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    Nah, I'll still be here regardless of what your post Mr. Shipler. But I encourage you to post it and bring all the dirt you've on me, at least for the sake of salvaging your bruised ego. Otherwise it'll just burn you from the inside and god knows what that'll do to your health (not to mention your questionable state of mind)

    If your post worth spending a a little time to reply, then I'll do so. But if its nothing but your proto-typical regular garbage..... well sufficed to say I got better thing to do than entertaining a lost & obsessed soul.

    Quite unlike your attitude, who despites several post proclaiming that you're leaving for good only to return with more insult and slanderous posts.


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      Marmaduk, my opinion is that he's best left alone. I don't know what's going on to cause him to post in the way that he is but I chose not to attempt to reason with him because I thought that it would be fruitless.


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        Neo-Nazi accuses ENTIRE Hispanic population:
        [quote]the Hispanic population who supports illegal immigration.[end quote]

        Entire post:

        Posted January 06, 2004 06:52 PM
        Actually moondin, the backlash might be a moot point. Since these people who tries their best to obey the law and obtain residency via the legal way, usually don't have anywhere near the political cloud/power like the Hispanic population who supports illegal immigration. Not unless the entire US population sees this as a problem spiraling out of control.
        If they need a reference, just point to the state of California and the mess they're into.
        Posts: 861 | Registered: January 05, 2004


        Much more to come


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          Another fine example of Mr. Shipler twisting and turning other people words to suit his need.

          Since when:
          "....political cloud/power like the Hispanic population who supports illegal immigration.."

          become the ENTIRE HISPANIC population, as per your accusations? Care to explain? Or are you back to your old antic of assuming again? Its common knowledge that there are Hispanics who support illegal immigration. Surely you're not dumb enough to be unable to grasp a simple fact as that??

          If this what all your posts will be like, then I guess I'm right to ignore it as nothing more than garbage.

          Thanks again for the advice Still. Indeed its best to leave some things by themselves and let them continue to dwindle in fantasy


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            Like I said, twisting words is your specialty, Mr. Shipler. And I will never run away. Go ahead and post all the dirts and other garbage similar to your previous posts. Looks like you're working hard to dig something from over a year ago. Just another way to showed your determination and obsession to salvage your pride perhaps?
            Too bad, most people will just calmly ignore it like the sensible person they are


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              The only person getting annoyed here is you, Epic. All your lies are being exposed and Marmaduk is doing a bang up job showing everyone your true, useless self.


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                [quote]The only person getting annoyed here is you, Epic. All your lies are being exposed and Marmaduk is doing a bang up job showing everyone your true, useless self[end quote]


                Keep lying your lies that you always lie to overlie the lies that you lie all your lives

                One must be an idiot like you two, atwitsend, not to see what and how is being exposed here


                • #23
                  Evidence please? Or is this more c r a p from you?

                  You know, it's classic when one's hand is caught in the cookie jar, they blame others of lying and claim the whole world is conspiring against them. Very juvenile response


                  • #24
                    What a loser this loser started personal attacks; I am here for you New therapy starts for you from Monday Harder than kick a ss


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                      So Epicb@stard = Emica = marmaduk = atwitsend = Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

                      Hm, people always project what they do on others, so now it is obvious to me:

                      So Epicb@stard = Emica = marmaduk = atwitsend = Unlawful Carnal Knowledge


                      • #26
                        For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge = F U C K. = E = Epiclaughter = b@stardrga = **** ON ME. I know you inside out . Get ready.

                        I enjoyed Truth kicking your a ss hard.

                        What an idiot! kicking a ss therapy did not work . Epic-loser has totally lost his mind. Report this loser to ILW admin and mods.

                        YES, YES, I HAVE A MEDICINE!

                        YES, YES, I HAVE A LUBRICANT!

                        GET READY!


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                          Good grief. This guy is sick beyond description. What happend to this board STINKS!


                          • #28
                            Another "Hitler" is breeding here, I see

                            Listen, chipmunk, more you scream out loudly how displeased you are with what I write, more you will see the same


                            • #29
                              Loser lost the ability to think straight . What an idiot without life and job.


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                                Please leave her (marmaduk) alone.. one of the person who try to answer needy people.
                                Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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