest that you call the Consulate and try to speak with a consular official, preferable from Legal Department. He or she may suggest another solution. Otherwise, you face at least several weeks in the ICE detention which, considering your wish to return to India voluntarily, is not necessary.

            I'm sorry I coudn't help more. Best of luck.


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              <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by abhi:

              Please help me out of this, I will be gratefull to anyone who helps me out,

              My name is Ravi,I am a citizen of INDIA, I have come to the U.S. on Tourist Visa in
              January 2001.

              I had to work here to support my stay, So i started to work in a gas station,
              While i was going to san antanio for a trip in 2005 i was caught by Immigration
              who did a usual check up of the bus,
              And they apprehended me, they asked me for my VISA which had experied in 2002.

              So they took my passport and put me in removal proceedings.
              I was reporting 2 times in dallas, and after which i was given a court date to attend to,
              I attended 2 court sessions which were mere postpone of the case,

              I was given a final court date on nov 2005.

              Meanwhile i was informed by a friend that a similar Case like mine ended up in jail
              for 5 months and then deported to INDIA.

              I feared that i will be put in jail for that long and didn't go for the court hearing,

              I am 65 yrs now.
              I want to go to india, I just want to leave,I have no intentions to stay here.
              My VISA stamped passport is with the IMMIGRATION.
              Please let me know of a way to go to INDIA. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
              Even though USCIS has taken your passport, you can still ask for voluntary deportation. You would ask this at your final hearing in November 2007 (I think you mean Nov 2007 not Nov 2005).

              If court date has already passed, then voluntary removal will no longer be valid. You could ask your consulate in Houston for help and if your family can wire transfer the money, but again, I think you will involuntarily deported. The "jail time" may be at a immigration detention facility. If you wish, contact your family or friends in India and ask them to book a ticket from US to India and e-mail the itinerary to you. Print that itinerary and send a letter to ICE explaining the situation. They will detain you until that plane departs. That is the only way I know.
              "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." John Adams on Defense of the boston Massacre


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