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    Mohan, I hope that you reconsider and will resume posting here, you know how valuable your assistance is to so many. A lot of the time a person can't even trust their legal advice and that's if they can afford a lawyer at all.


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      Pasha. Marie is also at I was a little overwhelmed by that site at first, too. The thing is that if you log on often, ever time you log on you can click a button on the right that says "all new posts since last visit." This makes it very easy. It shows all posts in all categories that have had action since your last time there. There are a lot more users there now. I have gotten into one or two debates over there, but it seems like there's just more mutual respect amoung the posters. The moderators make sure that nothing overly offensive gets through

      There are things I like about this site, too. The thing is that when I first started coming here, I let too many things bother me. I would get really worked up and I felt like I constantly had to defend myself. The lack of respect and abundance of hate that I saw (and still do see) in some people here used to really bother me. The advantage of visiting a large, unmoderated sight is that one gets to see inside the minds of people. We are reminded by ILW that not only are there a lot of helpful people out there, there are also a lot of angry, hateful people out there. It's good to know what you're up against. I could go and ask a bunch of people in my ex community in California how they feel about Mexicans, or about my marriage, etc, and most of them would probably say they didn't have a problem with it, even if they did. Online there's no reason to put on appearances: Biggots and Racists appear exactly as what they are.

      It's easier to by your real self to people you don't know and will never meet. There's a safety net there. You see people's personalities first. You don't see how good-looking they are or what kind of a car they drive or whether they are smiley or frown all the don't hear thier voice or get a "vibe." You see thier thoughts spelled out in black and white text, and that's it.
      Have a nice day


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        Pasha, did you get my email?
        Formerly Josephine Schmo


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          hey Jo...just checking... brb with u...Pasha


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            hi everyone ...

            its good to see moondin, Acelaw, mohan again on the board....

            Hey moondin... I don't have ur e mail address...if u don't mind can u drop few lines to so at least I have ur e mail for contact in future...thanks...

            Thanks acelaw ... everything is going well with me... haven't seen u in a while so was wondering what happened to you...

            Mohan ...thanks for dropping in... lot of good people are going away from this website... I think its better for all of us if u stay around the website... by the way I never wrote u any e mail...just once in last year to get your e mail address...can I please e mail you if I need ur help in future? Thanks...

            . I miss lot of people like I don't see still learning, swiss that frequently on the board whenever I visit... I hope sammy comes back... I don't see irri, AHalow, NycImmParalegal, Maximusss, 4now, SKS, Zabzub etc etc... cant remember all of them right now... its good to see jo, aguila, spyrapicus, JohnDoe around the board...

            Hi gluhbirne , I always spell ur name wrong coz I don't know how to put those 2 points on "u" ... I haven't seen such a great website like anywhere else...moderators are very caring ... and yeah I know that feature...marie and xandtrick told me abt that... I even put a whole question about this in suggestion column and they tried their best...but I was impossible to do that way I suggested...somehow I just don't know I find it easy here to follow...but I will try my best to get used to it...thanks for ur suggestions...Pasha

            Edited coz forgot to mention one of my friends... where is E? I dont see him either...well afterall we argue... but we are friends ...Pasha


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              Pasha, I missed u, am doing nails and speaker off, please try again.
              Formerly Josephine Schmo


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                sure pasha.
                Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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