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Nice way to become a hero

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  • Nice way to become a hero

    First send soldiers in masks to burn children & then offering medical help.

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    u know what manali ,,this is the wrong place to discuss al this,,they send soldiers in masks to burn childrens and then they offer medical help?ur wrong big time,,will,,ur people entered the u.s as an immigrants and then they attack the world trade center right manali?what did thoes 3 or 4000 ppl got killed in new york did to us? maybe everybody on here should call the (FBI) and report u and then they will trace ur ip address and c who the h e l l ur manali?how about this?and i will be the first person to do it next time if u post anything


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      You are right, Mike - his IP address can be traced! And, there are ICE agents who probably monitor this site on a daily basis who have the ability to find his or her location. Just a matter of time . . .


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        If nothing else, this MANALI poster has the most enviable trait on this forum: s/he's very good at "ignoring all irrelevant messages" that differ from her/his own.


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          the cnn clip provided by Manali said about Masked men, not American or British soldiers, this horror was done by one of there own, one of their terrorists.


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            u know why?bcoz she feels strong when she's behind her computer screen,she feels good when she makes fun of ppl getting killed,and this show her real face and her weaknes,i just dont understand sometimes how some ppl like her stab the ppl who helped her and her ppl,if u get small dog or a small cat and u treat them good and take care of them,,they will never stab u ,,and they will protect u and be ur best friend even if u hurt them sometimes,,but ppl like manali dont understand what this is mean,,and they deserve to be jailed and deported ,,things happen sometimes but we cann't blaim the whole country of it or just hate everybody,,i was treated badly and i lost my status and iam not in the country now,,but i have to admit it ,,united states in the best country in the world,,and if i lost my status that doesn't mean that i hate the country ,no i dont and i will never do,and its no body's fault,its just things happen sometimes,but ppl like manali feels good when they c ppl getting killed by terrorests and she called them freedom fighters,and why in the hell that ur staying in the country then?this is the problim ,,they come to the country and then they bring the whole family and they work and make big money and buy houses and make businesses and then they said the americans are this and the americans are that,well,,leave then,,give up everything u own ,,and give it back to the goverment and go back to ur wounderfull country then,why r u in here ?i use to own a tobacco and cigar shop,,ppl use to come to my shop and they will buy cigarette and then they will say,,i cann't breath and its killing me and they should shut down the tobacco company's ?well.........dont smoke then?why r u smoking if its killing u ?and this is the same thing manali,if u hate this country then leave ,just like some ppl ,,they will say,,i dont like it in here but i wont go back to my home country bcoz its worse?????well if its better than ur home country then dont make comments and just shut up then..ppl like u manali just makes me sick


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              good job manali,,i like u when u keep ur mouth shut ,,lol


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